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Episode Air Date Episode Name (Add Episode)
44 03x01 09/Oct/2001 Busted
45 03x02 16/Oct/2001 Michael, The Guys and The Great Snapple Caper
46 03x03 23/Oct/2001 Significant Others
47 03x04 30/Oct/2001 Secrets and Lies (1)
48 03x05 06/Nov/2001 Control (2)
51 03x08 27/Nov/2001 Behind the Music
52 03x09 18/Dec/2001 Samuel Rising
53 03x10 01/Jan/2002 A Tale of Two Parties
55 03x12 05/Feb/2002 Ch-Ch-Changes
56 03x13 12/Feb/2002 Panacea
57 03x14 26/Feb/2002 Chant Down Babylon
58 03x15 23/Apr/2002 Who Died and Made You King?
60 03x17 07/May/2002 Four Aliens and A Baby
61 03x18 14/May/2002 Graduation

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