Season 4

94 :04x01 - Two Strangers and an Old Enemy

In Florida, Linc and Tod go into the Everglades searching for the plane crash of a former WWII ace who never adjusted to civilian life. Joining them is the man's former Japanese foe.
Guest Stars: Jack Warden as Major Barben | James Brown (2) as Royce | Sessue Hayakawa as Takasuka | Nancy Wickwire as Vi Barben | Dan Frazer as Reporter #1 | Anthony Zerbe as Reporter #2 | Jamie E. Smith as Deputy | Joseph Leon as Cameraman
Director: Walter Grauman

95 :04x02 - Same Picture, Different Frame

While working as a camp counselor, Linc becomes involved with an older woman who's being stalked by her deranged former husband. Meanwhile, Tod tries to fend off the affections of a much younger female camper.
Guest Stars: Joan Crawford as Morgan Harper | Patrick O'Neal as Eric Harper | Tom Bosley as Dr. Sumner Klein | Jacqueline Courtney as Binky Klein | Charles White as George Evans | Matt Crowley as Mr. Spence | Griff Evans as Leo | Arthur Anderson as Deputy Stone | George Lambert as Sheriff
Director: Philip Leacock

96 :04x03 - Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are

Working at a sawmill in Maine, Linc falls for a damsel who seems to reciprocate his love but soon begins pursuing another.
Guest Stars: Diane Baker as Marie | Lon Chaney, Jr. as Poppa | Alex Cord as Jack | Albert Henderson as Bartender | Pete Gumeny as Card Dealer
Director: Alvin Ganzer

97 :04x04 - Where are the Sounds of Celli Brahms

Tod and Linc get jobs at a Minneapolis luxury hotel but then are driven nearly out of their minds by the hotel's efficiency expert.
Guest Stars: Tammy Grimes as Celli Brahms | Horace McMahon as Fenton | Harry Bellaver as Shagbag | Kelly Jean Peters as Valerie Mills | William Post, Jr. as Mr. Savel | Joseph Leon as Bartender
Director: Allen H. Miner

98 :04x05 - Build Your Houses With Their Backs to the Sea

Tod and Linc become involved in a long lost son's grudge against his father.
Guest Stars: Pat Hingle as Thayer Faxon | William Shatner as Menemsha Faxon | Audra Lindley as Abigail Faxon | Robert Dryden as Hollis | Louise Sorel as Ella Faxon | Griff Evans as Mayhew | Don McHenry as Rolly | Lloyd Knight as Samuel | Bill Jessome as David | Thomas J. McCormack as Constable

99 :04x06 - And Make Thunder His Tribute

In Minnesota, Tod and Linc become involved with an eccentric farmer who refuses to try new methods and his son who wants to sell the farm to make room for a motel to be built on the property.
Guest Stars: Michael J. Pollard as Vinny | J. Carrol Naish as Mike Donato | Alfred Ryder as Joe Sky | Lou Antonio as Tony | Linda Marsh as Jenny | Thomas A. Carlin as Mr. Whitney
Director: Leonard Horn

100 :04x07 - The Stone Guest

In Colorado, Linc's old Vietnam buddy and a visiting woman become trapped in a mine cave-in. As rescue workers hurry to save them their past miserable lives emerge.
Guest Stars: Jo Van Fleet as Hazel Quine | Lee Philips as Ben Belden | Marion Ross as Nora Belden | Bill Cort as Jimmy Quine | Brooke Bundy as Sue Quine | Harold Gould as Doctor | Oliver McGowan as Sheriff | Crahan Denton as Charley Praeger | Christopher Votos as David Belden
Director: Allen H. Miner

101 :04x08 - I Wouldn't Start From Here

In the backroads of Vermont, Linc and Tod try to help out an old farmer who's made it this far without modern conveniences but finds that time might be catching up.
Guest Stars: Parker Fennelly as Arthur Perham | Rosemary Forsyth as Claire | Howard Freeman as Frank Ball | John Gibson (1) as Newton Wheeler
Director: Allen H. Miner
Writer: Ernest Kinoy

