Class Dismissed - Recap

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The episode begins with Epstein out patrolling with Shaw. They receive a distress call and are on to it. They check out the address from where they got the call. It’s a secondary school. Epstein takes the lead on it. Inside they find out that it was a prank. He also realizes that he left the keys in the ignition of the car, he runs out and finds the car missing. Meanwhile after spending the night together Andy asks Sam get ready to go to work. Later, Frank tells everyone in the precinct to keep a look out for the squad card that has been stolen. The car’s security system was removed was removed before the car was stolen. Frank tells the guys the thief knew what he was doing. The car also contained a shotgun. He instructs all the guys to get out there and find the gun and the car.

Later during patrolling Sam and Andy see a speeding SVU and give it a chase. The SUV then enters a dead end with Sam and Andy in close pursuit. The driver of the car then runs out on foot, with the two giving him chase. Andy catches up with the young man who tells her he has to be somewhere. The man then tries assaulting her with a bag, she hold on to it and just as Sam arrives he gets away. In the bag they find a lot of cash. Epstein and Shaw in the meanwhile are busy trying to search for the squad car. Epstein tells Shaw how terrible he feels and how sorry he is for the missing car. Later Andy tells Sam that she didn’t draw a gun on the perpetrator, as he was only a kid. They then tells Jerry how the suspect was beat up pretty bad, and how he had to get somewhere in a hurry.

They also tell him that the car is registered in the name of a Stella Alvarez. There is also a parking pass in the car for a high profile school for rich kids. He tells the guys to go to the school to see if they can catch up with the owner. Meanwhile Chris and Traci, catch a kid trying to take down a sign. They then find a list for a scavenger hunt in his bag, with the squad car at the top of the list. They take the kid to the precinct for questioning. Meanwhile Sam and Andy question the owner of the car Stella about her car and if she lent it out to someone. She tells them that the car has been in her dad’s garage all week. They too don’t reveal their reason for questioning her. It also turns out Sam knows Stella’s father Bobby Alvarez.

The kid tells Chris at the precinct that the guys working on the scavenger hunt are legends, but nobody knows who they are. Frank tells Traci to make the kid talk, and find out all about the scavenger hunt. Andy and Sam meanwhile arrive at Bobby’s garage. Bobby it turns out deals in stolen goods. One of the guys at the garage knows Sam and he goes to call Bobby in his office, but he gets no response from Bobby. Andy sees blood on the doorknob. They kick the door open, and see Bobby lying on the floor in a pool of blood. Sam discovers that he is alive. Gail and Nick in the meanwhile, are at the location the scavenger hunters would be raiding next, according to the list. Jerry and Sam meanwhile come to the conclusion that, the kid who stole Bobby’s car is the one who attacked him. Epstein in the meanwhile is hell bent on finding the car, to right the wrong that he did.

Shaw tries to calm him down. The kid meanwhile is in custody as per Frank’s instructions. Traci meanwhile has found out that the kid’s name is Troy, and also all other details about him. He was trying to steal the sign as he wanted to be bad ass. He then helps Traci by telling her that the scavengers are sending updates on Twitter using fake IDs. Sam and Andy meanwhile arrive at the Wyatt’s house, he is an employee at Bobby’s; he is the same guy Andy had encountered running away from the SUV. They in the house find photos of Stella, which means he knows Stella. They then inform the school to find Stella. Epstein and Shaw meanwhile get information through Twitter about where the squad car might be. At the designated location they find the car, and warn whoever is in it to turn the vehicle off.

The car instead takes off, with Epstein and Shaw having to give a chase. The car’s path is then blocked by Chris’s car. The driver wearing a mask comes out of the vehicle, along with another guy wearing a mask. Both are kids. They then discover that the shotgun is missing. Meanwhile at school Sam and Andy are informed that Stella left 10 minutes ago with a guy who looked like he had been in an accident. The kids who stole the car meanwhile tell Epstein and Shaw that, they sold the shotgun to a guy who goes to school with them. Andy and Sam meanwhile find Wyatt telling Stella how he didn’t want him seeing her. They call out to Wyatt and tell him to come with them. He instead takes out a shotgun and fires in the air. He then takes Stella hostage and runs out, with Andy and Sam giving chase. Wyatt assures Stella that her father is ok. Sam meanwhile tells Wyatt to surrender, and let Stella go.

Wyatt in the end lets Stella go. Andy then figures out that after firing all the shots in the air, there are no more bullets left in the shotgun. Sam then takes the shotgun away from Wyatt. Stella later tells Andy about how her dad wouldn’t let her date Wyatt, as he was a mere worker in his garage. Her dad told her to not go to school, if Wyatt came. Troy’s mother in the meanwhile will be there to pick him up in a couple of hours. Chris then takes Troy out for a bite. Later at the precinct, Wyatt says he didn’t want to hurt Stella or anybody else. He just wanted to be with Stella. Andy meanwhile informs Sam that Bobby is going to be fine, and that Stella is with him. Meanwhile, Epstein tells Sue that he is the one who had lost the squad car. He didn’t want to tell Sue about it as she does everything so perfectly, and hence he was embarrassed.

She in turn reassures him by telling him that he doesn’t have to be embarrassed of anything with her. Shaw meanwhile calls his estranged wife, and tells her that, he wants to see his daughters, but she turns him down. Noelle meanwhile tells Franks that she gotten herself checked and she is completely healthy, and the baby is fine too. She then shows him a picture of the baby in the womb. Gail and Nick in the meanwhile are having a few drinks. The two, then end up kissing each other passionately. The episode ends.