Route 66 (1960)

Route 66 (1960)

A tale of privilege, youthful rebellion, and the search to find oneself and the meaning of life. Only from behind the wheel of a nice new shiny baby blue Corvette.

The year is 1960. The beatniks are in control of New York and the Beatles are years away from landing on American shores. So what do two guys do for fun? Todd Stiles (Martin Milner) is a handsome man in his early twenties who's father has just died, leaving him no money but a really nice ride. So he and his best buddy, Buzz Murdock (George Maharis) fill the tank and head out on what was once called the Mother Road, Route 66, the trans-continental highway that stretched from downtown Chicago to the beaches of Santa Monica, California.

Along the way, they meet the good and not so good people of a great country. The show Route 66 showcases those people and their stories and how Todd and Buzz, and later Lincoln Case (Glenn Corbett) react and interact with them, while silently in the background, there is that sweet looking blue and later brown Corvette.

Filmed in various parts of the U.S., with very little of the show actually filmed on Route 66. Now available on DVD.

Episode Info

Final: 4x23 -- Where There's a Will, There's a Way (2) (Mar/13/1964)

In the series finale, Linc and Tod reach the end of the line in Tampa. Tod decides to get married and settle down while Linc heads on down the road to whatever destiny awaits.
Available Episodes

Soda Pop and Paper F..
May 24, 1963
Season 3 episode 31

Soda Pop and Paper F..
May 24, 1963
Season 3 episode 31

Shadows of an Aftern..
May 17, 1963
Season 3 episode 30

Shadows of an Aftern..
May 17, 1963
Season 3 episode 30

Who Will Cheer My Bo..
May 10, 1963
Season 3 episode 29

Who Will Cheer My Bo..
May 10, 1963
Season 3 episode 29

But What Do You Do i..
May 03, 1963
Season 3 episode 28

Martin MilnerMartin Milner
As Tod Stiles
Martin MilnerMartin Milner
As Tod Stiles
George MaharisGeorge Maharis
As Buz Murdock (S01-S03)
Glenn CorbettGlenn Corbett
As Linc Case (S03-S04)


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Not nearly as well-remembered as it deserves to be, "Route 66" is nonetheless recognized by those familiar with the program as one of the most superlative dramatic television series of the 1960's, as well as one of the most ground-breaking. All the elements necessary for one of television's great sagas are present: fully defined lead characters with depth who grow over the course of the series, masterful writing including classic lines of dialogue, unforgettable stories and individual scenes, quality musical scores tailored for individual elements and episodes of the series, and top-notch guest stars. Read more

