Cold Comforts - Recap

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The episode begins with everybody paying their last respects at Jerry’s grave. The whole gang then reminisces about Jerry’s various idiosyncrasies. Sam though doesn’t say a word and seems the most hurt of the lot. Later at the hospital, Nick gives Gail details about how the funeral went. At work, Andy calls out to Sam and asks him if he is ok. Sam confesses to her that he isn’t. Frank later tells the team to go through Jerry’s, clean it up and catalog everything. Epstein and Chris volunteer for this work. At the hospital, Gail does her best to get back on her feet, by doing some Yoga. Luke arrives just then and asks her to give a statement. At the precinct a woman named Sadie meanwhile comes in and asks to talk to Jerry.

She then all panicky tells Andy “I am claiming sanctuary”. She then elaborates that she wants some protection. Turns out, Sadie is a prostitute and had asked for Jerry’s help to protect a young girl from getting dragged into prostitution by her pimp Calvin. Jerry as it turns out had promised that he would take care of it, but she adds that the young girl is still working the streets. Also, Calvin knows that she “ratted” him out, so now she is worried. Andy then gives Sadie the bad news about Jerry. Traci later comes in and informs Frank, Andy and Sam that, Jerry’s computer was stolen out of her car and it had all the details about his work. Sam suggests looking at a nearby pawn shop, as they might find it there.

Later at the pawn shop Sam finds Jerry’s computer, but the owner tells him the computer was wiped clean when he got it. Sam though doesn’t believe him and persuades the man to tell him the truth that, there was some data on it which he has backed up. Gail in the meanwhile recounts all the details of the incident to Luke. Back at the office, Epstein and Chris are busy cataloging Jerry’s stuff, at his desk. They are then shocked to find two bundles of cash in an envelope, on his desk. Sam in his car meanwhile goes through the files on Jerry’s computer. Sam in the process finds Sadie’s name and number on his computer along with the details of another informant, who is mentioned only by a number instead of a name.

Sam calls Frank about it, and while Frank is chatting with Sam on the phone, Epstein comes in and places the bundles of cash he has discovered, on Frank’s desk. Frank later informs Andy, Traci and Nick that the other informant’s name is Dale, and also the $30,000 found on his desk was being used by Jerry for some work he was doing with Dale. He then hands Nick and Andy Dale’s address and asks them to make sure Dale is alright. Later at Dale’s apartment, they find him sprawled on the floor unconscious, and with his head bleeding. Later in the hospital a conscious Dale informs the gang, how Jerry was suppose to pay him $30000, so he could pay off his suppliers. In the end he did not get the money, so his suppliers came looking for him and assaulted him.

He is then informed about Jerry’s demise. He later asks about his little brother Gabriel, who was also at the apartment “last night”. He is then shocked to know, no was found at his apartment except him. He then concludes, Gabriel was taken away by his drug suppliers, for the money. Andy says they will go, check his apartment and see if Gabriel is still there. Sam and Andy though, do not find Gabriel in Dale’s apartment. Dale later at the station tells Andy and gang about an accomplice of his called Mike Keating, who is a “big time player in the heroine scene”. He also elaborates he has been working for Mike, for a couple of years now. Sam then suggests that Dale shall go in and make the buy and when he does, they shall arrest the suppliers. Dale is then asked to put on a wire, which he is reluctant to do, as he is afraid of being discovered by the suppliers.

Andy reminds him about Gabriel and therefore in the end he agrees to do it their way. Traci meanwhile pays Gail a visit. Gail is barely able to look Traci in the eye, and admits to her how guilty she is feeling about Jerry’s demise. Traci though does her best to assure Gail that, it isn’t her fault. The two then meet up with Shaw at a bar and reminisce about Jerry. Noelle is also there with her baby giving Shaw, company. Dale is on his way to meet his suppliers with Sam, Andy and Nick keeping a close watch from a distance. The three listen in on the conversation Dale is having with his suppliers. Suddenly the wire goes down and they aren’t able to listen in anymore. Andy as a result decides to go in and check on things.

Sam and Nick decide to go around the back, while she is at it. She then enters the room where the meeting is happening, in a rush. She then informs Sam she needs backup, as she has found the wire. She from a distance sees Dale being held by two other men. Dale is shown pleading with them to not kill him. Turns out, they discovered the wire on him. Andy then makes her move and asks the men to stand down; Sam too comes in as back up. Dale though doesn’t wait and instead makes a run for it. He is then apprehended outside, by Nick. Drugs worth $2 million, is later recovered from the supplier’s hideout. Sam makes it clear that, Jerry should get the credit for cracking this case. Andy brings up Gabriel’s mention, reminding Sam that he hasn’t been found.

Sam though believes that Dale was lying and doesn’t have any brother, in the first place. He then vents the frustration of Jerry’s death on Andy and walks away. Nick later informs Andy, Sam was right. Dale did have a brother though, but he died 5 years ago. Andy on hearing this confronts Dale about it. Dale though is nonchalant about it and reminds Andy that they got what they wanted. Chris and Epstein meet Traci at the bar and hand some things that they found on Jerry’s desk, to her. Nick too meets up with Gail at the bar. Shaw then makes a toast to Jerry, now that everyone is there. Traci then reads a speech that Jerry had prepared, in order to read at his wedding. The emotionally charged speech manages to move everyone present, to tears.

Traci halfway is too moved to read the speech anymore, so Gail takes over and finishes it on her behalf. Sam then walks out of the bar and Andy follows him out. Outside, Andy tells Sam that he was right about Dale playing her. Andy tells Sam that she knows he is grieving, but asks him to not take it out on her. Sam in turn apologizes to Andy for his behavior. He then tells her, he can’t be a cop and be with her anymore. Andy though wants to talk it over. Sam in turn tells her that, this is how he is feeling at the moment and he can’t help. He then reiterates “can’t do this anymore”, leaving Andy in tears. He basically tells her that it’s over between them. Traci and Noelle meanwhile, look through pictures in Jerry’s computer. The episode ends.