102 :04x09 - A Cage in Search of a Bird

An aging bank robber, who's wanted by the law, selects a young woman to turn him into the law for a substantial reward but the damsel has problems of her own and may not be able to oblige.
Guest Stars: Dan Duryea as Leonard Ringsby | Stefanie Powers as Julie | Alex Cord as Rick | Bert Remsen as Police Officer | Donald J. Finnie as Mr. Blees | Betty Mumey as Waitress
Director: James Sheldon

103 :04x10 - A Long Way From St. Louie

While visiting Toronto in the Dominion of Canada, Tod and Linc try to help a stranded all girl jazz band get back to St. Louis.
Guest Stars: Al Lewis (1) as Wait | Jessica Walter as Liz | Virginia Wing as Gyo | Lynda Day George as Allison | Patricia Harty as Chops | Hedley Mattingly as Foxglove | Susan Ringwood as Daphne
Director: Alvin Ganzer

104 :04x11 - Come Home Greta Inger Gruenchaffen

Tod and Linc become involved with an eccentric young woman while working at a Vermont ski lodge.
Guest Stars: Tammy Grimes as Greta Gruenchaffen | Chad Everett as Heiss Horgal | William Le Massena as Mr. Spofford | Lou Criscuolo as Detective | Olga Fabian as Mrs. Horgal | Bruce Glover as Helicopter Pilot | Margaret Lenert as Lady Clerk
Director: Philip Leacock

105 :04x12 - 93 Percent in Smiling

Tired of their parent's quarreling, a two children take their baby brother and set up their own household.
Guest Stars: Jean Stapleton as Mrs. Snyder | Albert Salmi as Aaron Kronberg | Olga Bellin as Min Kronberg | David Howell (1) as Howard | Susan Howell as Pansy | Sudie Bond as Saleslady | Paul Larson as Kurt Haskell | Chase Crosley as Mrs. Craven | Dennis Scott as Billy Hinckley | James Mishler as Detective
Director: Philip Leacock

106 :04x13 - Child of a Night

To fulfill the last wish of a dying plane crash victim, Tod and Linc head to Savannah to search for the man's child who was born 25 years prior in order to give her an inheritance of $38,000.
Guest Stars: Sylvia Sidney as Lonnie Taylor | Chester Morris as Mr. Hull | Herschel Bernardi as Gerald Ward | Percy Rodriguez as Harry | Diana Van der Vlis as Nita | Robert Dryden as Attorney Warren | Joanna Pettet as Millie Wilkins | Daniel J. Travanti as Marty Johnson | Grace Carney as Mrs. Barber | Joseph Hanrahan as Richard Brace
Director: Allen H. Miner

107 :04x14 - Is it True There Are Poxies at the Bottom of Landfair Lake?

Tod and Linc find work with a sign company in Savannah. When a recently discharged Army vet damages a sign they are delivering they try to discover his reasons for doing so.
Guest Stars: Geoffrey Horne as Simon Deveraux | Crahan Denton as Amos Deveraux | Collin Wilcox as Diana | Graham Jarvis as Mr. Danker | E.J. Peaker as Olivia Devereaux | Darby Hinton as Max | Joe Warren as Sheriff | Charles Welch as Jake | Harry Gresham as Tom | Allen Nourse as Harry | Lester Mack as Grille
Director: John Peyser

108 :04x15 - Like This It Means Father, Like This Bitter, Like This Tiger

Linc crosses paths with a former soldier from his unit in Vietnam who was responsible for the men in Linc's unit getting killed.
Guest Stars: Larry Blyden as Cam Wilcox | Frances Helm as Edith Wilcox | Eugene Roche as Mr. King | Donald Losby as Vic | Bill Lazarus as Eddie Winston | James Dimitri as Harry Comenzo | Joe Ponazecki as Man in Bar | Ramon Bieri as Man in Bar | Leonard Hicks as Detective | Cliff Pellow as Bartender
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

