I Never - Recap

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The episode begins with Gail and gang having a few drinks at a bar. They all drink to her getting fired. Later at home, Andy tells her mother about how insensitive Sam was. She tells Andy to “get over it”. She instead asks Andy to focus on the task force. She then adds that Andy needs a change of scene, and asks her to try something different. Oliver on the other hands tells Sam that he probably made a mistake leaving Andy. Sam though is in no mood for advice. At work, Andy tells Callaghan “your task force; I want in”. Luke though tells her that she isn’t the “right fit”. She in turn virtually pleads with Luke to be on the task force. Luke tells her she is “too late”, as he already has applications from numerous other cops.

Later during patrolling, Andy and Dov receive a 911 call regarding a prisoner receiving medical treatment having escaped from the hospital. They are also informed that the prisoner has escaped in a grey truck. Luke during their patrolling tells Traci, he is recommending her name for the task force as she deserves it. He also tells her that the job might require some traveling. Dov and Andy on the other hand mange to apprehend the truck. A man is seen falling out of the truck; Andy goes to check on the man, who much to her surprise attacks him and then runs away. Later it’s discovered that the man is John Gray, who Andy and Sam had arrested earlier, for kidnapping a child named Alice McCloud. Later, Frank tells the team to scan the whole city thoroughly, so John is unable to escape town.

Andy and Dov decide to begin their search at Alice’s house. Andy tells Dov John wouldn’t leave town without Alice, as he is obsessed with her. The two find her house locked and decide to enter through the window. At the precinct, Luke questions the prison guard, driving the van. He tells Luke “I didn’t help the scum ball escape”. Turns out, Gray used the guard’s tazer on him and his partner. Dov calls up Traci and tells her “we think John Gray was in the house” as they didn’t find her at her home. Also the backdoor was open and the security system was disarmed, Dov informs her. Andy adds that, Alice’s house was spotless except for her bed which was messed up. She also tells Traci that they need to look for a Dr. Kirijian, who according to a schedule on Alice’s wall is where Alice is supposed to be right now.

There are two doctors with that last name; one is Hanna and the other a George. Andy and Dov decide to first pay Hanna a visit. Sam and Nick on the other hand speak to Gray’s cellmate who tells them, Gray has a storage locker on the outside inside which is a bag with cash, he also gives them the address of the locker. At Hanna’s clinic, Andy and Dov find her badly beaten up and bleeding. She tells them John was there and he took another girl named Katie with him, as Alice and her grandfather had rescheduled their appointment. Later, photographs of the 11 year old Katie are handed to the whole team, so they can keep a lookout for her at bus-stations, train stations, airports and every other place possible.

Just then Sam receives a call from Andy’s phone which John had picked up during his struggle with her. He tells Sam he wants to see Alice and in the background is heard, Katie’s cries for help. Sam on his part tries to calm down John and asks him for some time to figure the whole thing out. Sam then informs the team that, John has given them an hour’s time to find Alice, or he shall kill Katie. Later, Shaw and Chris find Alice hiding in the closet of her room. She tells them she had escaped home to go watch a movie, and thought she was in trouble because of that. At the hospital where her cell phone signal last came from, Andy finds Katie inside a cold storage with a grenade taped to her hand. She is about to rescue her, but just then John comes from behind and puts a gun to Andy’s throat.

John then takes Andy out of there, leaving a wailing Katie behind. He then tells Andy he needs to see Alice. “I need to tell her that I love her” he tells her. Dov who is also looking around in the hospital tries getting in touch with Andy over the walkie, but receives no reply. John calls up Sam and asks to talk to Alice. “Let me talk to her for ten minutes and I’ll let the little girl go” he tells Sam. Sam as it turns out is outside the hospital and realizes John too is there. He then arrives at the scene, but John has already escaped leaving Katie and Andy behind. Then while trying to escape, John is apprehended by Dov, who points a gun at him and tells him to “go down on the ground”. Sam tells Andy who is holding a grenade she has taken from Katie that, he loves her.

A specialist in explosives comes in and pins the grenade, which as a result is now safe. At the precinct, Luke tells Traci she has to decide by midnight, as the taskforce shall be mobilized by then. She is also told that she won’t even have time to say goodbye to her son. Traci on hearing this tells Luke, she can’t leave without saying goodbye to her son, and therefore can’t accept the offer. Luke tells her he understands and leaves. Chris while leaving for home tells Shaw he is thinking of moving to a different town with his kid and girlfriend. Shaw tells Dov about this, who is shocked to hear it. Sam on the other hand tells Andy “what I said to you I meant it; it’s true”.

He tells Andy he screwed up, and now realizes his mistake. Andy though isn’t in a forgiving mood, and asks Sam “do you have any idea what you put me through?” She then tells him it’s too late, and that she can’t “do this anymore”. Sam is persistent and says he shall do anything to be with her again. He in the end begs Andy to just give him a chance, and tells her he shall be waiting for her, at their usual watering hole. Sam leaves and just then Luke calls Andy into his office and tells her that she can be a part of the task force. He also informs her that, she has to leave by midnight. “Obviously you can’t let anybody know that you are going” he tells her. “I need your answer in 5 minutes, he then tells her”.

Frank tells Gail who is leaving that, she isn’t being fired and is back on the job. Gail is overjoyed at this news. Andy is shown riding with Luke, as she has made her decision to be a part of the task force. She finds out that, Nick too has been chosen for the task force. Sam is left waiting at the bar for Andy, with Gail who is waiting for Nick, as company. Nick and Andy are shown saying goodbye to their old life. The episode ends.