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Out of Time - Recap

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The episode begins with Andy entering her apartment, and calling out for Gail. She is then shocked to see Gail lying motionless on the floor. She is then suddenly accosted by a hooded figure, from behind. The person begins strangling Andy, and before she can make a move, the person injects something into Andy neck with a syringe. She then falls to the ground unconscious. Jerry and Traci are meanwhile busy talking about their future. Later, Jerry informs everyone that Epstein and Chris found the body of Nicole Marshall “last night”. Sam meanwhile is worried that Andy hasn’t shown up for work. He calls her up and home. Andy on hearing the phone ring wakes up.

She then picks up the phone, and just then she sees that Gail is missing. She then tells Sam all that transpired. She later walks Jerry and Traci, through the whole incident. They then decide to get her blood tested, so they can find out what the attacker injected her with. Gail meanwhile finds herself handcuffed to a bed, and blindfolded. Later it is discovered that Andy was injected with some kind of a tranquilizer. Meanwhile, a Detective named Callaghan is sent to assist them with the case. Jerry appoints Chris and Nick to help Callaghan. He tells them that, before bringing in Charlie Davis once again, they would need to get all the leverage they can get against him. “You guys had to let him go once, let’s make sure it doesn’t happen once again” he adds.

Later Andy and Sam ask to talk all the employees of the hotel where they had conducted the operation. They ask to talk to all those who were on shift when the operation took place. They inform the manager that Charlie might have abducted one of their officers last night, and ask him if he had seen Charlie at the hotel, around the time Gail was abducted. The manager on hearing this offers to cooperate and proceeds to get the security footage of the hotel, for around that time. Charlie Davis meanwhile, is grabbed from his office and brought into the precinct. Jerry later tells Charlie “I am getting a little tired of this, so why don’t you tell me where my officer is?” “I told you, I don’t know where that bitch is” Charlie in turn, tells Jerry.

Charlie then assures Jerry that he went straight home, from the precinct last night. He has cameras all over his house to prove this, he tells Jerry. “Whoever grabbed that cop last night, it wasn’t me” he adds. He then tells Jerry that, his lawyers will make sure, he doesn’t have a job anymore, after his lawyers are done with him. Gail’s captor, whose face is still not being shown, talks to Gail. The captor who is a man, meanwhile wears his gloves and tells an injured Gail “we will get you all fixed up”. Gail meanwhile mocks the man for the kind of shoes he is wearing, as they according to her sound like tap shoes. “I think you woke up too early” the man in turn says, and injects her with some more sedative.

He then tells her “I am going to take care of you”. Jerry and gang meanwhile find out that, Davis’s alibi checks out. Detective Luke Callaghan meanwhile finds evidence, which suggests that the common link might be the hotel, where the girl’s meet with their clients. Jerry and team then conclude that it might be someone from the hotel staff, who might be the perp, as they all know where the cameras are, and thus know how not to be seen on the camera, if they don’t want to. Jerry and Sam later go though the profile of the staff members in the hotel, who were on shift last night. Of the lot, 6 staff members have previous police records. They then zero in on a guy named Seth Keegan who was the bartender, and who was hovering around the area where Gail was meeting up with Charlie.

Jerry then decides to piece things together before they raid Seth’s house, as the whole thing could be a false alarm. Andy though is sure that Seth is the culprit, Sam too agrees with her. Jerry on their insistence gives in, and asks the two to find out all they can about Seth, from the hotel. Jerry meanwhile decides to talk to the cab driver who took Gail home that night. “Nobody makes a move on him, until I say so”, he tells the two, before leaving. Meanwhile, Luke along with Nick and Chris meanwhile discover that, a killer has been killing girls and dumping their bodies in the same 10 block area, for the past few years. Of this, 2-3 killings were also connected with the hotel. Nick, Chris and Shaw then decide to patrol the area, in order to see if they can find something pertinent.

Meanwhile, when Andy and Sam proceed to talk to Seth at the hotel, he from a distance seeing them come makes a run for it. He is then caught and explains to them that he ran because he has some drugs in his pocket. He also has an alibi, for the time Gail was attacked, and tells the two that there are others who will corroborate his story. Jerry and Traci have both meanwhile found out that, Andy was administered the same tranquilizer that Nicole was administered. Jerry later meets up with the cab driver named Ross, who dropped off Gail last night. Jerry asks him details about the night, but he doesn’t seem to remember too many details. Ross then proceeds to get his meter log from last night.

Sam meanwhile concludes that some cabbie might have overheard Gail and Andy talking, and taken advantage of the fact that Gail was going back home, alone. Jerry meanwhile finds out that Ross was earlier a doctor, by profession. “I needed a change actually, something a little less stressful” Ross explains, justifying his present career choice. Jerry though figures out that there is something seriously wrong and slowly proceeds to remove his gun. Ross though anticipates this and stabs Jerry in the stomach, before he can make his move. Ross then takes away the gun, just as Jerry collapses to the ground. Sam and Andy are meanwhile heading towards Ross’s house.

Ross meanwhile goes down to the basement removes Gail’s blindfold and asks her “you’re a cop, why didn’t you tell me?” Ross then rushes to get Gail out of there. He in the process gets her upstairs. There he is accosted from behind by a severely injured Jerry. The two then get into a scuffle. But eventually Ross manages to get the better of an injured Jerry, who collapses to the ground unconscious. Ross then drags a handcuffed Gail, out of the house. Later Sam and Andy arrive at Ross’s doorstep, and through the glass in the door see Jerry lying on the living room floor. They then break into the house. Jerry, who is conscious, tells Sam that Ross has left with Gail. “My phone is in his pocket” he then tells Sam. “Just follow the phone” Jerry adds.

Later it is shown that Ross is apprehended by Shaw, Chris, Nick and the gang, while trying to escape in his car. Gail is then rescued from the boot of his car. Shaw and gang later tell Sam and Andy at the hospital that, Jerry’s phone trace took them right to Ross. Traci meanwhile is at a hospital with Noelle, who has just delivered a baby, and is thus blissfully unaware of all that has transpired. She then sees her phone, and the numerous messages she has received. She then eventually gets the news. She then arrives at the hospital where Jerry is admitted, and is given the tragic news by Andy that, Jerry is no more. Frank meanwhile checks up on Noelle and his newborn. The episode ends.