Every Man - Recap

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The episode begins with Frank telling the rookies to answer whatever questions are asked to them, truthfully. Turns out, they are about to be questioned for something. Next it’s shown that the precinct had been broken into and there is blood on the floor of the lock up. All of it is being investigated and Callaghan is overseeing the whole thing. The SIU later comes in to take over the case; a woman named Sarah Mills shall be handling the investigation. She introduces herself to the rookies and informs them that she shall be the one questioning each of them. Gail is the first one to be called in for questioning and asked to start from the beginning.

The scene then flashes back to 10 hours earlier. Gail is shown sitting in a car with her father, who is also a cop. The two discuss her mother. Her father then drops her off at work. She at work discusses with Epstein and Chris about the task force that’s being put together, and how desperately she wants to be on it, as she wants to prove her worth. Andy on the other hand is behaving weirdly, and looks all flustered and anxious. Later, during a briefing, Chris comes in late and looking all disturbed. Gail asks him about it, but he grimly tells her that “I am fine”. Chris is handed booking by Frank, as a punishment for coming in late. Later, while standing guard outside a sports stadium, Peck, Epstein and Andy see two guys get into a fight.

Gail restrains one guy and pulls him away from the fight; she then hears shrieks of help and runs back, after putting the man in the squad car. She lies to Mills that, she patted the man down for concealed weapons before returning to help her colleagues, as patting down is protocol. Epstein is then called in next. The scene then flashes back to the morning. Frank is shown asking Epstein about his injuries. Frank tells Epstein that he knows Crystal’s brother is the one who beat him up. Epstein in turn tells Frank “my personal life is none of your business”. Then at the game Epstein is shown wrestling the other guy who was in the fight, to the ground. He finds it difficult to restrain him so he pepper sprays him and calls Gail for help.

Back in the present he tells Mills that, he in the end cuffed the man and put him in the squad car. Later, the man is taken to the precinct and head butts Epstein in the nose before being taken away by Gail. Epstein as a result begins bleeding from the nose. He rushes to get first aid and tells the other suspect in Gail’s car to stay put. Mills asks about the man and Epstein tells her “he seemed complaint and cooperative”. Later it is shown that, Gail’s suspect who is placed in the lock up pulls a gun on another man inside and asks to be let out. Epstein tells Mills “one minute the suspect looked non-threatening, the other minute he had a gun”. Mills then taunts Epstein about the way he handled the whole situation, and brings up the past.

Epstein is then told to leave. Andy is called in next. The scene then flashes back to the morning, and Andy sees a drunken Nick, lying in the backseat of a colleague’s squad car. Turns out, he was picked up from the street. Nick somehow gets to his feet and enters the precinct, so he can begin the day’s work. Andy tries her best to stop him and offers to put him in a cab, but to no avail. She then hides him in the recreation room, seeing no other option. Nick asks Andy to not say anything to Gail. She in turn, asks him to stay put, until she tells him otherwise. She then comes out and sees Gail, Nick and Epstein and begins behaving weirdly. Later at the stadium, Andy too bags herself a suspect, who was in the fight.

She pats the guy down, puts him in the squad car and proceeds to help Epstein. Back at the precinct, Chris who has been assigned booking, tells Epstein, Andy and Gail that they need to get the whole thing over with quickly, as he needs to rush home. She is then shown leaving her suspect with Chris. Next, she tells Nick to clear out, as Callaghan might use the room for questioning. Back in the present, she lies to Mills that, she just wanted to tidy up the room for Callaghan. In the end, Chris is called in. The scene, flashes back to the morning, and Chris is shown talking to a woman named Denise, who is there at the precinct to meet him. Denise introduces Chris to little child who is Denise’s son.

Turns out, Chris is the child’s father. Chris is left speechless when Denise reveals this to him. Frank comes just then and calls Chris in for the parade. He promises to talk to her about this later and goes in. Later, Chris is absolutely distracted while handling booking and is shown talking to Denise over the phone, about the child issue. Andy and the rest, come in with their suspects just then. Andy then hands over her suspect for Chris to handle; just then Frank brings in Gail’s suspect and asks everyone why he was sitting in the squad car all alone. Frank then asks Chris to handle the whole situation, hands him the suspect and leaves. Chris puts two of the suspects in the same cell, and then one pulls a gun on the other.

Mills reprimands Chris when she comes to know he did not search the suspects, before putting them in the cell. He defends himself saying he had assumed they were already searched, and that he shouldn’t be blamed if “people didn’t do their jobs”. The scene then flashes back and the suspect with the gun in hand asks to talk, only to Chris. He then shoots the other suspect in the arm, just to let everyone know, he means business. The guy then reveals his name to be Elliot. Chris does his best to calm Elliot down. Chris then asks Elliot to let the other suspect named Rob go. Elliot though doesn’t agree to that, as he believes Rob is his only ticket out of there. He tells Chris he is doing all this because he can’t go back to prison, as he was earlier in prison for 5 years.

He then elaborates that he is slated to have a girl. Chris then tells Elliot, he will make Elliot talk to his wife over the phone. Elliot agrees, and then just as Chris proceeds to get his phone, a police sharpshooter gets a clear shot, and shoots Elliot in the head. Elliot consequently collapses to the floor. Back in the present, Chris admits to Mills that, he was distracted and lost control of the situation.

Gail later enters Mills’ cabin and owns up to the fact that, she did not pat the suspect before putting him in the squad car and she did not communicate this fact to her fellow officers. “I failed my duty” Gail adds. Gail later informs the gang that, she is being suspended. The episode ends at this point.