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Season 2

Star Wars Episode I

A spoof of the Star Wars films.
Guest Stars: James Van Der Beek as Bush's Aide | Abraham Benrubi as Darth Vader | Bob Bergen as Luke Skywalker | Candace Bailey as Princess Leia Organa | Tom Kane as C3PO | Chad Morgan as Princess Leia Organa | Weather Girl | Laura Bush | Robert Smigel as Clutch Cargo's Palpatine | Ray | Adam Talbott as Han Solo (Empire On Ice) | Wampa | Jawa | Hulk Hogan as Abe Lincoln | Keith Ferguson as Han Solo | C-3PO (Empire On Ice) | Imperial Probe Droid | George Lucas as Himself | Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker | Ahmed Best as Jar Jar Binks | Conan O'Brien as Zuckuss | Donald Faison as Evazan | Joey Fatone as Himself | Malcolm McDowell as Orientation Instructor | Seth MacFarlane as Emperor Palpatine |
Featuring: Dan Milano as Luke Skywalker (Empire On Ice) | Wuher | Breckin Meyer as Boba Fett | Admiral Ackbar | Janitor | Space Slug #1
Director: Seth Green

21 :02x01 - Suck It

1.Previously On Robot Chicken
2.Arcade Pervert
4.Hangman Serial Killer
5.You Whore!
6.The Six Million Peso Man
7.John 8:7
8.Two Scoops!
9.Skater McGee
10.Space Invaders
11.Ogre Returns
12.Swamp Thing Gets Picked Up
13.Unicorn Mayonnaise
14.The Six Million Peso Man (Part 2)
15.Randy Savage vs. Kool-Aid Man
16.Mr. & Mrs. Brady
Guest Stars: Seth MacFarlane as Peter Griffin | Gary Owens as Space Ghost | Christian Slater as Himself | Fred Tatasciore as Various Characters
Director: Seth Green

22 :02x02 - Federated Resources

1.Naked Dancing Pet Owner
2.Dicks With Time Machines
3.Lion-O Gets Adopted
4.Because She Was a Bitch
5.Make the Carpet Match the Drapes
6.Education Motivation
7.Dicks With Time Machines (Part 2)
8.Clifford the REALLY Big Dog
9.Evil Knievel's Greatest Stunt Ever
10.Dicks With Time Machines (Part 3)
11.Swedish Chef's Jaunt
12.Gulliver's Kinky Travels
13.Heroes With Time Machines (Part 4)
14.Nerf Stairs
15.Corey & Corey Save the World
Guest Stars: Victor Yerrid as Various Characters | Seth MacFarlane as Various Characters | Mila Kunis as Various Characters | Michael Benyaer as Various Characters | Corey Haim as Himself
Director: Seth Green

23 :02x03 - Easter Basket

1.Barney Love
2.Pretty Sneaky
3.The Flintstones
4.There Are No R's
5.Barney Love (Part 2)
6.Phyllis Diller Spray-n-Play
7.Inspector Gadget
8.Egyptian Lego
9.Ron Jeremy's Butter
11.Children of the Corn
12.Barney Love (Part 3)
13.A Very Dragonball Z Christmas
Guest Stars: Christian Slater as Himself | Jamie Kaler as Various Characters | Phyllis Diller as Various Characters
Director: Tom Root

24 :02x04 - Celebrity Rocket

1.Corporate See-Saw
2.Hungry Homeless Hippo
3.Dance Dance Counter-Revolution
4.Godzilla Toy
5.Vampire Chase
6.I Dream of Jeannie Revenge
7.Satan Thanks
8.Dragon's Lair: The Middle Ages
9.Best Friends Forever
10.This Show Is So Clever
11.Six Flags Dancing Guy
12.Power Puff Stem Cell Research
13.There Can Be Only One Lohan
Guest Stars: Abraham Benrubi as Various Characters | Ginnifer Goodwin as Various Characters | Jamie Kaler as Various Characters | Breckin Meyer as Various Characters | Michelle Trachtenberg as Various Characters
Director: Tom Root

25 :02x05 - Dragon Nut

1.Vampire Office Workers
2.Trio of Toasts
3.Morning Wood
4.Idle Nuts
5.Attack of the Giant Midget
6Djinni Mermaid
7.Batcave Discovery
8.The Neverending Party
9.Omaha's Number 1 News Team
Guest Stars: Michelle Trachtenberg as Various Characters | Jordan Ladd as Herself | Peter Gallagher as Himself | Macaulay Culkin as Various Characters | Bruce Campbell as Himself | Abraham Benrubi as Various Characters
Director: Doug Goldstein

