Messy Houses - Recap

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The episode begins with Andy waking up Sam in the middle of the night, as she suddenly is reminded of the fact that it her dad’s birthday. The two later go to wish her father, but find him spending the night with a woman, and hence leave. Chris meanwhile tells Epstein how he has become quite the player thanks to a dating website. Chris then asks Epstein if he is ready for his first day back on the job. Epstein says he is ready, although he still looks hesitant. Later he is welcomed back to work by the gang. Jerry and Traci meanwhile share a few romantic moments, till they are interrupted by Gail. Chris and Andy meanwhile ride together, and Chris discusses his thoughts about women, with Andy.

Just then the two receive a 911 call and proceed to check it out. At the scene they see a man and a woman shoving each other around and arguing. Turns out, it’s the couple’s little child who called 911 to get the couple to stop fighting. The little boy, who called comes out with a baby that the couple recently had, and tell the two to stop fighting. The boy later goes in and the baby is taken by the mother, who stands outside the house and talks to Andy, while the husband goes in to cool off. Suddenly, the little boy comes out with a gun in his hand and points it at Andy and Chris telling them to leave. Andy and Chris then talk to the boy named Connor and ask him to calm down and put his gun down. Meanwhile the backup that Chris has called for arrives. Sam too then steps out of the car and points his gun at Connor. Connor then slowly steps back into his house, and shuts the front door behind him.

The cops then surround the house. Meanwhile, a woman named Claire from child services arrives at the scene and is told to join the mother and her baby in the squad car. Claire then recognizes Andy and is surprised to see her there. Andy though isn’t too pleased to see Claire, for some reason. Turns out, Claire is Andy’s mother. Chris meanwhile enters an adjoining house to Connor’s, and from its second floor hears an altercation between Connor and his father, along with some drilling noises. Chris and Sam then enter the house, and see on the second floor the father holding the gun. Sam tells him to put the gun down, while he tells Sam that he just took the gun off Connor. After they have secured the gun, Connor is sent downstairs by Sam.

Nick and Sam then find a bag on his bed and inside are a number of guns, along with multiple boxes of bullets. The man is then arrested. Meanwhile Claire tells the mother whose name is Dana that, child services will take her children, as she is being taken in for questioning. Claire also reassures Dana who is in tears that, she will recommend Dana get to stay with her children at her sister’s. Meanwhile, Epstein and Shaw visit an old man who has complained that his wife has gone missing. They enter his house which is crammed with things. The old man then shocks them by telling them that, his wife has gone missing within the house. Meanwhile, Dana’s sister Eva is informed by Claire that Dana can see her kids only under Eva’s supervision.

Later Claire tells Andy that, she has been trying to get in touch with her since she left. Claire tells Andy how she called every Sunday, but her father wouldn’t let Andy talk to Claire. Andy in turn tells her that her father was probably looking out for her best interests. Meanwhile Rick, Connor’s father, is questioned about the guns. He tells Chris that he is holding them for somebody but refuses to tell Chris for whom. Epstein and Shaw meanwhile haul out the stuff in the old man’s house, in order to find his wife. Frank and Traci meanwhile inform Jerry that, the guns that have been found were seized by Jerry 5 years ago, from an Italian gang. Frank then questions Jerry as to how the guns got back on the streets, when Jerry had signed a document stating he had witnessed the demolition of those particular guns.

Frank then tells Jerry that it would look to any judge or jury as if Jerry lied about witnessing the demolition of the guns, and then sold it to some gangbanger and pocket the money. Frank then tells Jerry to fix the issue. He then finds out that he had left for an early weekend with his wife to Niagara Falls, and it was his colleague Nancy who had offered to cover for him, that day and witness the demolition. Andy meanwhile tells her father that she ran into her mother recently. Andy then asks her father about Claire telling her that she tried to call her every week, and asks him if that is true. He in turn tells Andy that Claire did call, but he didn’t let her talk to Andy because she was a little kid and hence needed things to be stable. He then reminds Andy how her mother left them for “some hotshot professor”.

Shaw meanwhile tells Epstein how his wife has kicked him out and how he is staying in a motel now. Eva meanwhile is at the precinct, describing to Andy how Dana left with her kids in Eva’s car, when Eva was busy on the phone upstairs. Eva then tells Andy that Dana put up an act for child services, but actually she has a drinking problem and is desperate. Eva tells Andy she is worried what Dana with do with her kids. Sam and Nick meanwhile get information that Eva’s car is parked at the lakeside, and arrive to check it out. They then find Connor sitting in the car alone, and ask him about Dana and her baby, but he refuses to tell them anything. Sam then takes Connor to the station. Meanwhile Nancy tells Traci that no one else but Jerry could have overseen the demolition of the guns, as no one else has the authority.

Traci then tells Jerry that she talked to Nancy and Nancy is clearly lying. Jerry then admits to Traci that he wasn’t away with his wife, instead he was having an affair, and thus he was away with the woman he was having the affair with. Traci then tells Jerry that he better find this other woman and make sure that she can vouch for him. Connor at the precinct tells Claire that, Dana is at his grandmother’s old house. Sam and Andy hear this and proceed to the house. Inside the house they find Dana passed out on the floor, and the baby lying besides her crying. Claire later tells Andy that if she doesn’t want to know her, she doesn’t have to know her, as she is an adult and it’s her choice. Rick meanwhile tells Connor that he will help the police, as he isn’t a bad guy.

Shaw meanwhile tells the old man that Epstein is trying to find out if the old man’s wife left him. The old man in turn tells Shaw that his wife won’t leave him, as they have been married for 55 years. Just then, Shaw and the old man find his wife buried under the stuff. The old man is distraught on seeing his wife motionless, Shaw meanwhile calls for an ambulance. Jerry meanwhile tells Traci that, Frank is questioning Nancy. Gail meanwhile tells Chris how she and Nick were planning to get married, but how Nick backed out at the last moment. But now she and Nick are back together Gail tells him. Andy meanwhile agrees to have coffee with her mother. Later, Sam and Andy decide to work out their problems if they ever have any in their relationship. The episode ends.