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Season 1

1 :01x01 - Black November

Tod Stiles and Buz Murdock are two young men traveling across the backroads of America in search of adventure and fortune. When their corvette breaks down in the small community of Garth, Mississippi, the boys find themselves in a hostile town ruled by the despotic head citizen "Mr. Garth". It seems the town of Garth is protecting some ugly secret, and trying to find out what that secret is may cost Tod and Buz their lives.
Guest Stars: Everett Sloane as Caleb Garth | George Kennedy as Thad Skinner | Guy Raymond as Libby | Malcolm Atterbury as Billy Bolton | Keir Dullea as Paul | House Jameson as Clergyman | Robert Sorrells as Dickson | Whit Bissell as Slade | Patricia McCormack as Jenny Slade
Director: Philip Leacock

2 :01x02 - A Lance of Straw

In Louisiana, Tod and Buz sign aboard the shrimp boat of captain Charlotte Duval. They find themselves having to deal with their skipper's fierce independence, a jealous suitor and an approaching hurricane.
Guest Stars: Joey Kennedy as Little Boy | Nico Minardos as Jean Boussard | Thomas Gomez as Andre Cabateau | Janice Rule as Charlotte Duval
Director: Roger Kay

3 :01x03 - The Swan Bed

Tod and Buz arrive in swinging New Orleans. They make a date with a nice local girl named Carrie Purcell, unaware of the poverty the girl lives in or the adventures she is about to lead them into involving gangsters and a parrot fever epidemic sweeping the city.
Guest Stars: Jerome Raphel as Hercules George | Louis Guss as DeSavo | Elizabeth MacRae as Randy Spring | Louis Zorich as Bulloch | Zina Bethune as Carrie Purcell | Murray Hamilton as Dr. Stafford | Henry Hull as Amery Grant | Betty Field as Mrs. Purcell

4 :01x04 - The Man on the Monkey Board

Now working on an offshore drilling rig in the Louisiana gulf, Tod and Buz become curious about one of their coworkers - an elderly man named Bartlett obviously unsuited for such work. In actuality, Bartlett is really a Holocaust survivor who believes that one of the other workers may be a long-sought Nazi war criminal.
Guest Stars: Jack Arthur as Cook | Edward Asner as Second Man | Barnard Hughes as Doctor | Roger C. Carmel as Man in Shower | Bruce Dern as Albert | Michael Conrad as Jenkins | Fred J. Scollay (1) as Thompson | Frank Overton as Hanson | Alfred Ryder as Palmer | Lew Ayres as Bartlett
Director: Roger Kay

5 :01x05 - The Strengthening Angels

While motoring west, Tod and Buz encounter Lotti Montana, a fugitive accused of murder. When the boys inadvertently bring about Lotti's recapture by a vindictive sheriff, they set out to clear her name.
Guest Stars: Suzanne Pleshette as Lotti Montana | Harry Townes as Daniel Wylie | John Larch as Sheriff Hingle | Warren Stevens as Crown | Tom Reese as Tommy | Hal Smith as Drunk | Sheldon Allman as Character | John Cliff as Man on Bumper
Director: Arthur Hiller

6 :01x06 - Ten Drops of Water

The citizens of rural southwestern Utah fight a daily struggle against the harsh conditions of nature just to maintain the land they live on. A misguided act of kindness brings Tod and Buz into the lives of one such family, the Pages, consisting of three orphaned children. When a well malfunction leaves the Pages facing imminent drought, the boys lend the assistance of their corvette's motor to aid in the repairs. But the remorseless conditions of the inhospitable climate threaten to make their task hopeless.
Guest Stars: Tony Haig as Homer Paige | Don Beddoe as Owen Moorcraft | Oliver McGowan as Payson | Sara Haden as Mrs. Pepperell | Robert F. Simon as Mr. Pepperell | Deborah Walley as Helen Paige | Burt Brinckerhoff as Virgil Paige
Director: Philip Leacock

7 :01x07 - Three Sides

Tod and Buz arrive in the sleepy coastal town of Grants Pass, Oregon, where they hook on as workers with local hop farmer Gerald Emerson. However, they soon unexpectedly find themselves appointed as babysitters to Emerson's two spoiled and out of control children Curt and Karen. When Curt's irresponsibility costs the lives of one of the workers, our two heroes find themselves the only people in town who will work for the Emersons and must bring the situation to rights.
Guest Stars: Dean Woolley as Station Man | Bob Ament as Boy | Phil Clarke as Dr. Linton | Winnie Collins as Mrs. Hastings | Anthony D. Call as Frank Palmer | Paul Genge as Galloway | Stephen Bolster as Curt Emerson | Johnny Seven as Ted Becker | Joey Heatherton as Karen Emerson | E.G. Marshall as Gerald Emerson
Director: Philip Leacock

8 :01x08 - Legacy for Lucia

Making the journey all the way from her native Italy to the Pacific Northwest, Lucia Trapani has come on a holy mission. She has arrived to claim her inheritance to fund the purchase of a Madonna statue for her village church. Unfortunately, her "heritage" is a bogus promise bequeathed her years ago by a well-meaning but imaginative American soldier during World War II - who told Lucia he held the deed to the entire state of Oregon! It's up to Tod and Buz to protect the young woman from disillusionment and find a way for her to fulfill her quest.
Guest Stars: Jay C. Flippen as Nathaniel | Leo Gordon as Duncan | Julia Hall as Mrs. Williams | Dan Sheridan as Postmaster | Vivi Janiss as Secretary | Arlene Martel as Lucia Trapani | John Larch as Morrison
Director: Philip Leacock

9 :01x09 - Layout at Glen Canyon

Working as members of the construction crew on Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona, Tod and Buz are pulled for special duty - to act as bodyguards for a quartet of young fashion models being flown in for a photo shoot on the site. Our two young adventurers suddenly find themselves the sole bulwark between the models and a town full of single construction workers. Further complicating matters is the fact that the construction foreman and the models' chaperone were once wed to each other, and divorced under bitter circumstances.
Guest Stars: Fred Nakano as Nikko | William Benedict as Marvin | Donna Douglas as Dana | Vana Leslie as Muriel | Elizabeth MacRae as Betsy | Richard Shannon as Gillis | Zohra Lampert as Eve | Bethel Leslie as Jo | Charles McGraw as Jeff Grady

