Snowballs / Frog's Best Friend - Recap

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The episode starts out with Rocko waiting for Heffer. Hef tells Rocko he wants to go skiing while they travel through the mountains, but Rocko insist that his boss doesn't want them to goof off. Rocko and Hef head out to mountains. Rocko is quickly annoyed at Heffer, due to him constantly singing. Then on top of a hill a Mt. Frosty employee is seen looking through some binoculars at all the traffic passing through the mountain. He gives the signal to set off an explosion and start an avalanche. This causes the traffic to backup. A great way to lure in customers.

Heffer sees the sign and begs Rocko to stop by. After all, it's only $5 for everything. This is the joke of the entire episode. Finally, Rocko gives in and they head to Mt. Frosty. When the Ticket booth asks if they need skis, he charges them $5 more. This is when you find out that it's $5 for everything you do. Ouch. :P After much practice and lots of 5 dollar bills, Rocko starts to get the hang of skiing. That is until he hits a small tree and starts to pull on it. Turns out the trees don't like it when you pick on the younger, smaller ones. He starts to get chased by a group of big trees until he hides behind a rock and loses them.

Break time for Rocko and Hef. They take a relaxing break in the lodge, where Heffer eats a bunch of chocolate with marshmallows. Even the fire is $5! When they're finished in the lodge, they head to the restrooms. $5 to use, $10 for Heffer. Heffer tells Rocko about The Devil's Crevice, a free ride for anyone. When they reach the top of the ride, where stars and planets are floating around them, Rocko decides he doesn't wan't to try it anymore. Only thing is he needs 5 dollars to go back down. Unfortunately they spent all of Mr. Smitty's money. Uh-Oh. They get dropped and start down this ride at in insanely fast speed. Plowing through everything they come across. Rocko gets sent through a wall and comes out the otherside carrying a frozen snowman. He then get's into a race with this block of ice. He hits a sign that says: "Frost-O Says Jump And Win Instantly"

He heads over a hill and over the horizon is a huge jump that leads to a stadium. Rocko goes off this enormous jump and gets thrown through the air, where the screen fades to black. He wakes up in a hospital, covered from head to toe in bandages. Heffer stops by to visit and tell him he delivered the comics, thanks to Rocko winning money for the jump. The frozen cave man visits, too bringing flowers. Krog (the ice man) and Heffer leave to get some food. Meanwhile, back at the lobby of the hospital, a group of trees are given directions to Rocko's room.....