Girls' Night Out - Recap

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The episode begins with Gail and Andy doing make up, and readying to go out dancing. They convince Traci to come along with them for just one drink, despite her protests. Next day morning Nick drives Andy and Gail to the precinct as they are severely hung over. Later, Andy pumps up Traci for her first day as a trainee detective. She tells Tracy that she is where she is because she deserves to be there and not because she is sleeping with Jerry. Epstein meanwhile tells Frank that he will do anything to get back to work. Frank tells him that he can’t have Epstein back till the police shrink clears him, and for that he has to pay the shrink a visit. He tells Frank that he doesn’t need a shrink but only needs to get back to the job, but Frank tells him firmly that it won’t happen till he is cleared.

Sam meanwhile makes fun of Andy for being hung over. She in irritation calls him a control freak. Taking her taunt seriously, Sam allows Nick to drive for a change and be in charge. They meanwhile receive a 911 call and proceed to check it out. Andy and Shaw meanwhile question three girls who are completely sloshed and have banged their car into a stationary vehicle. All the three girls claim they were driving. Sam and Nick too arrive at the scene in the meanwhile. Inside the car which has been banged, they find a man dead in the driver’s seat. Traci later arrives at the scene. She sees a huge laceration on the man’s forehead and comes to the conclusion that the man hit his head on the steering wheel really hard, due to his car being hit from behind.

Therefore the head hitting the steering wheel was the cause of death. Traci then has to herself make the difficult decision of moving the victim’s vehicle, as it’s blocking a railway track, as Jerry who is the detective in charge, isn’t present at the scene. Later Gail and Nick question an eyewitness as to who amongst the girls was actually driving the vehicle that, hit the victim’s car. He tells them which one of the girls was driving. The girl named Angela who was actually driving is shocked to hear that the driver of the parked car is dead. Epstein meanwhile asks the sister of the African American man who he killed recently, what he can do to make it up to her. She tells him she needs a ride. Frank meanwhile comes in and asks Traci angrily, as to who gave her the permission to move the car.

Jerry comes in just then and shields her by taking the responsibility for moving it. The coroner meanwhile tells Traci and Jerry that the victim was stabbed and long dead before the women hit his car. He shows them evidence on the victim’s body, to that effect. Jerry later tells Traci to stay away from the investigation, as she will be blamed for not noticing that the victim was stabbed. Andy meanwhile informs Jerry that the victim whose name is Jesse Solenko has a prior police record, for possessing drugs with the intent to traffic. They decide to question his brother Paul who has no police record, but lives at the same address as Justice. Paul is later shocked to hear that his brother Jesse is dead. Traci meanwhile sees a stamp of a club called 191 on Angela’s wrist, and then sees the same stamp in a photograph taken of the victim’s wrist.

Epstein is meanwhile asked by the sister of the man he killed, as to what exactly happened on the day he killed her brother. Traci meanwhile tells Gail, Nick and Andy that Angela and the other two girls were partying at the same club as the victim, the previous night. Traci decides to use the girls as witnesses, despite her being told to stay off the case. She then decides to question the girls. Angela later tells Traci that there was guy named Jesse outside the club who asked her if she wanted to party, she allegedly said a no and went in. She assures Traci that it’s the only contact she had with the victim. Nick and Gail meanwhile question the other two girls. Nick then finds out that it was actually one of the two girls and not Angela who was at the driver’s seat. The other girl meanwhile tells Gail that she got drunk because she wanted to keep her mouth shut and not tell Angela that she is making a mistake by marrying the guy named Cole.

She also tells Gail how Angela took off with Jesse, at the club. Traci then questions Angela about the fact that, her maid of honor revealed Angela was with Jesse most of the night. Angela then admits that she was with Jesse, and while they were together another guy showed up all freaked out and said he wanted to talk to Jesse. Jesse then walked away with the guy towards the parking lot and that was the last she saw of them. She tells Traci that she assumed the guy was Jesse’s brother as Jesse kept calling him “little bro”. Traci then tells Andy to get a sketch artist, so Angela can describe to the artist the guy she saw. Epstein meanwhile describes to the man’s sister how things transpired and why he killed the man at the store. Meanwhile Sam and Nick receive a police sketch and it matches Paul’s face.

The two then proceed to arrest him and consequently enter his apartment, the door to which is open. Andy then sees a man dragging Paul by his collar with a gun in his hand, and climbing down the fire escape. Andy tries to stop the man, who puts Paul in a car and manages to drive away just in the nick of time. Later Jerry tells Frank and the team that the man who took Paul was a drug trafficker from New Mexico, for who both Jesse and Paul used to work. Turns out Paul and Jesse owed the trafficker Bobis 50k. Jerry then tells Traci to release Angela, despite her telling him that Angela is probably still hiding something. Traci meanwhile is baffled to know that Angela lied she was taking cocaine with Jesse, despite her drug test coming out clean. Traci then asks Angela what she was doing behind the club with Jesse.

She admits to Traci that she was going to go to Jesse’s place to blow off some steam, as she felt one little transgression isn’t a big deal before marriage. She then tells Traci that Jesse didn’t live at the address that Traci just mentioned while she was voicing her frustration at not being able to make headway in the case. She then gives Traci Jesse’s actual address, which he texted her as he wanted her to meet him there. Traci and Jerry then proceed to check out Jesse’s loft with the whole team.

They storm into the loft and find Bobis then along with Paul lying on the floor restrained. They manage to restrain Bobis by tazing him, and then arrest the both of them. Later, Frank commends Traci for the great job that she did. Gail meanwhile asks Nick out to dinner, but he offers to cook instead. Epstein meanwhile lies to his girlfriend that he went for the doctor’s appointment and is already feeling better. The episode ends.