Homecoming - Recap

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The episode begins with a police cruiser racing down the highway. Oliver is driving Noelle to a restaurant where she will be meeting Frank for a date night. The scanner picks up a request for help on a homicide; Noelle tells Oliver to forget the dinner reservation and answers the call.

The pair shows up at the crime scene to find Sam Swarek sitting on the ground. He looks upset and asks why Oliver brought Noelle. Swarek identifies the victims as two young deceased individuals and pulls back the covering to reveal Gail and Dov on the ground, blood trailing from their mouths. Noelle is visibly upset. Dov and Gail stand up to reveal that it was a practical joke set up to lure Noelle to that location. A large garage door open and Frank is standing behind with the rest of the police officers. Frank proposes to Noelle and she says yes.

Andy and Traci are running together outside, discussing Andy coming back after being away for 6 months. Andy asks what Swarek’s new girlfriend, Marlo, is like when Marlo comes jogging up behind Andy. They exchange awkward introductions. They part ways and Andy and Traci continue their run.

Gail leaves her house to find Nick waiting outside on his car to give her a ride. They have a short argument and she accepts his offer for a ride. She yells at him for not talking to her for six months. Swarek drives up to the station at the same time Oliver is arriving. Oliver reminds Sam that Andy is returning and asks if they have talked yet about Sam and Marlo. Sam says that the air is clear.

Nick and Andy are getting ready in the station. Andy asks how Nicks eye us after he was punched on their job. Nick congratulates Sam on his promotion as he enters, and then leaves the room. Sam and Andy are left alone. They exchange awkward hellos as they both walk toward the door, getting stuck as they try and leave at the same time. Andy breaks free and leaves.

Frank enters the debriefing room to a round of applause. After everyone calms down he welcomes back Andy and Nick. Oliver announces a party at the Black Penny for Frank and Noelle. Everyone gets up to go work. Dov and Chris find out they are working together for the day. Andy is working with Oliver. Oliver steps out to buy lemonade while on patrol, leaving Andy in the squad car. Andy sees a woman run out the door of a bank across the street and gets out of her car. When Andy reaches the door to the bank she sees that it is being robbed; she calls Oliver and dispatch for help. A man in a white mask, dressed in black, is pointing a gun at a cashier and waiting for the money. Andy pulls her gun on him, and when he turns around she finds out that he has a baby in a carrier strapped to his chest. The suspect shoots the cashier and leaves through the back door just as Oliver arrives.

EMS has arrived, along with Swarek, to the scene. Andy and Sam discuss the details of what went down, both being overly polite to one another. Marlo appears around the front of the bank holding a fake baby in a carrier; it appears to be what the suspect used to trick Andy. Traci identifies the victim as the branch manager and says they are looking at the video surveillance footage from the bank.
Gail and Nick pull into the driveway of a woman named Cindy, the wife of the victim from the bank robbery. They take her to the hospital to see her husband.

Back at the station, Dov shows Chris listings for homes and tries to convince him to buy one in Toronto instead of moving back to Timmins. A woman walks hurriedly into the building and begins speaking Italian to them urgently.
Meanwhile at the bank, forensics has arrived and is taking images and looking for fingerprints. None of the witnesses remember anything about the suspect besides the baby. Swarek and Marlo discover that the branch manager placed dye packs in with the bag of money.

Oliver and Andy are driving in their squad car again when they notice an abandoned car with something splattered inside the windshield.
The rest of the police and detectives arrive and determine the car was used as a getaway by the suspect, but they dye packs exploded. They locate the name of the individual registered to the vehicle. Andy and Oliver leave on foot to search the area for the suspect. Andy finds a man in the alley with blood on his shirt and apprehends him.

At the station, the suspect is in the interrogation room with Swarek and Traci while Andy and Marlo look on through the double sided mirror. The suspect claims he was carjacked by a man in a mask and had nothing to do with the robbery. He asks for a lawyer. Andy doesn’t think that this is the same man that robbed the bank.

At the hospital, Gail and Nick are waiting with the bank manager’s wife while he is in surgery. Gail leaves the hospital to get the victim’s wife’s phone from her home so that she can call her family.

Oliver and Sam return to the scene of the abandoned car to look for more clues. Andy finds a bloody hand print on a dumpster and climbs inside. Andy finds a mobile phone inside the dumpster. They return to the station again and look for Swarek to tell him about the phone. They link the phone to a man who has just been released from jail for robbery and assault; his cell mate is the man they currently have in custody.

Swarek goes into the interrogation room but the man refuses to respond to the allegations that he is the get-away driver. Andy and Sam decide to leave to try and locate the other suspect while Traci goes into the interrogation room herself, where the public defender has arrived. Traci gets him to admit to helping with the robbery, which he says he did to pay back a favor he owed his cellmate when they were in jail.

Back the station Dov and Chris have another argument about Chris moving to Timmins. They then take the Italian woman for a drive to try and help her point out what her problem is within the city.

Sam and Andy show up at the suspect’s apartment and bust through the door. They don’t find anyone inside, but do find a white shirt with blood spatter on it. They also locate some documents with the image of the bank manager on it in the suspect’s desk. They call Traci and find out that the suspect used to date the bank managers wife before he went to jail. Swarek calls Nick, who is still at the hospital, and tells him to wait with the victim and his wife until backup arrives. Nick rounds the corner to screams and finds the suspect holding the bank manager’s wife captive. He takes her into an elevator and gets away from Nick.

The suspect escapes in a van, but is intercepted by Dov and Chris as they are driving the Italian woman around the city. Andy and Swarek box in the van on the bridge from the other direction. The suspect begins firing at the police cars, and both take aim and fire back. Andy calls for backup as Swarek tells the suspect to give himself up. After more gunfire the suspect opens the sliding door on the side to reveal the victim’s wife and a hostage, as he continues to fire at the cops. The suspect finally gives up and opens the door to let out the victim’s wife. She runs to hide behind the nearest cop car. Chris and Dov move in from behind and apprehend the suspect.

Back at the station again, Dov and Chris find out the Italian woman had lost her wallet and passport, but that it was located at her hostel. Chris tells Dov he doesn’t want to raise his son in such a dangerous city, and so that is why he has to move to Timmins. In the interrogation room, Swarek watched as the suspect admits to the entire robbery, and then he runs into Andy in the hallways. They agree to go to The Penny together. Traci is working late again to keep her mind off the death of her fiancé.

In the car on the way to The Penny, Andy and Swarek joke with one another over the gunfight. Andy and Swarek then have a serious discussion about why they broke up, and Andy asks why he is dating Marlo now. Swarek says it is because she is not complicated, but that “she is not you.” Andy gets out of the car and goes inside to join the celebration for Noelle and Frank. Nick and Gail make up and decide to move in together. Andy sees Marlo walk in and go over to kiss Swarek. Noelle goes on stage to make an announcement about her engagement, while Andy and Swarek watch each other from across the bar. After her speech, Noelle and Frank kiss to the applause of the bar. The episode ends with Dov and a girl from the bar making out in a bathroom stall, Chris at home looking at the Toronto home listings, Gail and Nick kissing and Andy and Oliver walking out of The Penny together. Oliver tells Andy to try and give her relationship with Swarek another chance before she gets into a cab and leaves for home.

By Rachel Anne