The Rules - Recap

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The episode begins with Chris and Andy playing a game of basketball. The two while playing discuss Andy’s breakup. Andy tells Chris she is cool with the breakup and isn’t sweating it much. Traci in the meanwhile is still doing her best to cope with Jerry’s death. Later Frank tells him team to be proactive. He basically wants his team to get out their cars and get on to the streets. Luke later asks Traci to make a decision quickly, if she isn’t going to be able to work as detective, as a part of the training rotation, as he needs help with the pending files that Jerry was handling. Sam and Andy run into each other and are visibly awkward in each other’s presence.

Later Nick finds Andy crying in the patrol car. She though tells him that she is fine. Chris brings up the topic of the breakup with Sam, while they are patrolling. Sam though skirts the topic and changes the subject. Nick and Andy too are discussing the break up. Chris and Sam in the meanwhile step out of their vehicle to talk to the driver of a car with busted taillights. Sam informs the driver of the various offenses he has committed, from a busted taillight to not signing his vehicle registration in ink. He then hands the man 5 tickets for various offices. The man in anger refuses to pay for the tickets and is in turn told by Sam to step out of his vehicle. After stepping outside, he shoves Sam in anger. Sam then arrests him for “assaulting an officer”.

Nick and Andy are in the meanwhile alerted about a fire and proceed to check it out. Turns out, a vehicle is on fire. Andy sees the words “your dead” written on the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle tells the two he wasn’t around when the vehicle was torched; hence he did not see who did it. The owner of the vehicle tells the two that he is a priest. He tells them that, it’s possibly a junkie who set his vehicle on fire. Later Andy discusses this issue with Traci and Gail. Andy tells them that none of the kids for who the priest runs a program, were outside when the vehicle was torched right in front of the church. Traci feels the priest is hiding something, and trying to protect one of the kids who might have seen something.

Traci and Gail then decide to talk to a few of the locals to find out if they saw something. Epstein in the meanwhile is busy helping Crystal move her stuff to her new house. He while doing so is shocked to know that, she has to move only because her mother found out Crystal was talking to Epstein. Gail and Traci arrest a kid, who they discover is drug runner. Nick at the precinct tells Andy how the church in the last six months has been vandalized a number of times. Andy then hands Luke a file on the priest whose name is Jean Pierre, and who himself was a convicted felon earlier. Luke informs the two about a local drug dealer named Chris, who has had a conflict with the priest for the past few years. Luke feels Curtis has something to do with the vandalism.

Later Andy and Nick find out that Curtis gives the kids of the area everything that they want, and they in turn run his drugs for him. Then, while Andy and Nick are inside the church with a kid, gunshots are fired at the church. A little later the two go outside, and the father who is himself crouching on the church compound, tells the two “it’s called a drive by”. Jean Pierre tells Andy “you are the reason we are getting shot at”, “it’s your fault” he adds. Traci and Gail in the meanwhile question the kid who they have detained, named Jordan. Crystal while talking to Epstein suddenly kisses him. Chris tells Sam about the gold SUV, which he has found out is registered in the name of Curtis, and which he thinks was used for the drive-by shooting. The two then arrive at a restaurant owed by Curtis.

Inside, when Sam questions Curtis about the shooting, he plays innocent, telling Sam how he has been minding his own business. Sam then warns Curtis to stay away from the church and leaves. Gail in the meanwhile questions Jordan about the burn marks on her hand. Traci tells Luke that they are cigarette burns in a pattern, like some initiation. Jean Pierre creates a diversion and leaves for some place in his vehicle, while Andy and Nick who are keeping a watch on the church, are left looking helpless. The two are then informed by a woman from the church that father JP and Curtis are having a conflict about a guy called Thomas, who was a bright kid and was in the church, but recently the father found out, Thomas was working for Curtis. She also tells the two that, the father might have gone out to find Thomas.

Shaw at the precinct shows the whole team, a video found in Jordan’s phone, showing Curtis initiating the kids into his gang by burning marks on their hands, just like on Jordan’s. Seen in the video is Thomas, who is being initiated. Nick and Andy find out that JP is Thomas’s father. Andy calls up Sam and informs him about it. Nick and Andy then enter Curtis’s restaurant and find JP sitting in front of them. He has a gun in his hand and tells the two how he is planning to kill Curtis, the moment he comes out of the kitchen. Curtis then comes out and JP points gun to his face. Andy asks JP to put his gun down, but JP pays no heed to her.

Andy in the end manages to talk reason to JP and convinces him to put his gun down. Curtis is then placed under arrest. At the precinct, Curtis is shown the video on Jordan’s phone and informed of how he can be convicted for child abuse and aggravated assault. Luke then tells him that he could give the cops the name of a few of his suppliers and can probably be charged with something lighter, in return. Thomas and JP in the meanwhile have a chat. Luke later asks Frank who he would recommend for the task force that they were talking about earlier. Luke wasn’t too confident about the capabilities of Frank’s officers up until now, but after the arrest of Curtis and others thanks to Curtis, he is.

Andy and Nick in the meanwhile talk about the way she is feeling now about her breakup. She tells him “I think I am good”. Nick then leaves for home with Gail. Luke meets up with Sam at a bar and tells him “thanks to Curtis Pane we made 8 arrests”. Luke then tells Sam that he is an “idiot” for breaking up with Andy. Crystal and Epstein meanwhile kiss outside her house, he then heads home. Then, while walking down the road he is accosted by three guys, who assault him. Then before taking off, one of the guys warns him “just stay away from his sister, you hear me”. The episode ends at this point.