Coming Home - Recap

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The episode begins with Andy and Sam cooking at home. Andy is hosting a housewarming party, as she never had it earlier. Andy’s mother meanwhile comes in to drop something. Her mother also offers to help her with the party. She then hands Andy home movies of when she was little. Andy then hands her mother the spare key to her apartment, so she can drop in the food. Meanwhile Epstein drops off the sister of the man he killed a few weeks ago, to school. He also promises to see her after school. Nick meanwhile tells Epstein and Chris that he and Gail are old friends who like to keep each other company. Later Frank cuts Nick lose, for doing a good job of catching a criminal, and thus he can now patrol the streets on his own without being monitored.

Chris apparently isn’t too happy with it. Chris later finds out that he and Nick would be riding together. Epstein meanwhile is busy avoiding Sue’s calls. Gail later picks up Epstein’s call assuming its Sue, while Epstein is out getting coffee. Turns out, it’s not Sue who is calling but Crystal the sister of Epstein’s victim. Gail is visibly shocked when she comes to know who it is, but takes a message anyway. Simon and Andy meanwhile receive a call and proceed to check it out. The two then arrive at a party in a warehouse full of youngsters and tell everyone present that the party is over, but no one seems to pay any heed. Sam then shouts out to everyone from the DJ console that the party is over. He also tells everyone to set down anything illegal they might have on them, including alcohol.

The two then hear a shriek of panic from the other end of the warehouse, and then discover a man in his 20’s laying on the ground seriously injured. Sam then instructs that the placed be locked down, as all the kids present are potential witnesses. Later Sam tells Jerry that the victim has a couple of stab wounds, and the weapon is also found nearby. Andy informs Traci that there was no ID found on the victim. Meanwhile Gail is trying to question a girl who was at the party, but the girl instead of answering her questions kicks Gail and makes a run for it. Andy and Sam then catch hold of her, and turns out the girl is Shaw’s daughter Izzy. Izzy begs Sam that her father shouldn’t know anything. She begs Sam to let her go and tells him “if my dad finds out, he will kill me”.

The two then decide to get her out of there and drop her home, so she doesn’t get into trouble. She also swears to the two that she did not see anything that happened to the victim. Then just as Sam is about to smuggle her out of there, Shaw catches a glimpse of her getting into the squad car and confronts his daughter, and asks her what she is doing there. She tells him it was just a party. Then in anger Shaw asks Andy to take his daughter in custody, on the grounds of assaulting an officer. Andy is later shocked to find out that Sam is looking into her mother’s background which it turns out is absolutely clean. She is visibly enraged by this act of his and storms out. Meanwhile Gail recovers a bloodstained sweater from the backpack of one of the girls at the party. The girl in turn claims she has never seen the sweater ever before in her life.

Meanwhile Shaw calls Izzy’s mom to the precinct. Her mother says she thought Izzy was sleeping, and didn’t realize when Izzy snuck out. Later Zoe Shaw’s wife takes Izzy home, and before leaving tells Shaw that, Izzy has been like this ever since he left. Meanwhile Shaw is shocked to hear the name of the girl on whom the sweater was found. Turns out, the girl whose name is Amber Klein, is Izzy’s best friend. Meanwhile Nick questions the victim Allen Banks, in the hospital. Turns out, Allen too has served in the army just like Nick. Allen tells them he was looking for a place to stay, and he found the warehouse to be decent and hence parked himself there. He tells them the kids later came in to party; he then started to leave and on his way out saw a guy shoving around a girl and hence he tried to step in, but then they both came at him.

He tells Nick and Chris that he was just trying to protect them. He then physically describes the guy and the girl to them, and turns out the girls had bright blue hair, which matches Izzy’s description. Later Shaw arrives to pick up Izzy, and tells Zoe that the victim identified her. The two then discover that Izzy has run away through the bedroom window. Shaw then informs Sam about it. Jerry then tells Amber and her mother that Izzy ran away, and asks her if she knows something. He also describes to Amber the last guy Izzy was seen with. Amber though is shaken by Jerry’s manner of questioning and begins to cry. Jerry then requests Traci to question her instead. Amber then admits to Traci that the bag in which the bloody sweater was found is Izzy’s. She also tells Traci that Izzy is probably with a guy called TK, who is older than her and is a drug dealer.

Gail meanwhile confronts Epstein about Crystal. Epstein tells her that she doesn’t understand how it feels like to kill somebody, and hence she should mind her own business. Jerry meanwhile gives Sam the address of the dealer Taylor K Hickman, also known as TK. Jerry also tells Sam to keep Shaw out of it. Shaw too meanwhile arrives outside TK’s apartment. He then barges into TK’s apartment, and searches for his daughter. Sam and Andy too meanwhile arrive at the scene. Izzy meanwhile comes out from inside the house. Shaw then closes himself and TK in a room and begins beating up TK. Sam and Andy too barge into the room and find Shaw pointing a gun at TK’s face. Shaw eventually spares TK’s life, and begins consoling his daughter. Epstein meanwhile tells Gail that he is going to end it with Crystal as he can’t keep punishing himself. Meanwhile Zoe calls Shaw in, while he is there to drop Izzy.

Sam meanwhile tells Andy that, she didn’t want her mother breaking Andy’s heart again, and that is why he checked up on her. Sam admits to her that he made a mistake, and went about it the wrong way. Later, Andy comes back home and is pleasantly surprised to see the housewarming party well underway, and proceeding smoothly. She thanks her mother for helping out. Epstein meanwhile meets Crystal outside her school. He then tells Crystal that he has to leave her alone, as it’s the right thing for the both of them. She is enraged at this and tells him that he forced himself into her life, and that she didn’t want it. He tells her he is sorry and that he was wrong, in killing her brother. The two then eventually end up hugging. She then tells him not to go. The episode ends.