109 :04x16 - Kiss the Monster, Make Him Sleep

Working on a construction project in Minneapolis, Linc becomes involved with the neurotic sister of his boss.
Guest Stars: James Coburn as Hamar Neilsen | Linda Watkins as Mrs. Case | Barbara Mattes as Nola Neilsen
Director: Allen Reisner

110 :04x17 - Cries of Persons Close to One

On the east coast of Florida, Tod and Linc make the acquaintance of an alcoholic boxer and his galpal. Tod is skeptical but Linc wants to lend them a hand.
Guest Stars: James Brown (2) as Mr. Newton | Michael Parks as Tank | Ellen Madison as Gaybee | Michael Baseleon as Blair | Ken Strange as Motorcycle Policeman | Frank Tweddell as Schoolteacher | James Farentino as Perry Baker | Alix Elias as Garner
Director: Allen H. Miner

111 :04x18 - Who in His Right Mind Needs a Nice Girl

Tod and Linc are shocked when their seemingly shy librarian friend runs off with a drifter. Things go from bad to worse when it's discovered that the drifter is wanted for murder.
Guest Stars: Lee Philips as Joe | Lois Smith as Lucy Brown | Dan Frazer as Mr. Richards | Elizabeth MacRae as Betty | Ruth McDevitt as Mrs. Harris
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

112 :04x19 - This is Going to Hurt Me More Than It Hurts You

Tod runs into an old college chum from Yale in St. Augustine, FL and gets involved in the chum's scheme to find himself a wife.
Guest Stars: Soupy Sales as Harlan Livingston III | Lorraine Rogers as Andrea | Dawn Nickerson as Doree Hunter | Bibi Osterwald as Mrs. Hunter | Roland Winters as Dr. Frank Hillman | Lee Meriwether as Jeanelle | Carole Ann Lewis as Cindy
Director: Alvin Ganzer

113 :04x20 - Follow the White Dove With the Broken Wing

A teenager holds Tod and Linc hostage after accidentally killing a policeman.
Guest Stars: Lee Kinsolving as Walter Reston | Bert Freed as Captain West | Victor Arnold as Arthur Santos | Rose Gregorio as Mrs. Santos | Jacqueline Courtney as Yvonne | Will Mackenzie as Grigsby | Carole Demas as Hilda | Grayson Hall as Mrs. Reston | Mart Hulswit as Warren

114 :04x21 - I'm Here to Kill a King

Tod is kidnapped by a political assassin who is his exact double.
Guest Stars: Martin Milner as Paul Cades | Robert Loggia as Colonel Zaman | Tina Louise as Robin | Arnold Moss as King | Frank Campanella as Mr. Pierson | Jack Dabdoub as Kahwaji
Director: Allen Reisner

115 :04x22 - Where There's a Will, There's a Way (1)

Working in Tampa, Todd and Linc become involved with a family of eccentrics and the reading of a will.
Guest Stars: Barbara Eden as Margo | Nina Foch as Samantha | Patrick O'Neal as Leon | Alex Cord as Michael | Hugh Hurd as Thomboli | Roger C. Carmel as Otis | Chill Wills as Monty Musgrave | Louis Zorich as Russian Man | Victor Janquera as Lieutenant | Rene Paul as European Man | Richard Kuss as Driver
Director: Alvin Ganzer

116 :04x23 - Where There's a Will, There's a Way (2)

In the series finale, Linc and Tod reach the end of the line in Tampa. Tod decides to get married and settle down while Linc heads on down the road to whatever destiny awaits.
Guest Stars: Barbara Eden as Margo | Nina Foch as Samantha | Patrick O'Neal as Leon | Alex Cord as Michael | Chill Wills as Monty Musgrave | Roger C. Carmel as Otis | Victor Janquera as Lieutenant | Rene Paul as European Man
Director: Alvin Ganzer
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 07, 1960
Ended: September 18, 1964
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