10 :01x10 - The Beryllium Eater

Grizzled old prospector Jack McConkle has finally hit upon the strike of a lifetime - discovering a vein of rare Beryllium ore in the desert of the American southwest. However, Tod and Buz's employer, land baron Durant is bent on bullying the old man into relinquishing his claim upon the find. To the rescue come Tod and Buz, determined to protect McConkle's interests. But they are about to find that Durant plays hardball, and their own lives are imperiled by their involvement.
Guest Stars: Freeman Lusk as Mine Doctor | Peter Mamakos as Babcock | Edgar Buchanan as Jack McConkie | Edward Binns as Durant | Inger Stevens as Wendy
Director: Alvin Ganzer

11 :01x11 - A Fury Slinging Flame

Officials at Carlsbad Caverns National Park are flabbergasted when renown scientist Mark Christopher brings a convoy of families and animals into the caves with every intention of settling down. It seems that Christopher is in possession of information that leads him to believe that Russia is shortly planning to launch a nuclear attack on the US, and he has brought his ragtag group to the caverns in an attempt to survive the holocaust he believes is imminent. Tod and Buz are drawn into the compelling story, and hold their breath along with the rest of the nation as the appointed hour of doom approaches . . .
Guest Stars: Leslie Nielsen as Mark Christopher | Phyllis Hill as Frances Swanson | Conrad Nagel as Dr. Claridge | Fay Spain as Paula Shay | James Brown (2) as Jim Walsh | Marlon Haines as Himself | Bob Lardine as Himself | Bill Fiset as Himself | Larry Barbier as Himself | Jon Lormer as Mr. White | Ted Otis as Scott | Carol Anne Seflinger as Ginger | Lili Kardell as Blonde | William Woodson as Reverend Hughes | Jimmy Carter (2) as Alan

12 :01x12 - Sheba

In El Paso, Texas, Laura Church has just been released from a stay in prison, convicted of an embezzlement she was not guilty of. But her parole officer is none other than local big shot Woody Biggs, the man who framed her in the first place, the man who caused the death of her ex-husband, the man who now has designs on her from which escape seems futile.
Laura's situation seems hopeless. But little does she know that two knight errants have rode into town in the persons of Tod Stiles and Buz Murdock.
Guest Stars: Whitney Blake as Laura Church | Rico Alaniz as Pedro Regal | Carol Ohmart as Hanna Martin | Lee Marvin as Woody Biggs | Stuart Nisbet as Bartender | Raymond Guth as Johnny Langway | Doris Karnes as Prison Matron

13 :01x13 - The Quick and the Dead

Racing fever grips Tod as he lives out a lifelong fantasy to become a race car driver when he is asked to relieve one of the entries in the Grand Prix at Riverside. During preperation for the race, Tod begins to fall for his patron's stepdaughter. But Buz has suspicions that the young woman is just using Tod, attempting to keep him from entering the race for her own purposes.
Guest Stars: Frank Overton as Cord | Susan Kohner as Katy | Harvey Korman as Len | Betsy Jones-Moreland as Bea | Pamela Searle as Doty | Regis Toomey as Jeff
Director: Alvin Ganzer

14 :01x14 - Play It Glissando

Tooling around the hot spots of Southern California, Tod and Buz are treated to a performance by jazz trumpet legend Gabe Johnson. However, on the way back from the show, they come to the aid of a crashed motorist , a distraught woman who turns out to be none other than Gabe's wife Jana. Jana claims that her husband is an unstable personality who is trying to kill her.
Guest Stars: Harold Stone as Lieut. Mangano | Barbara Bostock as Kitty | Jack Lord (1) as Gabe Johnson | Anne Francis as Jana Johnson
Director: Lewis Allen

15 :01x15 - The Clover Throne

On the ranch lands of Southern California, Tod and Buz encounter the latest character in their cross-country travels: date rancher Adam Darcey. The invalid Darcey is in mortal combat with the State Highway Department, who wants to build a new road through his property. Darcey keeps vigil on his front porch with a rifle to prevent construction work. Secretly, he is in love with his lovely young ward "Sweet Thing", the apple of the eye of every young man in town.
Guest Stars: Jack Warden as Adam Darcey | Anne Helm as Sweet Thing | DeForest Kelley as Willis | Deirdre Owens as Mrs. Goss | Paul Barselou as Orin | Robert Ball (2) as Poach | Stephen Roberts as Holcomb | Arthur Batanides as Joe Goss
Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: Herb Meadow

16 :01x16 - Fly Away Home (1)

Tod and Buz motor into Pheonix, Arizona. Tod is thrilled at the prospect of going to work as a prospector for Jack Windus, the man who first taught Tod how to fly. However, when he arrives at the cropdusting outfit, Tod learns that Windus is dead. The business is now run by his wife Dora, who sleepwalks through life, refusing to accept the reality of her husband's death. The chief pilot, Summers, is a brooding depressive convinced that he will bring death and ruin into the life of anyone he is involved with. He attempts to avoid all personal entanglements, including that of his wife Christina, who is hopelessly devoted to him. Tod seeks to convince the reclusive Summers to take him on as an apprentice, while Buz meanwhile begins to fall for Christina . . .
Guest Stars: Michael Rennie as Summers | Dorothy Malone as Christina Summers | Cathy Lewis (1) as Dora Windus | Jenny Maxwell as Vicki | Bert Remsen as Skeets
Director: Arthur Hiller

17 :01x17 - Fly Away Home (2)

Tod's aspiration to become a cropdusting pilot has led him and Buz into a complex situation involving the interrelationships of the people concerned with the Windus crop dusting company. Tod has succesfully petitioned for the comapny's head pilot Summers to teach him the ropes of the business despite the latter man's reluctance. The financially strapped company is offered a dangerous contract requiring the plane to carry a hazardous load of sulpher. The dramatic events that subsequently unfold make for one of Tod and Buz's most unforgettable experiences in this epic two-parter.
Guest Stars: Michael Rennie as Summers | Dorothy Malone as Christina Summers | Cathy Lewis (1) as Dora Windus | Jenny Maxwell as Vicki | Ford Rainey as Russell | Bert Remsen as Skeets
Director: Arthur Hiller

