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Season 3

63 :03x01 - One Tiger to a Hill

Working on a fishing boat in Oregon, Tod gets into a violent feud with another fisherman over a woman.
Guest Stars: David Janssen as Karno | Signe Hasso as Anna Gustafson | Laura Devon as Toika

64 :03x02 - Journey to Nineveh

In rural Missouri, Tod and Buz pick up a hitchhiker on their way to go fishing. The man is reputed to be a big time jinx.
Guest Stars: Joe E. Brown as Sam Butler | Buster Keaton as Jonah Butler | Jenny Maxwell as Suzy Butler | Guy Raymond as Constable | John Astin as Gas Attendant | Edgar Buchanan as Abe | John Davis Chandler as Frank | John Durren as Charlie | Virginia Rose as Woman Driver | Russell Horton as Jake

65 :03x03 - Man Out of Time

Tod and Buz are in Chicago, Tod as a taxi driver, who picks up a former prohibition gangster, who thinks someone from his past is out to kill him.
Guest Stars: Luther Adler as Harry Wender | Frank McHugh as Sandy | Bruce Gordon (1) as Jake | Glenda Farrell as Laverne | John Hollander as Baggage Man | Harold Gary as Manny | Ted Gunther as Sergeant
Writer: Larry Marcus

66 :03x04 - Ever Ride the Waves in Oklahoma

Buz takes up surfing to challenge the local king of the beach in Huntington Beach, CA.
Guest Stars: Jeremy Slate as Hob Harrell | Romney Tree as Debbie | Bruce Watson as Jimmy Mills | Ron Kipling as First Surfer | James Westmoreland as Second Surfer | Tony Demarco as Waiter | Dolores Michaels as Medrith
Director: Robert Gist

67 :03x05 - Voice at the End of the Line

Working as a motel lifeguard in Chicago, Buz attempts to play matchmaker for his supervisor and a motel telephone operator.
Guest Stars: Sorrell Booke as Sam Frazier | Frank Campanella as Jack | Martha Greenhouse as Ruthie | Lou Gilbert as Mr. Morgenstern | Pete Gumeny as Roy | Michael Dana as Charlie
Writer: Larry Marcus

68 :03x06 - Lizard's Leg and Owlet's Wing

Horror legends Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney, Jr., and Peter Lorre portray themselves as they travel to a hotel in Chicago in order to find out if the old monsters can still scare a modern day audience.
Guest Stars: Martita Hunt as Mrs. Baxter | Boris Karloff as Himself | Peter Lorre as Himself | Lon Chaney, Jr. as Himself | Conrad Nagel as Mr. Paris | Jeannine Riley as Molly Cross | Sally Gracie as Beth | Bill Berger as Mr. Stevenson | Betsy Jones-Moreland as Lila | Ralph Stantley as Lt. Collins
Director: Robert Gist

69 :03x07 - Across Walnuts and Wine

Working in an Oregon paper mill, Tod and Buz rent a room from a dysfunctional family.
Guest Stars: Nina Foch as Autumn Ely | Betty Field as Maggie Carter | James Dunn as Van Carter | Robert Walker, Jr. as Michael Ely | Dick Theis as Waldo | Sindee Anne Richards as Corrine Carter

70 :03x08 - Welcome to the Wedding

Tod is kidnapped by a convicted murderer while waiting at a railroad station for a bridesmaid.
Guest Stars: Rod Steiger as Lezama | Edward Asner as Custody Officer Peers | David Clarke (1) as Stanley | Barbara Davis as Emily | Penny Fuller as Bride | Brandon Maggart as Groom | Lorraine Rogers as Pretty Girl
Director: George Sherman

71 :03x09 - Every Father's Daughter Must Weave Her Own

A girl is suffering from the same disease that killed her mother and an operation might not save her.
Guest Stars: Madlyn Rhue as Ara Rados | Jack Kruschen as John Rados | Robert Drivas as Nick Rados
Director: Richard L. Bare

72 :03x10 - Poor Little Kangaroo Rat

Tod and Buz go to work as shark hunters for a doctor doing research on the creature. But the doc's wife wants him to return to his regular practice.
Guest Stars: Leslie Nielsen as Doc Duncan | Joanne Linville as Helen Duncan | Maggie Pierce as Liz | Ron Howard as Chet Duncan
Director: Walter Grauman
Writer: Lester Pine

73 :03x11 - Hey Moth, Come Eat The Flame

In St. Louis, Tod and Buz get involved in the lives of a thiirteen year old boy and his alcoholic father.
Guest Stars: Harry Guardino as Muddy Mullins | Mike Kellin as Hannibal | Mickey Sholdar as Arnie Mullins | Jennifer Billingsley as Janie | Marilyn Rogers as Girl | Duane Jones as Foreman
Director: James Sheldon

74 :03x12 - Only by Cunning Glimpses

Tod and Buz decide to leave Cleveland because of the predictions of a nightclub mentalist about them which keep coming true.
Guest Stars: Theodore Bikel as Dr. Anton Koseloff | Lois Smith as Brycie Koseloff | Dan Frazer as Drunk | Lu Leonard as Madame Thornton | George L. Smith (1) as Lt. Cory
Director: Tom Gries

75 :03x13 - Where is Chick Lorrimer? Where Has She Gone?

