I Kissed A Girl - Recap

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The scene opens with a woman leaving a bar. She is stumbling around and trying to get to her car. She collapses to the ground next to her car door. Meanwhile, Maura and Jane are in the middle of a Yoga class and Jane is not taking to it as good as Maura. A man named Jorge is looking and laughing. Maura tells that he likes Jane and Jane’s phone rings. The instructor tells Jane and Maura that they can’t leave but duty calls. They arrive on scene and they see to the victim. Katie Randall is a lesbian that was sexually assaulted and killed. Barry finds the murder weapon, a two-by-four. They see that Katie had a Glucose monitor and that she was checking her blood pressure often. They also find a picture of Katie’s wife as well. Jane and Barry tell Katie’s wife and she is devastated. She tells that she was at a meeting during the murder and Jane tries to console her.

Maura is examining Katie’s body and Jane asks when the time of death was. She says it is between 2-3am. Jane asks what Jorge thought of her. He said yes when Brock suggested a double date. Jane asks if Maura found any evidence of the sexual assault. She says that she has not found anything but that she found fabric from a work glove. Maura tells that Jorge thinks Jane is hot and she laughs. Maura asks Jane to join her on her date and Jane agrees only after Maura tells what killed Katie. Maura tells that there should be more blood from the two-by-four. Maura shows Jane a stamp on Katie’s hand Merch, a lesbian bar. They head over to Merch and the owner shows them a sign that is from an Anti-Lesbian/Gay Activists Group that they got. At the station, they meet with a man from the Sons and Daughters of Adam and he gives them a book of all their members. The man tells that Satan is corrupting the men and woman. Jane jokes for Barry to look for a man in a red cap, a tail, and pointy ears.

Jane and Maura are on their dates and Brock and Maura are hitting it off fine but Jane and Jorge are not doing so well but there is interest. Maura tells that she needs to go to the bathroom and tells Jane to go too. They get out of view and Maura asks if Jane thinks Jorge is hot. She tells that she does and Maura tells her to take him home with her. She is a little hesitant but eventually agrees. At Jane’s apartment, they are about to “do their thing” when Jane’s dog gets in the path. Jane tells that she better take the dog out and Jorge volunteers to go with and is acting feminine. Jane asks why Jorge broke up with his last girlfriend and he said that the topic of kids came up and he wanted to stay home with the kid and she did too. Jorge tells that he is looking for a strong woman that can work while he stays home taking care of the kid. Jane asks what Jorge does and he tells that he is a nurse. She is not happy to spend any more time with him.

Jane gets back into the station and Maura is out there too. She tells that Maura lied about Jorge being in medicine and that he is not her type. She laughs and tells that it is kind of like medicine. They go inside and there are flowers for Jane from Jorge. Barry and Korsak tease Jane and she tells that it is nothing. Barry finds out that the bouncer Robert Thatcher is really Roy Tompkins, an ex-convict of sexual assault. When Barry walks up to Roy and he tries to run. But Barry takes him down and Jane comments, “You’ve been holding out on me Bruce Lee!” In the interview room, Roy is not talking and says that he can’t tell what he doesn’t know. Jane gets a call from Maura and tells that Jorge dropped off lunch. Maura also tells that she got DNA from the fibers and it is a female. Jane says that there was a male accomplice because of the sexual assault. Maura tells that an object that resembles a fallice did the assaulting. Jane calls it a Dildo and Maura says that is the technical name for it now. Jane says that it is no longer a hate crime, but personal.

Jane received chocolates from Jorge and Maura asks if he knows about the fact that chocolate makes women happier. Maura tells Jane if she lets Jorge see all side of her, then Jorge will stop calling. Maura realizes how bad it sounds. Barry tells that Katie deleted her history and Jane wants to know if they could get the history off. They walk off and Maura grabs the chocolate clusters from Jane’s goodie bag from Jorge. They find out what Katie was trying to delete and it is all dating websites. She was cheating on her wife. Barry realizes that Jane and the victim resemble each other. They tell that they could bait a trap. Jane tells that she is not going to do it. But they think that Jane likes the idea.

Maura, Barry and Korsak are on the dating site and want to know if she is Butch, Lipstick, Fem, or Sporty. Maura looks on the victim’s profile and it was Lipstick Lesbian. Back at Jane’s apartment, Maura tells Jane of the plan and Jane tells that they are going together so that Maura could collect the DNA. They think about what type of girl they would like if they liked girls. Jane tells that she would be butch. Maura tells that is probably because she is bossy. They playfully argue and Maura tells that she is meditating. The next thing they know, it is morning. Maura fell asleep meditating. Jane looks at the latest results to see who is interested in her. Maura looks through Jane’s closet and tells that she doesn’t have anything to wear and that it is no wonder she doesn’t have more dates.

At the station, Maura shows her a dress and Jane laughs that she is not going to wear that. She tells Maura that they like that Maura dresses like she is in Paris but for Jane, she likes the simple things. Both Barry and Korsak can’t wait to see what Maura is going to wear. At the bar, Maura is dressed in a hot short skirted dress with her breasts hanging out. Korsak and Barry both comment that she doesn’t look “doctorly” and Jane walks in. Maura is posing as a waitress and gets Jane a seat. Girls one after another come up to Jane and Maura helps get their DNA from their drinks. After all the girls come up, one girl pops in and refuses a drink. She tells that she was the last person to see Katie and that it is horrible that she died. But she tells that she should have never come because she was married. She tells Jane that if Katie wasn’t married, she would still be alive.

Back at the station, Maura tells that none of the girls match the DNA found on the murder weapon. Barry tells that Katie is to get a millions of dollars in a divorce, but if she dies, the money goes to the widow. It gives Katie’s wife motive. Maura tells that Katie was checking her blood sugar 5-6 times a day. So there has to be something else that killed her. They think that it is poisoned and go look at the Glucose machine. There are no fingerprints on it, not even Katie’s. Jane goes back to the bar and talk with the owner. Jane sees that she as work gloves with a cut in them. She plays with the owner and tells that she wants to be “adventurous” and allows her to kiss her on the neck. She walks back to Maura and asks her to swab her neck. At the station, Jane asks if they want to jump on the bus, but they don’t show who she is talking to.

The next scene shows Katie’s widowed wife and the bar owner together and she tells the owner not to worry about the cops. The millions of dollars are going to be there in 9 hours for them. The owner tells that the Glucose machine was poisoned and Katie’s wife wants to know how she knew it. The owner asks what she put in the machine and she tells that she put Retinol in the Glucose machine and that they don’t have to worry. But Jane and her team walk in and arrest her. Back in the Yoga class, Jorge says that he respects her decision and will leave her along. Maura tells that Jorge assumed that Jane was gay and that the relationship is over.