Review posted on Friday, January 2nd 2009 at 9:42 pm

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1x10: The Beryllium Eater recap: In the Arizona desert, grizzled old prospector Jack McConkie, after a lifetime of mostly fruitless searching, has finally made the find every locator dreams of. He has struck a vein of rare Beryllium ore - a discovery worth a fortune once he stakes his claim.
Having been deserted by his fickle pack mule, McConkie is picked up by Tod and Buz as they are tooling through the dunes. In a jovial, half-delirious state, he relates his good fortune to the young duo; making them doubt his sanity.
McConkie spends the evening drinking and bragging about his find at a local watering hole. He also reveals that the discovery of the Beryllium is only the first step - he needs financial backing and manpower in order to make a profit from the ore.
Unbeknownst to him, one of the bar's patrons, Wendy, is the wife of Fred Durant, owner of the local mining company. The Durant firm also happens to be where Tod and Buz are employed. When McConkie arrives to his camp the next day he finds Durant's right-hand man Babcock, who is there to "persuade" old man to sign away his claim. McConkie refuses . . .
The next morning the boys are once again driving through the desert when they find McConkie beaten within an inch of his life. The boys drive him back to the mining infirmary, where the doctor says that his situation is touch and go.
Durant tells the boys that if he doesn't pull through, he plans to will everything he owns, including the Beryllium strike's location to them. With the three men alone in his infirmary room, he whispers directions to them so that they may find the claim on their own.
Meanwhile Durant, facing tax trouble, is desperate for the lion's share of the Beryllium find and is determined to use any means necessary to obtain it. Back at work, Tod and Buz are pulled from their shift by Babcock and invited to Durant's home, where the man offers to become partners with the two, providing them the manpower they need to make the claim work. The boys refuse him while Wendy displays an obvious interest in Buz. The feeling is mutual, but Buz informs her he doesn't go out with married women, regardless of how bad off their marriage is or how unsavory the characters of their husbands. Thus spurned, Wendy, however makes an offer to Tod and Buz - she will put up the necessary men and equipment from her own stake in the company. She gets them a pickup fully equipped with all the necessary equipment for the boys to verify the claim so it can be staked. When Babcock attempts to force them off the Durant property, Buz, doing what he does best, cold-cocks the foreman.
The boys head out into the desert to locate McConkie's claim. Soon they realize they have been followed and are being observed from a distance by Babcock and a couple of his cronies. For the beenfit of their observers, the duo set up their equipment in a random location and then pretend to celebrate as if they have located the find. Then Tod drives out of sight, ostensibly to file the claim.
When Babcock and his men arrive, Buz holds a rifle on them, demanding they clear out. Babcock tells him the Beryllium rightfully belongs to the company since its location was confirmed with company equipment, but Buz is having none of it and fires a warning shot at the men as they try to approach him. The men sullenly get back into their truck. However, Babcock unexpectedly backs the vehicle into Buz, causing him to lose his rifle and be overpowered by Babcock and his goons.
When Babcock discovers that he has been tricked and that the Beryllium is not to be found in the spot they are at, he orders Buz tied to stakes in the desert floor. Babcock turns on the radioactive locator device and threatens to use it to kill Buz unless the latter reveals the Beryllium's true location. Just then Tod, who has not been far away, returns to aid Buz. After a terrific fight (in which Buz narrowly frees himself from his bonds in time to escape being run over by Durant's truck) and truck chase, Babcock and his men are rounded up and driven back into town. Dropping the trio off at Durant's door, Tod and Buz inform the man that there is no way he is ever going to get any sort of legal claim to the Beryllium find, and that if McConkie dies, he and his cronies are up for murder with their testimony. They leave with Durant pleadingly giving ever-decreasing percentage offers for the stake.
But, luckily, a visit to the infirmary shows that old man's health is improving, aided in no small part by the knowledge that Tod and Buz have filed his claim. The boys accept a thousand dollars for their services when McConkie's money begins to roll in - a pittance considering the Beryllium's potential value.
Wendy tells Buz that she is through with Durant and asks Buz to take her with them. While Buz knows that Wendy had nothing to do with Durant's actions, the entire incident has left a bad taste in his mouth. After saying goodbye to Wendy, he and Tod hit the road again for further adventures elsewhere... read more.

recap: Tod and Buz’s travels have most recently brought them to Arizona, where the two are working on the construction of the Glen Canyon Dam. The construction crew is under the leadership of Jeff Grady, a hard-line taskmaster who is constantly berating his men. One afternoon during work, a heated exchange between Buz and Grady leads to Grady challenging Buz to a fight, which the younger man gladly accepts... read more.

1x8: Legacy for Lucia recap: Tod and Buz's latest gig has them helping to fell timber at an Oregon loggery. Local regulations call for the day's work to be halted whenever the air humidity drops below a certain level, in order to prevent the risk of fire. As the siren to cease activities for the day blares out across the logging camp, Tod is startled to see a young woman who has just arrived by bus run and hide beneath the shelter of the nearest bridge, believing it to be an air raid siren... read more.

1x7: Three Sides recap: Our intrepid young adventure-seekers Tod and Buz choose as their next destination the small community of Grant’s Pass, Oregon, figuring that such a quiet out-of-the-way stop will be the perfect place to find some rest and relaxation after their past arduous adventures. Instead, at the first saloon they walk into, they find themselves in the middle of a brawl... read more.

1x6: Ten Drops of Water recap: Tod and Buz drive into the remote desert farming community of Kaneb, Utah, to work for a local farmer. While the duo are still learning the ropes of their new job, a young boy named Homer Paige arrives from a neighboring ranch. Homer has come to sell his pet mule Overjack... read more.

Creator: Herbert B. Leonard
Executive Producer: Herbert B. Leonard
Associate Producer: Sam Manners
Make-up: Abe Haberman
Set Decorator: William F. Calvert
Property Master: Arthur Wasson
Script Supervisor: Jack Gannon
Director of Photography: Jack A. Marta
Art Director: John McCormack
Transportation Captain: Al Schultz
Film Editor: Jack Gleason

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Recurring Guests

James Brown (2) as Jim Walsh (14 eps)
Alex Cord as Jack (9 eps)
Guy Raymond as Monty Knight (8 eps)
Elizabeth MacRae as Randy Spring (8 eps)
Edward Asner as Lt. Tegeler (7 eps)
Conrad Nagel as Dr. Claridge (6 eps)
Beatrice Straight as Kitty Chamberlain (6 eps)
Anne Helm as Sweet Thing (6 eps)
Jack Warden as Adam Darcey (6 eps)
Frank Overton as Hanson (6 eps)

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Network: CBS ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Fridays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 07, 1960
Ended: September 18, 1964
• Rota 66 (Used In Brazil)
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