Home Town Glory - Recap

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The episode begins with a car driving into an alley. A man gets out of his car and tosses his id and keys inside the car and starts walking. On his way he crushes a small bottle lying on the road. Just then he is shot on both his legs. A man approaches him and then shoots the man two more times; he is dead. Meanwhile, Angela is throwing a baby shower for Lydia. Jane disapproves of it. Just then Maura and Jane get a call and they leave. They arrive at the crime scene and Frost tells Jane that the victim was a friend of Frankie’s; Shane Finnigan. He was the leader of Channel Street boy band. They wonder what he was doing in the alley; Vince thinks that he was there for drugs, but Frankie denies that possibility.

Frankie says that Shane was clean and had gone to a rehab. At the office, Jane breaks the news to Shane’s band. They were supposed to go for an overseas tour after the concert. Shane never showed up for a live webcast after the concert and they feel that he had started using again. Their father Ryan was their manager. They got him thrown in jail for stealing money from them. Maura is listening to one of the songs from Shane’s album while performing the autopsy and Jane arrives. The tox screen results arrive and Maura tells Jane that his system had no drugs in it for the past six months. They wonder what he was doing there. Jane tries to console Angela. Angela wants her to come for Lydia’s shower. Jane wants to talk to Lydia alone, so she sends her a text from Angela’s phone.

Frost examines Shane’s car; there is no trace of blood in it. He finds the backstage pass and the car keys. They check the trunk and find some expensive luggage with his cell phone in it. At the office, Vince tells Jane that all the bullets came from the same gun. They haven’t been able to track down Ryan. Frost is working on Shane’s cell phone. Vince notices that the phone has military spec security; it is to prevent tabloid gossips. But just then self destruct mode is turned on and the phone’s memory is wiped off. Maura and Jane are discussing the case and Frankie arrives with the murder weapon. He ran from the scene to the station and is exhausted. Jane takes Maura along to meet Lydia at the Dirty Robbers. Lydia is late. She ran out of gas and so she had to walk.

Lydia tells Jane that she doesn’t know whether Tommy or Frank is the father of the child. Lydia thinks that she should tell Angela but Jane tells her not to. Lydia has to go for Lamaze classes. Maura asks Jane to go with her. Jane wonders if Lydia would get some tests done so that she could know who the father is. But Lydia doesn’t want to get any tests done. But she definitely wants to tell Angela the truth. Jane wonders that how come Lydia developed a conscience after sleeping with half of her family! Jane doesn’t want Angela to know anything. At the office, after spending the whole night in the office, Frost manages to get Shane’s last text from one of the camera shootings at the concert. It says: I am free. Let’s do it. Seems like a booty call.

Jane thinks that Shane could be meeting someone in one of the motels around the crime scene. Maura tells Jane that there is a drop of blood found on the gun and Jane realizes that it was an amateur who was holding the gun. Frost calls Jane asking her if she knew about someone named Jamie Relis. She says that it is a character in ’Friends with Benefits’. It appears that someone checked into the motel before the concert. They enter the room. They find a woman’s dead body lying on the bed next to a crack pipe. She is the famous pop singer, Gia. It appears that Gia and Shane knew each other as they were in the same rehab program. At the office, Frost finds footage of TK “The Killer” Womack outside the motel. TK is a music manager and he managed both Gia and Shane. It appears that TK goes into the motel at 12.15 and comes out at 12.30. At Maura’s, Angela has gone overboard with the decorations.

Jane walks in with Lydia. Lydia is upset that her baby won’t have a daddy and Angela says that she will be better off without the creep that dumped her. Lydia says that her boyfriend dumped her when she told him that the baby might be Tommy’s. For a moment when Angela heard that Lydia was carrying Tommy’s bay, she seemed happy. But just then Lydia tells her that Frank dumped her. Angela is angry about the fact that Maura and Jane hid this from her. Angela is devastated and leaves. Jane is crying and tries to stop her, but she leaves. Jane and Maura then arrive at Lydia’s mother’s house with all her gifts. Lydia’s mother has rented out her room to someone named Jed. Maura feels bad but Jane tells her that Lydia has made her choice. At the office, Frost and Vince talk to TK.

He tells them that Shane was his boy and that he meant a lot more to him alive than dead. It appears that Shane did a lot of charity. But it also seems that he didn’t have much money. The band was broke, but a clause in their contract let them keep rights to merchandising, premium chats and online fan memberships. Maura arrives and tells Jane that the blood on the gun belonged to a white male. So that makes Ryan a good suspect. They are not able to track Ryan but they have a cell phone number from his social security application. Jane has an idea. She calls Ryan telling him that he was the beneficiary on Shane’s insurance policy. Frost and Jane wait for Ryan at the PO Box. He arrives and they arrest him. Ryan tells them that he did not kill Shane. Jane tells Frankie not to let Angela know that he knew about Lydia.

Maura arrives and tells Jane that the lesions on Shane’s lips were from anti-malarial medications. Something strikes Jane and she tells Maura to check whether Gia had the same drugs in her system. Frost tells Jane that Shane and Gia were booked on a flight to Haiti. Maura tells Jane that the same drugs were found in Gia’s system and also that she wasn’t having drugs for the last six months. Jane infers that I’m free means that Shane was quitting the band and both of them were running away to Haiti for some charity work. Maura also tells Jane that the blood from the gun isn’t Ryan’s but it is a familial match. This means it could be one of his brothers. But they were doing a live web cast when Shane was murdered. They check the live web cast and find out that it was an old one. Shane’s death increased the sales of the album. Maura also updates them with the fact that the fiber in Shane’s wounds is denim.

Ronin, one of Shane’s brothers was wearing denim during the concert. Frost tells her that Ronin has a hunting license; but then why the blood on the gun? Jane thinks she knows what happened. Jane and Frankie go to meet the brothers. Jane accuses them for making a pact to kill Shane. Cut to the flashback, Ronin shoots Shane first. But the other brother could not bring himself to fire Shane, so he shot at the ground. Then Ronin helped him shoot Shane. But he had never fired a gun before, so the slide cut his hand. They arrest the brothers. At home, Angela tells Jane and Maura that she is moving in with her cousin.

She tells them that she knows that they were trying to protect her. But she doesn’t want her children to think she is pitiful. Jane says that it is their dad who is pitiful. And that she admires her for the person she has always been and that she has great strength. Maura tells Angela that she always wanted a mother like her. Angela tells them that they are great children and Jane says that it is because of her. The episode ends.