Tod searches for a female bail jumper who conned him into letting her escape.
Guest Stars: Vera Miles as Ellen Barnes | Martha Scott as Ruth O'Brien | Frank Overton as Peter Graham | Robert Emhardt as Jackson Harris | Brenda Scott as Jeannie | Stephen Brooks (1) as Ralph | John Marriott as Old Man
Director: George Sherman
Writer: Larry Marcus

76 :03x14 - Give the Old Cat a Tender Mouse

Tod reunites with old love interest Vicky Russell in Memphis, Tn and discovers that she is getting married to someone else.
Guest Stars: Robert Webber (1) as Frank Bridenbaugh | Natalie Schafer as Emily Bridenbaugh | Julie Newmar as Vicki Russell | Murray Matheson as John Bridenbraugh | Dick Sabol as Motorcycle Policeman | Lou Criscuolo as Pogo Popkin
Director: Tom Gries

77 :03x15 - A Bunch of Lonely Pagliaccis

Tod is hired by a novelist and gets involved when the man's daughter murders her husband.
Guest Stars: Barry Sullivan as Warren Barr | Warren Stevens as Leslie Stone | Vivian Blaine as Dixie | Mary Munday as Cora Parkes | James Leo Herlihy as Jimmy Russell | Laura Devon as Beth | Carol Jean Peters as Marion | Ben Branch as Oliver | Allen Bates as Gus
Director: Tom Gries

78 :03x16 - You Can't Pick Cotton in Tahiti

Tod befriends a Hollywood songwriter in a small Tennessee town.
Guest Stars: Richard Basehart as Julian Roebuck | Jena Engstrom as Elva | Richard Shannon as Mr. Dupree | Adrienne Marden as Mrs. Dupree | Pat Malone as Pappy French | William Bramlette as Skeeter

79 :03x17 - A Gift for a Warrior

Tod and Buz pick up a young German seaman who has jumped ship in order to kill the man reputed to be his father.
Guest Stars: James Whitmore as Ralph Vincent | Carolyn Kearney as Norma | Lars Passegard as Eric | Don Diamond as Manuel | Lyle Latell as Deputy | Fletcher Allen as Truck Driver | Hans Difflipp as Second Mate | Willy Kaufman as Ship's Cook | Dick Wilson (2) as Security Guard | Tanigoshi as Japanese Worker
Story: Harlan Ellison | Teleplay: Larry Marcus

80 :03x18 - Suppose I Said I Was the Queen of Spain

Working in the Los Angeles oilfields, Tod thinks he's finally met the girl of his dreams but the dream soon turns into a nightmare.
Guest Stars: Lois Nettleton as Isabel | Robert Duvall as Lee Whitney | Philip Abbott as Lieutenant Cook | Harvey Korman as Mr. Mills | Frederic Downs as Reverend Branton | CeCe Whitney as Waitress Ethel | Jerry Hausner as Auctioneer | Dale Johnson (1) as Maitre D | Suzanne Ried as Cashier

81 :03x19 - Somehow It Gets to Be Tomorrow

On his way to Corpus Christi, TX Tod encounters two orphans who begin to see him as their father figure.
Guest Stars: Martin Balsam as Corelli | Leslye Hunter as Susie | Roger Mobley as Joby | Bill Southern as Mr. Conwell | Dell Aldrich as Mrs. Conwell | G.K. Stubbs as Auctioneer

82 :03x20 - Shall Forfeit His Dog and Ten Shillings to the King

Tod joins with a posse looking for a pair of killers.
Guest Stars: James Brown (2) as Sheriff Haskell | Steve Cochran as Hank Saxon | Kathleen Crowley as Diana Kirk | Med Flory as Terry | L.Q. Jones as Babe | John Anderson (1) as General Scranton | Gary Cockrell as Landers | Bern Bassey as Del Pasado | Barbara Shelley as Jeannie
Director: Tom Gries

83 :03x21 - In the Closing of a Trunk

A woman just released from prison after 27 years for killing her father is told by her uncle that Tod is her son.
Guest Stars: Ed Begley as Kyle Hawkes | Ruth Roman as Alma Hawkes | Don Dubbins as Mattie | Guy Raymond as Artie | Harry Hickox as Man #1 | Jon Lormer as Man #2
Director: Ralph Senensky

84 :03x22 - The Cage Around Maria

Tod becomes involved with a woman who believes that her stepfather is trying to kill her wealthy mother.
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Ashley as Maria | Mario Alcaide as Juan De Amundo | Beatrice Straight as Elena De Amundo | Peter Brocco as Dr. Burton | Charles Brown as Policeman | Moultrie Patten as Attorney | John Goyen as Desk Sergeant
Director: George Sherman