18 :01x18 - Sleep on Four Pillows

Tod and Buz encounter a bored poor little rich girl from Hollywood who attempts to spice up her life by pretending to be the target of mobster kidnappers. Her concerned parents have hired a private detective agency in an attempt to track the girl down. With our heroes and the gumshoes each believing the others to be the bad guys, hilarity is sure to ensure in this example of lighter fare from Route 66's first season.
Guest Stars: Paul Shively as Second Waiting Man | Justin O'brien as First Waiting Man | Ralph Neff as Guard | Frank Kreig as Character | Gene Benton as Professor | Peter Walker (1) as Trivers | William Sargent as Baxton | Patricia McCormack as Jan | Larry Gates as Baer | Marianne Stewart as Marva | John Beradino as Police Lieutenant | Penny Santon as Stella
Director: Ted Post

19 :01x19 - An Absence of Tears

When Donna Stevens' husband is murdered, the small-time crooks spare her life because of her blindness. Now, she is determined not to let the handicap that saved her prevent her from single-handedly finding her husband's killers and avenging herself upon them - and her plans invlolve an unwitting Tod and Buz.
Guest Stars: Rin Tin Tin as Rex | Paul Richards as Rudy | Joe Abdullah as Chico | Lewis Charles as Cab Driver | Herman Rudin as Lt. Cobb | Mary Webster as Midge | Joseph Ruskin as Blinky | Herb Armstrong as Poke | Martha Hyer as Donna Stevens
Director: Alvin Ganzer

20 :01x20 - Like a Motherless Child

Is this the end of a partnership? Tod and Buz part ways when Tod returns a runaway boy to an orphanage. Buz, with his own unpleasant memories of such institutions, strikes out on his own as a protest to Tod's decision. Later, working for a livestock auction, Buz encounters an older woman, matron of a group of traveling female entertainers, who once gave up her young son and the two become drawn to each other. Before the end of this story, Tod and Buz will come to blows before reconciling.
Guest Stars: Sylvia Sidney as Hannah | Carmen Phillips as Ina | Chris Carter as Theresa | Joyce Horne as Peg | Mina Vaughn as Liz (as Nina Vaughn) | Brad Herrman as Martin | Ben Johnson as Alley | Rodney Bell as Chuck | Barbara Hines as Frieda | Jack Weston as Jake

21 :01x21 - Effigy in Snow

Tod and Buz are working at the exclusive Squaw Valley ski resort in central California. A serial killer preying on young women is prowling the resort.
Guest Stars: Scott Marlowe as Armand | Jeanne Bal as Penny | George MacReady as Mr. Fontaine | Kurt Kreuger as Otto | Keith Wegeman as Extra | Ann Warner as Extra | Rodd Dana as Extra | Mark Tapscott as Extra | Ulla Stromstedt as Extra | Denny Niles as Extra | Terry Huntingdon as Extra | Nancy Downey as Extra
Director: Alvin Ganzer

22 :01x22 - Eleven, the Hard Way

On the road to Reno, Tod and Buz meet up with Sam Keep, a notorious gambler, and Francis Oliver, the financier assigned to keep him in line. The folks of a tiny Nevada town have sent the two on a gambling mission in a desperate attempt to acquire the funds needed to save it. The plan threatens to go awry when the normally staid and conservative Oliver catches gambling fever.
Guest Stars: Debbie Megowan as Dora Knight | Guy Raymond as Monty Knight | Edward Andrews as Francis Oliver | Walter Matthau as Sam Keep
Director: William Graham

23 :01x23 - Most Vanquished, Most Victorious

Summoned to his aunt Kitty's deathbed in the slums of Los Angeles, Tod is given a desperate request - to locate her missing daughter Carol, Tod's cousin. Tod's search for the young girl will not only take him through the seediness and violence of life on the wrong side of the tracks - including involving him and Buz in a brutal brawl with a street gang - but will also force him to confront the dark side of his own personality, in one of the grimmest offerings of Route 66's first season.
Guest Stars: Nancy Lewis as Stripper | John Dennis as Hank | John Alonzo as Juan Domingo | Elizabeth Allen (1) as Alice | Frank DeKova as Davey Briggs | Pat De Simone as Cazador | Royal Dano as Dr. Clemente | Beatrice Straight as Kitty Chamberlain

24 :01x24 - Dont Count Stars

In San Diego, Tod and Buz become drawn into the lives of preocious nine-year old heiress Linda McKay, and her alcoholic uncle Mike. When Mike's irresponsible behavior threatens to cause him to lose custody of his beloved niece, Tod and Buz step in in an attempt to shape the man up and salvage the situation. But neither them nor Linda is aware of the secret Mike is harboring.
Guest Stars: Joe McTurk as Character #3 | Danny Francis as Character #4 | Phil Arnold as Character #2 | Ralph Gary as Character #1 | Lucy Prentis as Secretary | Mary Jackson as Judge | Oliver McGowan as Ernie Bassard | Vaughn Taylor as Frank Hammond | Susan Melvin as Linda McKay | Dan Duryea as Mike McKay
Director: Paul Wendkos

25 :01x25 - The Newborn

Frank Ivy runs his New Mexico cattle spread like a feudal baron. When his reckless son impregnates a young Indian girl, and then dies in an accident, Ivy kidnaps the young woman and brings her to his estate to raise the child as his own, against the woman's wishes. But among Ivy's ranch hands are employed Tod and Buz, who aid the girl in escaping and in a subsequent attempt to get her to refuge and sanctuary on a reservation. But our two young adventurers soon learn that they will not arrive without first facing one of their most difficult challenges - delivering a baby.
Guest Stars: Bing Russell as Satterfield | Denver Pyle as Father Prior | Robert Duvall as Roman | Arlene Martel as Kawna | Albert Dekker as Frank Ivy
Director: Arthur Hiller

26 :01x26 - A Skill for Hunting

When Tod and Buz prevent New Mexico sportsman "Hump" Humphrey from poaching a doe, they soon learn that the hunter is a borderline psychotic personality - and that he now has his sights set on the duo.
Guest Stars: Warren J. Kemmerling as Fred Capper | Paul Genge as Frank | Harold Stone as Gus | Joanna Moore as Trinket | Gene Evans as Hump Humphrey
Writer: Jack Turley

