The Girlfriend Experience - Recap

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The episode begins with Nick and Gail making out in the evidence room. Back at Andy’s house, Traci tells Andy that she and Jerry are planning a wedding in the Dominican Republic. Later Andy tells Sam about Traci’s wedding, and that they could probably take a week or two off, so they could attend the wedding, and also have their first vacation together. Sam then tells asks Andy “why do people have to get married at all?” Andy finds this comment of Sam’s rather odd. Traci meanwhile tells Jerry that she wants to keep the wedding simple. Jerry reluctantly agrees. Gail meanwhile is bothered by Nick getting close to a female colleague, but pretends otherwise. Later to discourage the woman who seems to have a crush on Nick,

Gail lies to her that Nick caught some disease in Afghanistan. She then tells the woman what the disease is, in her ear, and the woman seems visibly shocked on hearing it. Meanwhile, during the ride-along, Nick tells Andy that, going on a vacation just with your partner is a big step. They meanwhile, get a call about a domestic disturbance and proceed to check it out. Later they enter the apartment, from inside which are heard loud voices of a man and a woman arguing. The man sees Nick and tells him that his girlfriend, whose name is Liz Adams, has been missing for a week now, he also tells him that he hasn’t heard from her and also says “she won’t call me back”. The woman in turn tells him that probably his girlfriend doesn’t want to call him back.

He then angrily tells the woman “you know where she is”. Nick calms him down and takes him outside. Rachel Finley, the woman who was arguing tells Andy that the apartment they are in is hers. She also tells Andy that she doesn’t know Liz very well. She also tells Andy that she is a student and is getting her MBA. Outside the man tells Nick that, his girlfriend Liz and Rachel are both female escorts. Nick later confronts Rachel about her running an escort agency, but Rachel tells them both that her agency provides companionship and is not an escort agency. They inform her that she will be liable if Liz is hurt. Later they access Liz’s account on her agency website, and discover that her professional name is Amber. They also discover that there is no activity on Liz’s credit card since she went missing.

Jerry informs the team that there was another escort from the agency named Nicole Marshal, who went missing a month ago. Turns out, Nicole had called 911 a month ago, about someone trying to break into her apartment. But no sign of struggle was found in her apartment and neither was any DNA. They then find out that both the girls went missing right after they went on a date with a person who goes by the name NiceGuy76, on the agency website. Later Gail volunteers to go undercover as an escort, and is trained by Noelle who has prior experience in going undercover, as one. Noelle then gives Gail a demonstration of how to go about things, with Oliver pretending to be a client. Later Gail tells the team that NiceGuy76 liked her profile, and therefore the stage is set.

Gail shall go by the name Jasmine, as it turns out. She shall rendezvous with the guy in the night, in a hotel room. Sam then hands her mace, so she can spray it in the guy’s eyes, if anything goes wrong. Jerry and Sam check the security arrangements in the hotel. Gail then arrives at the hotel. Jerry and Traci are meanwhile staking out in a van outside the hotel, and monitoring her every move on a laptop. Sam, Andy and Nick meanwhile are inside the hotel, keeping watch, pretending to be patrons. Later the bartender gets really friendly with Gail, while she is nervously waiting for her client. A little later a man walks up to Gail and introduces himself as Charlie Davis. The two then share a drink.

The man then manages to get a rise out of Gail, by telling her that he doesn’t understand why someone as beautiful as her would like to date a man like him. He likes the fact that Gail is feisty. Meanwhile Nick and Epstein while monitoring old 911 calls, come across a call where an old man is heard saying that, he has found a gold necklace with a heart shaped pendent, while walking his dog, and the pendent says Nicole on it. The two then see Nicole’s photograph in which she is seen wearing a gold heart shaped necklace with her name on it. Charlie is meanwhile busy telling Gail about himself. The two then proceed to the hotel room. Nick and Andy while pretending to be a couple get into the elevator, in order to go to the floor where the room is. But Charlie gets into another elevator with Gail, and tells her that they will “go for a ride first”, before going to the room.

Nick and Andy meanwhile wait for the two on the designated floor, but get worried when they don’t see Gail turning up with Charlie. Sam meanwhile tells Jerry that he saw Gail get into the elevator with Tory, and is shocked to hear that the two haven’t shown up on the designated floor. Traci meanwhile tries checking through the cameras placed in each floor, where the two are, but simply can’t track them. She ultimately locates the two in the parking lot, walking towards Charlie’s car. Jerry informs Andy and Nick where the two are, so they can rush to the parking lot. Gail meanwhile tries stalling Charlie, trying to buy time. She is ultimately unable to stall him any further. He then proceeds to drive out of the lot, but doesn’t tell Gail where they are going despite her insistence.

Then, much to Gail’s relief just before Charlie can drive out of the lot; Sam comes and knocks on Charlie’s car window. Gail meanwhile hurriedly steps out of his car. Sam then arrests Charlie. Later Sam is surprised to see Liz Adams at the precinct. She asks him “what’s going on?” Noelle tells her that, her boyfriend filed a missing persons report. She tells them that she had a fight with her boyfriend and needed some time to herself. She also tells Sam that Charlie didn’t hurt her in any way. Meanwhile Epstein and Chris acquire Nicole’s gold necklace from the old man, who also tells them where he found it. They decide to check out the spot. Charlie meanwhile is sent home, as there is no evidence against him to detain him.

Nicole meanwhile, still needs to be found. Epstein and Chris meanwhile check out the spot where Nicole’s necklace was found. They are then shocked to find Nicole’s body nearby, stuffed into a plastic bag. Gail meanwhile returns home alone. Sam meanwhile picks Andy up from the hotel, just as she is about to leave on her own. Gail meanwhile hears a knock on her door. She opens the door and a masked intruder comes in and pushes Gail back. The intruder assaults Gail, while she does her best to get away. The intruder then begins strangling Gail. The episode ends.