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Message Posted On Tuesday, September 14th 2010 at 10:37 am
Episode discussion for: 01x10 | When the Gun Goes Bang, Bang, Bang (Sep 13, 2010)

( thoughts from a non-fan who returned for an ep to see if things had gotten better )

Maybe it's just me but leaving a witness in a stairwell when you know men with guns are (1) searching the building and (2) haven't searched that part yet, well that just seems foolish.

Also, when I'm hiding from baddies, I'm going to remove my high-heels so I'm not clonking at every step.

And finally, when being held hostage by a man with a gun, the shooting him thru your own body is cool when John McClain does it, but when in TV-land, when there's about 600 cops all ready to shoot the fkr, just let them do is and save your body from unnecessary bullet wounds.

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Message Posted On Wednesday, September 22nd 2010 at 10:19 am
Jumped the shark. Leave the Die Harding to Mr. Willis.

Just the most egregious sins:

Tension WAY too high, too early.

Reality fail: "Empty the station! Nobody there but the desk sergeant!" Just impossible and stupid. Handy for the Bad Guys who were all ready to assault the building, cut the power, jam the cell phones...

Main baddie shoots everything that moves UNTIL he finds his accomplice, two unarmed women and a guy on the table? Seriously?

Bad Cop exits a building he works in through the FRONT DOORS where the abovementioned 600 cops are ready? Forgot about the other three sides and probably eight doors in the rush to, uh, escape?.

Why not just go Cop-Assisted-Suicide right then? What's Jane (Angie) got to do with it? Because Mom & Pop Rizzoli deserved the Worst Day Ever?

All this time I thought Angie Harmon's complete lack of effort at a Boston accent was the biggest sin, but jebus...
Writing that ignores/adjusts reality is just how police procedurals usually work, but this was more like a week of Days of Our Lives. Maybe everyone will wake up next episode.

Now I can't give up, just to see how the producers dig their way out of it.