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Riverboat: The Faithless

A prison guard boards the Enterprise with his quarry, a man who has already escaped from him once before.

Episode Info
Episode number: 1x10
Airdate: Sunday November 22nd, 1959

Starring Roles
William D. GordonWilliam D. Gordon
As Joe Travis (as William Gordon)
Dick WesselDick Wessel
As Carney Kohler

Guest Stars
Bethel LeslieBethel Leslie
As Cathy Norris
Richard CarlsonRichard Carlson
As Paul Drake
Bert FreedBert Freed
As Kester
William PhippsWilliam Phipps
As Abner Crane
Jeanne BatesJeanne Bates
As Sara Crane
Katie SweetKatie Sweet
As Lucy Crane
Robert BiceRobert Bice
As Kincaid (as Bob Bice)

Ken MayerKen Mayer
As Burley
Main Cast
Darren McGavinDarren McGavin
As Grey Holden
Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynolds
As Ben Frazer


Escaped convict Paul Drake flees into swamp and finally goes to ground. Despite that, prison guard Kester tracks him down and considers beating Paul for embarrassing him in front of the prisoners for seven years. The guard restrains himself and orders Paul up on his feet. He dares Paul to grab his rifle but the prisoner knows that he has a pistol. As Kester takes him away, Paul admits that he's a filthy coward but knows that he's still a better man than Kester... and Kester knows it as well...

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Episode Quotes
Kester: For seven years now I've been wanting to kick you in the face for making a fool of me in front of the prisoners.
Paul Drake: Why don't you do it now? Who'd see you?
Kester: I would. And the good Lord would know that I was kicking you because you're a smarter man than me.
Paul Drake: Yeah. That's been a good enough reason since Cain and Abel.

Paul Drake: You know what's eating you, Kester. I'm everything you say I am. I'm filthy, I'm a coward, I'm your prisoner. But I'm still a better man than you are.

Cathy Norris: Well maybe it's the rain. I love it, don't you?
Ben: I don't like any kind of bad weather on the river.
Cathy Norris: I like to walk in the rain and marvel at God's way of cleaning the earth. After the rain, everything's so quiet and fresh and new.
Ben: Until people start walking around dirtying it up again.
Cathy Norris: What a pity the rain can only clean the outside of a man.

Kester: Now listen to me, Drake. I know I can't make you help that little girl or anybody else on this boat, but if you got anything at all left in you, you gonna try!
Paul Drake: Why?
Kester: Because you know how!
Paul Drake: Mr. Kester, whether that little girl dies today or a hundred years from today is purely academic. Sooner or later, she's going to die. So will you and I, Mr. Kester. And all the sermons and all the good intentions an all the believing in God won't alter that one simple fact. So you're wrong, Mr. Kester. I can't keep her from dying... nor do I intend to try.

Ben: It's hard for me to believe that a convict and a man as dirty as he is should be anywhere near a child.
Cathy Norris: St. John the Bishop was a convict. A little soap and water will clean the man's hands and God will take care of what's inside of him.

Paul Drake: You going to read this whole Bible to me?
Cathy Norris: There's truth in there.
Paul Drake: "And the truth shall make you free." After a reasonable time in Hell.

Cathy Norris: Your life's not finished. You must have had a reason for being a doctor in the first place. Doesn't that mean anything to you? Is that gone?
Paul Drake: Completely.
Cathy Norris: I don't believe you.
Paul Drake: As a doctor, I would say that the doctor has been completely amputated from the body of Paul Drake. See? No doctor. Not anywhere. Just sin.

Paul Drake: That first night I knew whether I loved or died depended on you. That's why I let them bring me up here. I had to know if your kind of faith, your kind of strength, was really possible. That if it were possible, it might be possible for me to have something to have faith in again. If you can have faith in this filthy thing before you, faith enough to kiss these lips, then I can have faith enough again to be a doctor. Faith enough to somehow make up for the life of that man I could have saved.

Burley: Give us the prisoner, Mr. Fraser. We promised ourselves Drake would pay if anything happened.
Cathy Norris: What right have you to sit in judgment?
Burley: You're a shepherd. Some animal killed your sheep, you'd sit in judgment.
Cathy Norris: Animal. Dr. Drake never knew the Cranes before but he tried to help them. And you don't know him but you want to kill him. You're the animal. The killer of your own flock. The most despicable kind of man, ready to destroy just to nourish your own sick soul.
Abner Crane: Mr. Burley, there's only one man here who might condemn Dr. Drake. His kind of gentleness is rare. I only wish that he could be the one to always be around when we needed him. I can't condemn him no matter how hard I want to blame someone. You see, I watched him fight death all night. If I can't say he's wrong, how can you?

Grey: Now wait a minute. You mean to tell me that I rushed all the way back from a wedding in Connecticut, waited here for you two weeks, just to go to another wedding so I can talk to you?
Ben: Something like that, yeah.

Other Episode Crew

ProducerRichard H. Bartlett  |  Norman Jolley
MusicElmer Bernstein
Music SupervisorStanley Wilson
HairstylistFlorence Bush
Make-upLeo Lotito, Jr.
Set DecoratorJames M. Walters, Sr.
Director of PhotographyRay Cory
Art DirectorJohn J. Lloyd
Costume SupervisorVincent Dee
Film EditorLee Gilbert
SoundMelvin M. Metcalfe, Sr.
Assistant DirectorCharles S. Gould
Editorial SupervisorRichard G. Wray
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