27 :01x27 - Trap at Cordova

When Tod and Buz stop to aid what appears to be a stranded motorist in rural New Mexico, the duo finds themselves kidnapped. The reason? They've been recruited as schoolteachers in the tiny villa of Cordova. You see, Cordova has no teachers of its own, and fears that the closing of the schools will imperil the survival of the very community.
Guest Stars: Richard Keith (1) as Juan | Fabian Chavez as Himself | Derrik Lewis as Young Man | Lee Roberts as Bus Driver | Tony Maxwell as Tino | Argentina Brunetti as Senora Maria Otero | Thomas Gomez as Miguel Delgado | Dianne Foster as Anita Delgado | James Brown (2) as Sheriff Canfield
Director: Arthur Hiller

28 :01x28 - The Opponent

In Youngstown, Ohio, Buz looks forward to a reunion with his boyhood idol, former boxing great Johnny Copa, who is participating in a bout in the city. However, Buz is distraught to find that Copa's career has hit the skids, and that he has been reduced to the status of second-billing punching fodder for up and coming contenders. Buz takes a position in Johnny's corner the night of the bout, determined to help the fighter taste victory once again.
Guest Stars: Joseph Archer as Otto | Ben Yaffee as Anson | Al Lewis (1) as Gym Owner | David Clarke (1) as Mace | Clement Fowler as Poochy | Edward Asner as Scully | Lois Nettleton as Susan | Darren McGavin as Johnny Copa

29 :01x29 - Welcome to Amity

Tod and Buz are working in the tiny hamlet of Amity, Ohio, when native daughter Joan Maslow returns to town. The boys try to aid her in the seemingly innocuous task of moving her late mother's body from a potter's field into the town cemetery. They are astonished when the people of Amity violently oppose the move.
Guest Stars: Susan Oliver (1) as Joan Maslow | Martha Scott as Mrs. Watson | Logan Ramsey as Stanley Curry | Joe Warren as Frank Krassek | Louise Larabee as Mrs. Magruder | DeAnn Mears as Mrs. Morris | Anna Minot as Alice Krassek | Edward Holmes (2) as Jack Morris | Luke Halpin as Bobby Krassek | Joe Sweeney as Mr. Curry
Director: Arthur Hiller
Writer: Will Lorin

30 :01x30 - Incident on a Bridge

The series concludes a succesful first season with a classic offering set in Cleveland, Ohio - as Tod and Buz become involved in a touching love story featuring two misfits. One a simian construction laborer, the other a mute servant girl.
Guest Stars: Nehemiah Persoff as Divorovoi | Lois Smith as Anna | Vic Ramos as Simmons | Tommy Battreall as Mikhail | Herb Voland as Hodges | Allan Melvin as Orlov | Muni Seroff as Volovich

Season 2

31 :02x01 - A Month of Sundays

Broadway sensation Arlene Sims suddenly breaks off her career to return to her hometown of Butte, Montana. Arlene is dying of a rare disease and has come home to spend her final days. But she didn't count on meeting Buz Murdock, who becomes smitten with her. As their relationship grows, Buz contemplates marriage, blissfully unaware that Arelene's time is running out.
Guest Stars: Rodney Bell as Cab Driver | Betty Garde as Lydia Sullivan | Conrad Nagel as Father Prior | Anne Francis as Arlene Simms
Director: Arthur Hiller

32 :02x02 - Blue Murder

To save the life of a wild stallion named "Blue Murder", who has been determined to be too dangerous to be allowed to live, Tod and Buz pledge to personally deliver the horse to rancher Jim Bludge in rural Montana. But when Bludge is found trampled to death, Tod is wracked with guilt and vows to hunt down and kill the animal himself.
Guest Stars: Rodney Bell as Man | Emile Meyer as Johnny | Harry Townes as Frank | Gene Evans as Jim Bludge | Claude Akins as Cam | Suzanne Pleshette as Blossom
Director: Arthur Hiller

33 :02x03 - Good Night, Sweet Blues

In Pittsburgh, Tod and Buz befriend ailing elderly former blues singer Jennie Henderson. They then set out to fulfill Jennie's dying request: to reunite the members of her old combo for one final performance.
Guest Stars: Ethel Waters as Jennie Henderson | Juano Hernandez as King Loomis | P. Jay Sidney as Dr. Wally Farrow | Royal Beal as Judge | Douglas Rutherford as Dr. Bigrist | Robert Elross as Manager | Billie Allen (2) as Cora Adams | Roy Eldridge as A. C. | Coleman Hawkins as Snooze | Jo Jones as Lover | Bill Gunn (1) as Hank | Frederick O'Neal as Horace
Director: Jack Smight
Writer: Will Lorin

34 :02x04 - Birdcage on My Foot

On the streets of Boston, Tod and Buz encounter Arnie- a heroin addict in the throes of withdrawal. Tod wants to help the man. However Buz, who has had one too many experiences with junkies in his past, vehemently disagrees - Arnie's case is hopeless, he says, and not worth their time. Tod is puzzled at his usually altruistic close friend's sudden coldness, and wonders at its real cause.
Guest Stars: Robert Duvall as Arnie | Mike Kellin as Lt. Calder | Diana Millay as Charlotte

35 :02x05 - First Class Mouliak

Once again in Cleveland, Tod and Buz become part of the Polish blue collar community. Their boss Jack Kolodziedjczak's greatest pride is his son Janosh, whom he is grooming to be a doctor. But tragedy strikes when Janosh's girlfriend Terry , the daughter of Jack's best friend Mike Palinski is found dead at the bottom of a ravine. With Janosh on the lam, Jack vows to avenge Terry's death, even if it means killing his own beloved son.
Guest Stars: Nehemiah Persoff as Jack Kolodziejczak | Martin Balsam as Mike Palinski | Russell Kriss as Markiewicz | Richard X. Slattery as Detective | Peggy Feury as Anna | Ann Dee as Teresa Palinski | Nancy Malone as Eva | Robert Redford as Janosh Kolodziejczak
Director: William Conrad
Writer: John Vlahos