85 :03x23 - Fifty Miles From Home

Tod meets a man named Lincoln Case, a Green Beret who has returned home from Vietnam, and becomes Tod's new traveling companion.
Guest Stars: Susan Oliver (1) as Willow | Robert Emhardt as Mr. Beale | Linda Watkins as Mrs. Case | Berkeley Harris as Robbie Beale
Director: James Sheldon

86 :03x24 - Narcissus on an Old Red Fire Engine

In Galveston, Linc meets a kooky chick in a bar and is wowed by her.
Guest Stars: Anne Helm as Janie | Alan Hale, Jr. as Mr. Nickerson | Phyllis Hill as Mrs. Nickerson | Pat Renella as Paul | Warren J. Kemmerling as Chief of Police | James O'Hara as Bill Caldwell | Nick Dimitri as Nick
Director: Ralph Senensky

87 :03x25 - The Cruelest Sea of All

Tod and Linc are working at Florida's Wikkee Watchee theme park, where Tod meets a young lady who claims to be a real mermaid.
Guest Stars: Diane Baker as Elissa | Edward Binns as Donald McTaggert | Paula Stewart as Anne Bradley | Jack Stamberger as Paul Stace | Peggy Workinger as Woman Clerk
Director: James Sheldon

88 :03x26 - Peace, Pity, Pardon

Tod and Linc get involved in helping two Cuban refugee brothers get their niece out of Cuba.
Guest Stars: Alejandro Rey as Quiepo | Michael Tolan as Largo | Victor Janquera as Ramos | Bibi Osterwald as Mrs. Fogelsong | Coco Ramirez as Teacher | Linda Bruhl as Carlotta | Jose Duval as Boat Captain | Charles Gonzalez as Julio

89 :03x27 - What a Shining Young Man Was Our Gallant Lieutenant

Tod and Linc visit Linc's former commanding officer from Vietnam who, because of a combat injury to the head, has the mentality of an eight-year-old.
Guest Stars: James Brown (2) as Paul School | Dick York as Lieutenant School | Jane Rose as Mrs. School | John Litel as Mr. School | James Olson as Thad School | Arnold Soboloff as Dock Foreman | Dianna Ramey as Beth | Carole Ann Lewis as Barmaid
Director: James Goldstone

90 :03x28 - But What Do You Do in March

Two rich gals who have always been competitors make full use of Tod and Linc by entering them in a power boat race.
Guest Stars: Janice Rule as Sidney Brooks | Susan Kohner as Midge Pierrepont | Kay Medford as Woman | Paul Reed as Husband | Sammy Shore as Bix | Alex Cord as Raymond | Guy Lombardo as Himself | Carmen Lombardo as Himself | Chuck Bruce as Lifeguard | Michelle Leonard as Little Girl #1 | Stephanie Leonard as Little Girl #2

91 :03x29 - Who Will Cheer My Bonnie Bride

While walking to a gas station to get fuel for Tod's Corvette, Linc is kidnapped by two men on their way to a wedding.
Guest Stars: Gene Hackman as Motorist | Rip Torn as Alvah Clayborne | Albert Salmi as Charley | Chris Gampel as Sheriff Lemoine | Marilyn Lovell as Motel Cashier | George Mathews as Mr. Ginley | Dick Theis as Deputy Keefer | Dan Morgan as Bellhop | Carol Shands as Lucy Joy | Chuck Ross as Motel Manager | Joe Young as Eubanks Sheriff
Director: James Goldstone

92 :03x30 - Shadows of an Afternoon

Linc is falsely accused of injuring a dog in the neighborhood where he is working.
Guest Stars: Miriam Hopkins as Mrs. Bowers | Ralph Meeker as Parker Smith | Kathryn Hays as Judith Kane | Michael Conrad as Deputy Sam Harris | Nydia Westman as Mrs. Lemay | Dorothy Sands as Mrs. Malcomb | Cliff Hall as Judge Benton | Roy Fant as Mr. Bell | Philip Bruns as Carl | Richard Mulligan as County Prosecutor | Cliff Pellow as 2nd Deputy | Diane Higgins as Rachel | Valerie Trill as Carla | Francie Meyers as Kimberly Jo | Richard Hamilton (1) as Walt Miller
Director: James Sheldon

93 :03x31 - Soda Pop and Paper Flags

Tod and Linc come to the aid of a transient hobo who's accused of bringing a sleeping virus to a small Missouri town.
Guest Stars: Joseph Campanella as Whit Spencer | Chester Morris as Emmett McNeill | Tom Bosley as Jim Horst | Clifton James as George Simmons | Frank Overton as Andy Ferguson | Marco St. John as Johnnie Simmons | Alan Alda as Dr. Glazer | Tommy Norden as Pete Ferguson | Bruce Glover as Truck Driver | John Bartley Messenger as Don Simmons
Director: Fred H. Jackman
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 07, 1960
Ended: September 18, 1964
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