Fite Nite - Recap

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On Rookie Blue tonight, there is a charity event that happens annually. They are also working on quite the insane case. The charity event is called Fight Night and the cops get into some trouble trying to juggle both. Andy and Gail have found guys in an apartment that are fighting and they have to figure out how to keep them quiet. They may have arrested the wrong person as the one Andy and Gail arrested claims that he was trying to break up some sort of domestic dispute. Andy looks around the room and sees something that shows that it could be true. That is when she decides that they need to arrest the husband instead of the guy she was originally going to arrest.

Traci and Dov are ordered to stay at their post as they are running surveillance. They see a suspect that is running and no one else sees them. They decide to chase after the suspect despite that. This was a stupid idea and they both could have gotten into a lot of trouble, but only Traci got into trouble for running. Dov didn't get into trouble because all he was doing was having his partner's back which is what they are all supposed to do. Luckily for Traci, the person that they ending up catching was very important to the case.

After work, it is time for them to get prepared for the Fight Night. Fight Night is an annual fundraiser that the cops have every year. They raise up money by boxing with one another in a boxing ring. Traci decides that she is going to be the person fighting for their particular squad. Chris is her coach and she is not doing too well. Elsewhere, Dov is still lost with some pieces that he needs to get all figured out so that he can actually make a break in his case.

Andy and Gail have decided to help the battered wife and get her to a shelter. After they have her in a safe place, they go to support Traci while she is in her fight. Traci wasn't doing too well in the fight and Andy decided to give her a bit of a confidence boost. She is telling her she can do it and that is when Traci picks it up and finally wins.

Luke goes up to Andy and asks her if she would like a drink. Unfortunately for her, while she would like to get a drink on his dime her father is completely wasted at the bar and she has to separate him from someone else having gotten into a fight. Finally after the fight, everyone that needed to be there was and they were all happy that she won.

The rookies are bonding with another in their respective positions. Gail and Chris talk and Gail shows that she is insecure. Andy is with the battered wife that she had saved earlier that day. She is trying really hard to tell her not to go back to the man that was beating her. Unfortunately, she refuses to listen to her and decides to go back to be with her husband.

Speaking of heart to hearts, Traci and Andy also bond over the things that they have done. In the end, Andy ends up going to meet up with Luke so they can have that drink he asked her about earlier that night.