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Rocko's Modern Life: Wimp on the Barbie / Yarnbenders

Wimp on the Barbie:
Rocko learns that his grade-school bully, Dingo, is coming to America to visit him. Heffer and Filbert decide it's their duty to toughen Rocko up for the encounter.


Filbert has a cold, so Rocko and Heffer decide to read him some fairy tales, adding their own twists to them, while he recovers.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 4x4
Production Number: 043
Airdate: Thursday July 11th, 1996

Guest Stars
Carlos AlazraquiCarlos Alazraqui
voiced Dingo
Episode Notes
In Wimp on the Barbie, Rocko says he met Dingo in the 3rd grade and was tortured for 12 years by him, making Rocko at least 20 years old.

In Yarnbenders, Rocko and Heffer spoof such fairy tales as Hansel and Gretal, Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, Pinnochio, and The Wizard of Oz.

Episode Quotes
Rocko: For the love of cake, HIDE MEEEEE!

Hansel Heffer: Hey, Grandma, those are some big teeth you have.
Filbert's "False" Teeth: All the better to chew up small pint-sized little morsels like you.

Dingo: Please . . . it is only then I can become one with the unicorn.
(The unicorn, in the van, waves and honks)

Filbert: Now, remember; I'm the witch!

Heffer: After studying with super high-tech technology and a box of crayons, we have a made a model of Dingo as he would like today!
(shows Rocko a picture of a scary kangaroo)
Rocko: Aaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

Cultural References
Rocko, Heff, and Filbert: And Dingo was his name, Oh!

This is a reference to the song, BINGO, in which the lyrics go, "And Bingo was his name, Oh!"

Filbert: Wait! I was gonna make Espresso!

This is a reference to Gene Hackman in Young Frankenstein (1975) as he played the role of Harold the Bling Hermit.

Episode References
When Filbert and Heffer are watching TV before the phone rings you can hear Ralph Bighead say, "Whose the genius here? If I want mayo, I get mayo". Heff and Filbert are watching the episode, Wacky Deli.

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