Leap of Faith - Recap

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The episode begins with Shaw and Nick riding along, with a guy they have detained sitting in the back. They all hum a song playing on the radio. Shaw then stops the vehicle and steps out to pee. Bobby, the guy in the back also asks to pee. Nick then escorts him. Then as the two begin walking, two armed masked men accost them from behind. One of the men renders Bobby unconscious with the butt of his gun, and carries him into a vehicle parked nearby. The other man tells Nick to lie down on the ground, the vehicle then stops near the masked man and he makes a getaway. Shaw then rushes out and asks for backup. Epstein is meanwhile avoiding Sue’s calls. Gail reminds him that either Crystal or Sue will end up getting hurt.

Gail then tells Epstein to ask himself “what makes you happy?” and to go with that. Later, Jerry tells the whole team that Bobby was the guy who was going to testify against some big criminals, who he was working with and who were involved in the explosion of a bar. Some minor charges of trafficking and the like would be dropped against Bobby in return for his testimony. Turns out, Bobby was in a safe house for a year, and was now coming to testify, when he was abducted. Jerry tells the team that, there is no case without Bobby. It is then decided that the other witnesses would be prepped in the absence of Bobby, so as to hold up the case in court. Epstein is later told to prep Sue for the court, as she was a part of the bomb squad that, investigated this case.

Gail tells Epstein that, this is a good opportunity for him to talk to Sue. Meanwhile a man comes in to report a crime that, he says he might have seen. He then tells a surprised Nick who is manning the desk that, he probably saw a man tied up in the back of a black SUV. The man also tells him that the vehicle had a license plate but “it was covered in mud or something”. He also tells Nick how the guy who was tied up looked, and also describes a tattoo on the man’s arm. The description fits Bobby exactly. Later the man tells Jerry that the abducted man was still alive, and also that the vehicle headed into a parking garage. The man then says that he is a psychic and saw all of this with his mind, and that he actually wasn’t there. Hence he doesn’t know which parking garage it was. Later Jerry tells Sam that, the plan is to drive the eyewitness Darius Costa around, and see what he knows and how he knows it, as there isn’t any other option that they have.

Sue meanwhile tells Epstein how this whole trial is making her really nervous, and therefore she is under a lot of stress. Sam and Andy meanwhile are driving Darius around, looking for parking garages. Meanwhile Chris and Gail are surprised to find that, one of the eyewitnesses Professor Mark Stern, gives a completely different account of the whole incident surrounding the incidents that took place with him, while he saw the blast at the bar, than what he had given earlier to the police. The two then conclude that Mark is clearly lying. Meanwhile Sam and Andy come across a garage, which fits the description that Darius had given them. Sam then calls Shaw and Nick to join them for checking out the garage. Later Andy and Nick see a black SUV enter the garage, and take cover before they can be seen.

Andy then informs Sam who is with Shaw on a different tier, about the SUV. They are then suddenly seen by the driver of the SUV, and the man on his side starts to fire at them. The SUV then hurriedly backs out and drives away. Later it’s discovered that Darius’s sister is married to Vincent De Luca the man who Bobby was going to testify against, and therefore Darius possibly knows all that he does. Jerry then confronts Darius about this, but Darius tells Jerry that he doesn’t have any contact with his sister or her husband. He then reiterates that he dreamt up the whole thing. Mark meanwhile tells Chris and Gail that he is a recovering crack addict. Epstein meanwhile rehearses with Sue, and preps her for court. Darius meanwhile tells Nick, he saw more that he thought he did. Nick tells him he only saw the SUV, but Darius tells him to focus. Darius then gets Nick to actually describe the man driving the SUV, by thinking about the incident again.

Nick then actually recollects the man’s face. Nick then shows Jerry the photograph of the man he saw driving the SUV, and it’s from the same set of photographs they gone through earlier but hadn’t managed to find anything in. Turns out, the guy’s name is Tony and he is Vincent’s right hand man. Jerry also finds out that Tony owns a black SUV, and gives Sam and Shaw its license plate number. Darius meanwhile tells Noelle that he knows where Bobby is being held. He then describes the place to her. Nick and Andy are then given the description of the place by Noelle. Then ultimately, the two come across a place that fits Darius’s description. Nick and Andy then find the black SUV with the muddied plate, hidden behind a dumpster in that place. Noelle then tells them to stay put, while she calls for back up.

Nick and Andy meanwhile hear shrieks of pain coming from inside the abandoned cement factory, where they are at. The two then move inside to check it out. They then see a man questioning Bobby and asking him “is there anything you didn’t tell them?” Andy then sees from behind a pillar that, Bobby has been beaten black and blue and his face is bleeding. The man then asks his accomplice Tony to kill Bobby, but before that can be done, Andy and Nick jump in and ask them to stay still. Sam later tells Jerry that he spoke to Darius’s sister and she confirmed that she hasn’t spoken to her brother in 3 years. Turns out, she cut ties with her family when she married Vincent. Chris meanwhile tells Mark that, he doesn’t have to testify anymore.

He also tells Mark to clean up his act, as he knows Mark is still an addict. Mark though doesn’t seem too crazy about the idea, but halfheartedly promises to try. Epstein meanwhile tells Sue “I am stuck”, when she asks about their relationship. She is visibly enraged by this and tells him she is sure she will find someone who loves her, eventually and storms out. Darius meanwhile is allowed to go home, and before leaving reveals intimate details about a few of the guys, much to their surprise. Traci and Jerry meanwhile decide to get married. Andy meanwhile takes Sam completely by surprise, by telling him she loves him. She then tells Sam that it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t say it back. The episode ends.