36 :02x06 - Once to Every Man

Tod and Buz are working in the Adams shipyards in Massachusetts. With the sudden death of the owner, socialite and heiress Prudence Adams arrives for the funeral and to take charge of her father's business. A romance develops between Tod and Prudence, which develops into something serious very quickly. Are there wedding bells in Tod's future?
Guest Stars: Mel Arrighi as Jack Wharton | Nick Saunders as George Slocum | Robert F. Simon as Jed Wharton | Ann Shoemaker as Grandmother | Murray Matheson as Leigh Adams | Janice Rule as Prudence Adams
Director: Arthur Hiller

37 :02x07 - The Mud Nest

All his life, Buz has wondered about the mother who abandoned him when he was an infant to live out an orphaned childhood. Now in the small town of Hester, Maryland, Buz has discovered a family - the Colbys - who look like they could be his brothers and sisters. With Tod and a tiny faded photograph, Buz starts on a quest through the streets of Baltimore to find the woman who may be his real mother.
Guest Stars: Betty Field as Dorthea Colby | Lon Chaney, Jr. as Colby | Edward Asner as Lt. Tegeler | Sylvia Miles as Hope | Cleopatra Maharis as Colby Sister | Harold Maharis as Hank Colby | Paul Maharis as Mark Colby | Mary Bell as Ma Colby | George L. Smith (1) as Eddie | Griff Evans as First Townsman | Sam Capuano as Doctor | Philip Coolidge as Old Codger
Director: James Sheldon

38 :02x08 - A Bridge Across Five Days

Lillian Aldrich is trying to fit back into society after spending the last eighteen years in a mental hospital. On her first day back at work, she gets into an argument with Buz, who is unaware of her condition. When Lillian flees the office in tears, Tod and Buz learn of the situation. They resolve to help Lillian in her readjustment to normal life and to seek out the daughter who believes her to be dead.
Guest Stars: Nina Foch as Lillian Aldrich | James Patterson (2) as Paul Guin | James Dunn as Mexia | Jean Muir as Beatrice Ware | Davey Davison as Jo | Isa Davidson as Nurse | Judith Robinson as Geraldine
Director: Richard Donner

39 :02x09 - Mon Petit Chou

In Pittsburgh, Tod finds himself enamored of lounge singer Perette Dijon. However, Perette is a beautiful princess locked up in a tower - the Mariott Hotel overlooking the city - and the dragon who guards her is her intensely jealous and possessive manager Glenn Ryan. When Tod attempts to court Perette, Ryan knocks him cold with a karate chop. Tod vows revenge and plans for a final showdown with Ryan in his aerie.
Guest Stars: Lee Marvin as Glenn Ryan | Bert Remsen as Higgy | Guy Sorel as Speaker | Pete Gumeny as Skipper | Hilda Brawner as Gloria | Edward Atienza as Violinist | Macha Meril as Perette Dijon
Director: Sam Peckinpah

40 :02x10 - Some of the People, Some of the Time

In Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Tod and Buz encounter traveling beauty contest promoter Max Coyne and are enlisted by him to help stage his latest competition in that town. However, when the community leans that Coyne is a fraud and a con man, our two young heroes may wind up in jail along with him.
Guest Stars: Erik Silju as Olaf | Dan Morgan as Garage Owner | Sid Raymond as Clark | Elizabeth Bader as Winnie White | Arnold Soboloff as Coco | Jane Hoffman as Mrs. Pearson | Shirl Conway as Caroline Coyne | Lois Nettleton as Jahala West | Keenan Wynn as Max Coyne
Director: Robert Altman

41 :02x11 - The Thin White Line

Tod and Buz attend a party at a Philadelphia hotel. A misguided prank pulled by a pair of college boys results in Tod drinking a beer that has been spiked with a powerful, experimental hallucinogen. Tod flees the hotel and goes on a one-man rampage through the city as the effects of the drug cause him to experience extreme emotions and sensations: fear, rage, elation, paranoia. Buz and the Philadelphia police force must find Tod before the final phase of the drug takes place - Tod will enter a state of extreme depression in which it is certain he will attempt to take his own life.
Guest Stars: Darrell Sandeen as Duke | William Tierney as Drunk | Bill Hannant as Roy | Gary Michaels (1) as Officer Warren | Joe Warren as Lt. Walker | Ed Griffith (1) as Harold | Leonardo Cimino as Vender | Doris Rich as Maggie | Al Lewis (1) as Joe | Murray Hamilton as Dr. Anderson | Fred J. Scollay (1) as Officer Romero | Sylvia Miles as Red | Anita Gillette as Nancy

42 :02x12 - And the Cat Jumped Over the Moon

In Philadelphia, Tod and Buz pay a visit to Chuck Brennan, a social worker who was instrumental in helping Buz escape a life of juvenile delinquincy as a youth. Brennan continues to work with street gangs, and accepts the challenge of a local gang leader named Packy to a dare game played on the rooftops of the city's apartment buildings. Brennan is killed during the contest, and it falls on Tod, Buz and the gang's reformed former leader Johnny to bring down Packy.
Guest Stars: Robert Mariano as Eddie | Stanley Kristien as Phil | Anita Dangler as Woman | Teno Pollick as Marty | Herman Rudin as Lt. Peterson | Frank Campanella as Police Captain | Martin Sheen as Packy | James Caan as Johnny | Susan Silo as Marvo | Milt Kamen as Chuck Brennan

43 :02x13 - Burning for Burning

In rural Pennsylvania, Tod and Buz work for the Bracks, a wealthy family led by the domineering widow Agnes. Another widow enters the picture, Agnes' daughter-in-law Julie, who comes overseas from Europe bearing Agnes' grandson. When the family treats her arrival with open coldness and hostility, Tod and Buz are left as the only ones in town who seem willing to offer the young woman hospitality.
Guest Stars: Lenka Peterson as Beth | Ann Dee as Laura | Pat Hingle as Frank | Beulah Bondi as Agnes Brack | Inger Stevens as Julie
Director: Charles Haas

