Rookie Blue

Rookie Blue

Rookie Blue is a youthful, heartfelt, one-hour, character-driven workplace drama about five rookie cops plunged into the high stakes world of big city policing--a world where even the smallest mistake can have life-or-death consequences. The series follows them just out of the police academy where they bonded together, fought together, drank together, worked together and slept together. And now they're on the job together. They're kids with guns, learning firsthand the hardest kind of policing there is. They are first responders and they are about to learn that no amount of training prepares you for life. (Source: Global)

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Prev: 6x11 -- 74 Epiphanies (Jul/29/2015)

With the 15 Division restructuring looming, Andy and Sam’s wedding comes just in time for the gang to celebrate one last hurrah. But when Andy is taken off-course by a hitchhiker and then stranded on the side of a dead-end road with a dying man, she finds herself with no way to get help – or let Sam know she hasn’t bailed. Will she save the man’s life? Will she make it to her wedding?

Available Episodes

74 Epiphanies
Jul 29, 2015
Season 6 episode 11

Breaking Up The Band
Jul 22, 2015
Season 6 episode 10

Ninety Degrees
Jul 15, 2015
Season 6 episode 9

Integrity Test
Jul 08, 2015
Season 6 episode 8

Best Man
Jul 01, 2015
Season 6 episode 7

Home Run
Jun 24, 2015
Season 6 episode 6

A Real Gentleman
Jun 18, 2015
Season 6 episode 5

Missy PeregrymMissy Peregrym
As Officer Andy McNally (S01+)
Gregory SmithGregory Smith
As Officer Dov Epstein (S01+)
Enuka OkumaEnuka Okuma
As Detective Traci Nash (Officer S01-S03; Detective S04+)
Travis MilneTravis Milne
As Officer Chris Diaz (S01+)
Charlotte SullivanCharlotte Sullivan
As Officer Gail Peck (S01+)
Peter MooneyPeter Mooney
As Officer Nick Collins (S03+)
Matt GordonMatt Gordon
As Sergeant Oliver Shaw (Training Officer S01-S04; Sergeant S05+)
Priscilla FaiaPriscilla Faia
As Officer Chloe Price (S04E02+)
Ben BassBen Bass
As Detective Sam Swarek (Training Officer S01-S03; Detective S04+)
Rachael AncherilRachael Ancheril
As Senior Officer Marlo Cruz (S04; recurring afterward)



Reviews: 1
Not A Cop ShowRating: 2 likes, 4 dislikes

Well, I somehow made it through the first 10 episodes of this new series, and looking back, I must have been extremely TV deprived to do so. Make no mistake about it, this is not a cop show. If I had to, I guess I would classify it as a soap opera with a few cops thrown into the mix. Maybe this was their intent all along, but it is beyond me why they would take that route. Since episode #3, the main focus of the show is the little love triangle between Andy, Sam, and Luke. Throw in a couple other inter-department flings, and you may as well call it Blue's Anatomy. This show belongs at 2:00 on Monday - Friday, if it even belongs there, but it does not belong on Prime Time, and most certainly does not belong on my TV. Not any more! Read more

Review posted on Friday, August 27th 2010 at 9:55 am


Reviews: 1
Rookie Blue is great summer entertainment!Rating: 1 likes, 1 dislikes

Rookie Blue is mostly character based and not a show focused on cases, procedures and what 'real cops' may experience in the real world however it is great summer entertainment which is really all I'm looking for during this 1 hour a week time slot when all the other networks are airing reruns. Read more

Review posted on Thursday, August 18th 2011 at 5:12 am

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4x2: Homecoming recap: The episode begins with a police cruiser racing down the highway. Oliver is driving Noelle to a restaurant where she will be meeting Frank for a date night. The scanner picks up a request for help on a homicide; Noelle tells Oliver to forget the dinner reservation and answers the call... read more.

3x13: I Never recap: The episode begins with Gail and gang having a few drinks at a bar. They all drink to her getting fired. Later at home, Andy tells her mother about how insensitive Sam was. She tells Andy to “get over it”. She instead asks Andy to focus on the task force. She then adds that Andy needs a change of scene, and asks her to try something different. Oliver on the other hands tells Sam that he probably made a mistake leaving Andy. Sam though is in no mood for advice. At work, Andy tells Callaghan “your task force; I want in”. Luke though tells her that she isn’t the “right fit”. She in turn virtually pleads with Luke to be on the task force. Luke tells her she is “too late”, as he already has applications from numerous other cops... read more.

3x12: Every Man recap: The episode begins with Frank telling the rookies to answer whatever questions are asked to them, truthfully. Turns out, they are about to be questioned for something. Next it’s shown that the precinct had been broken into and there is blood on the floor of the lock up. All of it is being investigated and Callaghan is overseeing the whole thing. The SIU later comes in to take over the case; a woman named Sarah Mills shall be handling the investigation. She introduces herself to the rookies and informs them that she shall be the one questioning each of them. Gail is the first one to be called in for questioning and asked to start from the beginning... read more.

3x11: The Rules recap: The episode begins with Chris and Andy playing a game of basketball. The two while playing discuss Andy’s breakup. Andy tells Chris she is cool with the breakup and isn’t sweating it much. Traci in the meanwhile is still doing her best to cope with Jerry’s death. Later Frank tells him team to be proactive. He basically wants his team to get out their cars and get on to the streets. Luke later asks Traci to make a decision quickly, if she isn’t going to be able to work as detective, as a part of the training rotation, as he needs help with the pending files that Jerry was handling. Sam and Andy run into each other and are visibly awkward in each other’s presence... read more.

3x10: Cold Comforts recap: The episode begins with everybody paying their last respects at Jerry’s grave. The whole gang then reminisces about Jerry’s various idiosyncrasies. Sam though doesn’t say a word and seems the most hurt of the lot. Later at the hospital, Nick gives Gail details about how the funeral went. At work, Andy calls out to Sam and asks him if he is ok. Sam confesses to her that he isn’t. Frank later tells the team to go through Jerry’s, clean it up and catalog everything. Epstein and Chris volunteer for this work. At the hospital, Gail does her best to get back on her feet, by doing some Yoga. Luke arrives just then and asks her to give a statement. At the precinct a woman named Sadie meanwhile comes in and asks to talk to Jerry... read more.
Recurring Guests

Adam MacDonald as Detective Steve Peck (18 eps)
Aliyah O'Brien as Holly (12 eps)
Drew Davis as Leo (10 eps)
Lyriq Bent as Frank Best (9 eps)
Anthony Ulc as Officer Andrews (9 eps)
Matthew Owen Murray as Rookie Duncan Moore (8 eps)
Mayko Nguyen as Sue Tran (7 eps)
Aaron Abrams as Donovan Boyd (7 eps)
Oliver Becker as Inspector John Jarvis (7 eps)
Jim Codrington (1) as ETF Sgt. Bailey (6 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled
Network: Global ( Canada)
Airs: Thursdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 24, 2010
• Copper (Working Title)
• Nowe Gliny (13th Street Universal), (Used In Poland)
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