26 :02x06 - 1987

1.Twinkie the Kid Showdown
2.Paper Cut
3.Board Game Movies
4.Horny Robot Callback
5.Alien Abduction Reversal
6.Mo-Larr: Eternian Dentist
7.Meat Machine
8.Vader's Collect Call
9.Ent Pleasurer
10.Alien Abduction Reversal (Part 2)
11.Mortal Kombat Physical Therapy
12.Horny Robot Redux
13.Snoopy's Back Problem
14.Captain Planet
15.Best Robot Chicken Ever
Guest Stars: Seth MacFarlane as Various Characters | Michael Ian Black as Himself | Sarah Michelle Gellar as Herself | Leah Ann Cevoli as Herself | Scott Adsit as Himself
Director: Doug Goldstein

27 :02x07 - Cracked China

1.Pull My Finger
3.Honest Zombie
4.Will Work For Balls
5.Apocalypse Pony
6.Kiddie Driver
7.Eagle Eye Smith
8.Pikachu Secret
9.E.T. Doesn't Phone Home
10.Space Checkers
11.Flying Dad-Bomb
12.RPG Reversal
13.Golden Girls and the City
Guest Stars: Adam Talbot as Various Characters | Chad Morgan as Various Characters | Breckin Meyer as Various Characters | Jeannie Elias as Herself

28 :02x08 - Rodigitti

1.Alien Privacy
2.Mime Car Accident
3.Senior Mutant Ninja Turtles
4.Dunst Rejection
5.Dogs Playing Poker
6.Rick Shaw
8.Scott Norwood Can't Kick
9.Robot Gag Gift
10.Final Fantasy Burger Joint
11.Rowdy Roddy Monroe
12.The Booger Man
13.Sensitive Speak & Spell
14.Abrupt Time Traveller
15.8 Carrot
Guest Stars: Bill Farmer as Various Characters | Quinton Flynn as Various Characters | Rachael Leigh Cook as Various Characters |
Uncredited: Billy West as Bugs Bunny | Daffy Duck | Elmer Fudd

29 :02x09 - Massage Chair

1.Noisy Werewolf
2.Incompetent Airport Security
3.Cuddles Fabric Softener
4.I Don't Want Your Sandwich
5.Office Fighter
6.Monkeys in Outer Space
7.Mummy Tee Pee
8.Do the Dew!
9.Jedi Bush
10.Vern Needs a Hand
11.Bloopers! Three
Guest Stars: James Van Der Beek as Himself | Jimmy Kimmel as Himself | Hulk Hogan as Himself | Emma Caulfield as Herself
Director: Doug Goldstein

30 :02x10 - Password: Swordfish

1.I Hate This Game
2.Care Bear Genocide
3.Spy vs. Spy
4.Do You Get It?
5.Pick-Up Line Transposition
6.Hemlich Begins
7.Wax Cylinder Scratching
8.Poor, Poor Ricky
9.Out of Ice Cream
10.Hamburger Deal
11.Harry Potter vs. Pubertis
Guest Stars: Rick Schroder as Himself | Tom Root as Himself | Jim Meskimen as Himself | Jimmy Kimmel as Himself | Melanie Griffith as Herself | Quinton Flynn as Himself | Bill Farmer as Himself | Emma Caulfield as Herself

31 :02x11 - Adoptions an Option

1. Robot Chicken Sells Out
2. Fanta Peace Treaty
3. Prison Cell Rape
4. ET Phoned Home
5. Halloween Pumpkin Assault
6. 300 Ass Copies
7. Best Spaceship Ever!
8. Poison Cookie
9. My Little Pegasus
10. Would You Like Fries With That?
11. Go, Go Gadget Terminate
Guest Stars: Frank Welker as Brain | Dr. Claw | Tom Root as Various Characters | Jamie Kaler as Bloopers Host
Director: Tom Root

32 :02x12 - The Munnery

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Weird Al Yankovic as Himself
Director: Doug Goldstein

33 :02x13 - Metal Militia

Young Young Indiana Jones goes on a treasure hunt in school; Rainbow Brite reveals a surprising side; and Montezuma has his revenge.

34 :02x14 - Veggies For Sloth

• No Summary (Add Here)

35 :02x15 - Sausage Fest

• No Summary (Add Here)

36 :02x16 - Drippy Pony

• No Summary (Add Here)
Guest Stars: Hugh M. Hefner as Himself

37 :02x17 - Day at the Circus

Robot Chicken ruffles feathers by selling out to corporate America. Also: G.I. Joe's formidable skills threaten Snow Job; the Black Stallion delves into race relations; and filmdom's newest buddy-cop flick teams none other than Oprah and Dr. Phil.

38 :02x18 - Lust for Puppets

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39 :02x19 - Donkey Punch

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40 :02x20 - Book of Corrine

This episode involves skits involving Jasper- The Douchebag Ghost, Ninjas, G-Bots, Sesame Street, and a Robot Chicken Telethon.
Guest Stars: Charlize Theron as Daniel's Mom
Warning: Robot Chicken guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Animation
Genre: Stop-Motion | Comedy
Status: Returning Series
Network: Adult Swim ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 11:30 pm
Runtime: 15 Minutes
Premiere: February 20, 2005
Episode Order: 20
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