44 :02x14 - To Walk with the Serpent

Touring historical monuments in Boston, Tod and Buz meet John Westerbrook, an eccentric yet distinguished man who displays a strong patriotism and travels with a small contingent of bodyguards. The boys later learn that Westerbrook is the head of a white supremacist organization. Boston police enlist the aid of our two leads, as Tod works inside the organization and Buz outside. The race is against time, as Westerbrook's organization seems about to be planning something which will result in the deaths of many innoncents.
Guest Stars: Joseph Campanella as Perry Hall | DeAnn Mears as Amelia Van Ness | Frank Sutton as Davis | Logan Ramsey as Emery Williams | Judson Laire as Henry Westerbrook | Simon Oakland as Ben Newcombe | Dan O'Herlihy as John Westerbrook
Director: James Sheldon
Writer: Will Lorin

45 :02x15 - A Long Piece of Mischief

Tod and Buz pick up work when the traveling rodeo comes to Mesquite, Texas. They come to the rescue of rodeo clown Ollie Crump from hazing at the hands of the outfits cowboys. Ollie is a former rider whose injury has led him to become a clown, and nurses a secret love for alcoholic trick rider Babe Hunter.
Guest Stars: Ray Lackland as Announcer | Carelgean Gilley as Cowgirl | Sonny Dewberry as Cowboy | Denver Pyle as Wylie | Slim Pickens as Jud | Ben Johnson as Del | Audrey Totter as Babe Hunter | Albert Salmi as Ollie Crump | Neal Gay as Rodeo Boss

46 :02x16 - 1800 Days to Justice

Framed for a crime he didn't commit, David Job returns home to his small Texas town following a five-year prison stint. He takes complete control of the town and kidnaps lead citizen Bob Harcourt , the man responsible for his frame-up. David intends to convene a kangaroo court in the local courthouse to pass judgement on Harcourt. Among the enforced participants in the trial are passerbys Tod and Buz.
Guest Stars: Jack Bryan (1) as Doodles | Denis Adams as Hogan | Geerine Cleveland as Mrs. Drake | Louise Mask as Bess | Joseph Cranshaw as Luke | Robert Bowen as Holling | Herb Armstrong as Vince | Moody Blanchard as Oliver | John Ericson as David Job | Noah Beery, Jr. as Emlyn | Marion Ross as Ann | DeForest Kelley as Bob Harcourt | Oliver McGowan as Sheriff Drake | Roger Torrey as Candy
Writer: Jo Pagano

47 :02x17 - City of Wheels

Tod and Buz are working at a Long Beach veterans hospital. This brings them into the life of Frank Madera, a paraplegic who has been embittered ever since his wife left him, and Lori Barton, the nurse who loves him.
Guest Stars: Henry Beckman as Night Club Romeo | John Lasell as Dan | Jacqueline Scott as Midge | James T. Callahan as Smudge | Bethel Leslie as Lori Barton | Steven Hill (1) as Frank Madera
Writer: Frank Chase

48 :02x18 - How Much a Pound is Albatross

Tod and Buz arrive in Tucson, Arizona, at the same time as Vicki Russell, a free-spirited motorcyclist. Vicki manages to get herself tossed in jail within minutes of coming to town. Buz is fascinated by the young girl's cavalier approach to life and existence and springs for her bail, against Tod's better judgement. However, it is Tod who later falls under Vicki's spell and goes on a joyride with her into the Arizona desert.
Guest Stars: Julie Newmar as Vicki Russell | Frank McHugh as Landers | Ray Teal as Ames | Than Wyenn as Judge | Jean Engstrom as Dr. Ball | Ted Thorpe as Shopkeeper | Phil Arnold as Larry | George D. Wallace as Harlow | Ken Strange as Reed | Med Flory as Officer #2

49 :02x19 - Aren't You Surprised to See Me?

In Dallas, Buz is kidnapped by Caine, a religious fanatic who has left a trail of dead bodies across the major cities of the United States. Caine wants the entire city to abstain from sin for twenty-four hours . . . or else Buz will become his latest victim.
Guest Stars: K Callan as Western Union Operator | John D. Benson as Plainclothesman | Phil Lieberman as Officer | John G. Baugh as Newsboy | Stockton Briggle as Warehouse Manager | Ray Hyke as Plainclothesman | Dale Berry as Lt. Lee | Linda Johnson (1) as Receptionist | David Wayne as Caine | James Brown (2) as Captain Strode
Director: James Sheldon

50 :02x20 - You Never Had It So Good

Tod and Buz are working as day laborers for a Scottsdale, Arizona, development firm. When the company seeks a new vice president, Terry Prentiss promotes Buz to that executive position as part of a power play to demonstrate to her boss Lee Fisk that a woman can be a corporate executive. Buz, suddenly finding himself in high-rolling executive boardroom meetings, becomes Terry's puppet in this comedy of errors.
Guest Stars: Peter Graves (1) as David Leland 'Lee' Fisk | Patricia Barry as Terry Prentiss
Director: James Sheldon

51 :02x21 - Shoulder the Sky My Lad

In Phoenix, Tod and Buz befriend their employer Carl Selman. When Carl is killed in a senseless mugging, the boys must come to the emotional rescue of his young son Davey, who has a crisis of faith on the verge of his Bar Mitzvah.
Guest Stars: Lili Darvas as Annie Selman | Susan Gordon as Rose Corbello | Michael McGreevey as Davey Selman | Lisabeth Hush as Nancy | H.M. Wynant as Rabbi Harris | Frank Leo as Hophead | Sam Gilman as Lt. Robak | Edward Asner as Carl Selman
Writer: Mort Thaw

52 :02x22 - Blues for a Left Foot

When he was an undergraduate at Yale, Tod had a crush on a dancer named Rosemarie Brown. Years later, Rosemarie has fallen on hard times, having just been widowed by an alcoholic husband. Tod and Buz, working for a Hollywood TV station, urge Rosemarie to audition for a dance troupe for one of their shows as a means to get her back on her feet.
Guest Stars: Akim Tamiroff as Sam Benjamin | Elizabeth Seal as Rosemarie Brown | Ray Stack as Network Executive | Marilyn Lerner as Receptionist | Joseph Mell as Marty Epstein | Elaine Joyce as Maxine | Larri Thomas as Joy | Tony Monaco as Kelly | Harvey Lembeck as Zip | Zack Matalon as Pete Marlin | Zeme North as Rhoda
Director: Arthur Hiller

53 :02x23 - Go Read the River

Tod is hired for a special assignment - to be the special assistant to speed boat motor designer Sandy Mason. The demands of this driven man who is on the verge of a revolutionary breakthrough in engine design keep Tod working overtime. But when Mason's prodigal daughter arrives on the scene, Tod finds himself drawn just as intensely into the man's personal life as well as his professional.
Guest Stars: John Larch as Sandy Mason | Lois Smith as Dana Mason | Cathleen Cordell as Norma Mason | Harold Gould as Edward Crane | John Astin as Benson | Elizabeth MacRae as Jean Cory | Frank Maxwell as George Mills | Russell Johnson as Bob Keel
Director: Arthur Hiller

54 :02x24 - Even Stones Have Eyes

Buz is knocked out during a construction work accident, and when he regains consciousness he finds that he is unable to see! A doctor tells him his loss of vision may be temporary, or it may be permanent. Buz first contemplates taking his own life, but then agrees to enroll in a Texas institute for the blind so that he can retrain himself to live in society. Buz is assigned a young blind woman as his teacher, and as he gradually begins to cope with both his blindness and becoming part of the world again he begins to fall in love with the young woman. This episode marks one of George Maharis' most memorable performances of the series.
Guest Stars: Dallas Mitchell as Chet Hollis | Booth Colman as Snyder | Paul Tripp as Frank Robinson | Barbara Barrie as Celia
Director: Robert Gist

55 :02x25 - Love is a Skinny Kid

Tod and Buz are stopping over for lunch in a sleepy little Texas town. Suddenly, a bus pulls into town, and one of the passengers who disembarks is a young woman who is wearing a hideously frightful mask. The girl's purpose for arriving thus costumed seems to be part of a mysterious vedetta against the town. Unable to resist the lure of this mystery, Tod and Buz attempt to gain the confidence of the woman to find out who she is and the purpose behind her arrival.
Guest Stars: Cheryl Anderson as Janie (Age 9) | CeCe Whitney as Woman | Patti Newby as Janie (Grownup) | Veronica Cartwright as Miriam (age 9) | Joan Chambers as Waitress | Charlie Briggs as Jed | Harry Raybould as Les | Margaret Phillips as Mrs. Bainbridge | Harry Townes as Jason Palmer | Malcolm Atterbury as Bruner | Burt Reynolds as Tommy | Cloris Leachman as Lydia | Tuesday Weld as Miriam
Director: James Sheldon

56 :02x26 - Kiss the Maiden All Forlorn

After stopping to help a young woman with car trouble, Tod and Buz find themselves part of a kidnapping. They soon learn that the woman is the daughter of famed embezzler and international fugitive Charles Clayton. Clayton has risked recapture to come back to the United States to visit his daughter.
Guest Stars: Denis Adams as Rewrite Man | Bobby W. Hargis as Officer | Jim L. Howe as Policeman | Jerry McCutchin as Pilot | Fairfax Nisbet as Newswoman | Leo Ukie Sherin as Lab Technician | Duke Farley as Editor | James Brown (2) as Sheriff | Beatrice Straight as Mother Teresa | Michael Tolan as Antonio | Elena Verdugo as Elena | Zina Bethune as Bonnie Clayton | Arthur Hill as Howard | Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. as Charles Clayton

57 :02x27 - Two on the House

While working as deckhands on a Cleveland river tour ferry, Tod and Buz come to the rescue when a young boy goes off the boat into the water. The boy, Richie McIntyre turns out to be the son of local business tycoon Willard McIntyre, and claims that he did not fall overboard, but was pushed. Then the elder Mcintyre begins receiving threatening notes intimating at a kidnapping of his son, and then Richie disappears . . .
Tod and Buz, themselves under suspicion, go on a hunt for the boy in an attempt to solve the mystery.
Guest Stars: Ralph Meeker as Willard McIntyre | Barnard Hughes as Al Forrester | Brad Herrman as Richie McIntyre | Michael Kray as Ferguson | Lester Mack as Bum | Katherine Meskill as Miss Clavinger | Robert Weil as Vendor | Duke Farley as Joe Watt | Harry Gresham as Lawson | Patricia Smith (1) as Miss Aubrey | Herb Voland as Garrison | Henry Jones (1) as Asa Turnbull

58 :02x28 - There I am, There I Always Am

A Jet-setter named Lola, bored with her rich life, dives overboard the side of her luxury boat and swims for the shore of California's Catalina Island in search of adventure. What she finds is Buz Murdock, working alone on the island, and astonished to see the woman walk towards him out of the water like an incarnation of Aphrodite.
Buz and Lola begin to flirt with each other; but their games soon turn serious when Lola, wandering the beach, manages to get her foot stuck in the rocks in a cove. The high tide is coming in, meaning that the girl could drown in her predicament.
Buz is unable to free the woman without assistance. But Tod has gone to the mainland for supplies, and the resort community is deserted for the off-season. As the waves mount higher and higher the plight of the trapped girl becomes more and more dire as Buz desperately searches for a way to free her or get help.
Guest Stars: Émile Genest as Emil Barraux | Joanna Moore as Lola
Director: John Newland

59 :02x29 - Between Hello and Goodbye

With Buz laid up in the hospital, Tod is left to work double duty for the duo at the Venice Beach amusement park. One night at a bar, he meets Cris Sinclair, an impulsive and exciting young blonde woman . The next day at work, he is approached by her sister, the reserved and bespectcled Claire, who warns Tod that involvement with Cris may spell disaster for both of them.
Guest Stars: Susan Oliver (1) as Claire/Chris | Herschel Bernardi as Dr. Arthur Resiman | Ruth Enders as Mrs. Martin | Steve Peck as Man in Nightclub | Ralph Barnard as Mr. Martin | Joan Tompkins as Mrs. Thomas

60 :02x30 - A Feat of Strength

Tod enters the world of professional wrestling as he goes to work for a promoter of the "sport". Tod's boss has financed the release of a longtime Hungarian political prisoner named Sandor in order to bring him to the United States to add to his stable of wrestlers. The proud Sandor, accustomed to traditional wrestling, is about to learn what it means to be involved in the Americanized version, where staging and showmanship trump strength and skill.
Guest Stars: Joe De Santis as Steiner | Norman Grabowski as Georgie | Jesslyn Fax as Birdie | Harriet Gibson as Nurse | Dean Moray as Small Boy | John Zaccaro as Vince | Mushy Callahan as Referee | Jack Warden as Sandor Biro | Signe Hasso as Eva

61 :02x31 - Hell is Empty, All the Devils are Here

Tod goes to work at a California zoo where the owner is having nightmares about his first wife being killed by a tiger.
Guest Stars: Peter Graves (1) as Peter Hale | Eva Stern as Julie Hale | Henry Beckman as Wasson | Michael Pate as Philip Tager | Charles H. Radilak as Brauner

62 :02x32 - From an Enchantress Fleeing

A female doctor hires Tod to search for her missing husband. He finds the missing man who doesn't want to return home to wifey.
Guest Stars: Brendan Dillon as Tommy | Bobby Horan as Mark Bradley | Joyce Aehle as Mrs. Bradley | Thayer Roberts as Mr. Anderson | Robert Biheller as Tough Kid | Josie Lloyd as Janie Sanders | Mercedes Shirley as Woman Guest | Biff Elliot as Ames | Milton Selzer as Gunther | June Vincent as Dr. Anna Martin | Anne Helm as Lorrie | Arthur O'Connell as Dr. Lawrence Martin
Director: William Graham

Season 3

63 :03x01 - One Tiger to a Hill

Working on a fishing boat in Oregon, Tod gets into a violent feud with another fisherman over a woman.
Guest Stars: Laura Devon as Toika | Signe Hasso as Anna Gustafson | David Janssen as Karno

64 :03x02 - Journey to Nineveh

In rural Missouri, Tod and Buz pick up a hitchhiker on their way to go fishing. The man is reputed to be a big time jinx.
Guest Stars: Russell Horton as Jake | Virginia Rose as Woman Driver | John Durren (1) as Charlie | John Davis Chandler as Frank | Edgar Buchanan as Abe | John Astin as Gas Attendant | Guy Raymond as Constable | Jenny Maxwell as Suzy Butler | Buster Keaton as Jonah Butler | Joe E. Brown as Sam Butler

65 :03x03 - Man Out of Time

Tod and Buz are in Chicago, Tod as a taxi driver, who picks up a former prohibition gangster, who thinks someone from his past is out to kill him.
Guest Stars: Ted Gunther as Sergeant | Harold Gary as Manny | John Hollander as Baggage Man | Glenda Farrell as Laverne | Bruce Gordon (1) as Jake | Frank McHugh as Sandy | Luther Adler as Harry Wender
Writer: Larry Marcus

66 :03x04 - Ever Ride the Waves in Oklahoma

Buz takes up surfing to challenge the local king of the beach in Huntington Beach, CA.
Guest Stars: Jeremy Slate as Hob Harrell | Dolores Michaels as Medrith | Tony Demarco as Waiter | James Westmoreland as Second Surfer | Ron Kipling as First Surfer | Bruce Watson as Jimmy Mills | Romney Tree as Debbie
Director: Robert Gist

67 :03x05 - Voice at the End of the Line

Working as a motel lifeguard in Chicago, Buz attempts to play matchmaker for his supervisor and a motel telephone operator.
Guest Stars: Michael Dana as Charlie | Pete Gumeny as Roy | Lou Gilbert as Mr. Morgenstern | Martha Greenhouse as Ruthie | Frank Campanella as Jack | Sorrell Booke as Sam Frazier
Writer: Larry Marcus

68 :03x06 - Lizard's Leg and Owlet's Wing

Horror legends Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney, Jr., and Peter Lorre portray themselves as they travel to a hotel in Chicago in order to find out if the old monsters can still scare a modern day audience.
Guest Stars: Ralph Stantley as Lt. Collins | Betsy Jones-Moreland as Lila | Bill Berger as Mr. Stevenson | Sally Gracie as Beth | Jeannine Riley as Molly Cross | Conrad Nagel as Mr. Paris | Lon Chaney, Jr. as Himself | Peter Lorre as Himself | Boris Karloff as Himself | Martita Hunt as Mrs. Baxter
Director: Robert Gist

69 :03x07 - Across Walnuts and Wine

Working in an Oregon paper mill, Tod and Buz rent a room from a dysfunctional family.
Guest Stars: Nina Foch as Autumn Ely | Betty Field as Maggie Carter | James Dunn as Van Carter | Robert Walker, Jr. as Michael Ely | Dick Theis as Waldo | Sindee Anne Richards as Corrine Carter

70 :03x08 - Welcome to the Wedding

Tod is kidnapped by a convicted murderer while waiting at a railroad station for a bridesmaid.
Guest Stars: Lorraine Rogers as Pretty Girl | Brandon Maggart as Groom | Penny Fuller as Bride | Barbara Davis as Emily | David Clarke (1) as Stanley | Edward Asner as Custody Officer Peers | Rod Steiger as Lezama
Director: George Sherman

71 :03x09 - Every Father's Daughter Must Weave Her Own

A girl is suffering from the same disease that killed her mother and an operation might not save her.
Guest Stars: Madlyn Rhue as Ara Rados | Jack Kruschen as John Rados | Robert Drivas as Nick Rados
Director: Richard L. Bare

72 :03x10 - Poor Little Kangaroo Rat

Tod and Buz go to work as shark hunters for a doctor doing research on the creature. But the doc's wife wants him to return to his regular practice.
Guest Stars: Ron Howard as Chet Duncan | Maggie Pierce as Liz | Joanne Linville as Helen Duncan | Leslie Nielsen as Doc Duncan
Director: Walter Grauman
Writer: Lester Pine

73 :03x11 - Hey Moth, Come Eat The Flame

In St. Louis, Tod and Buz get involved in the lives of a thiirteen year old boy and his alcoholic father.
Guest Stars: Duane Jones as Foreman | Marilyn Rogers as Girl | Jennifer Billingsley as Janie | Mickey Sholdar as Arnie Mullins | Mike Kellin as Hannibal | Harry Guardino as Muddy Mullins
Director: James Sheldon

74 :03x12 - Only by Cunning Glimpses

Tod and Buz decide to leave Cleveland because of the predictions of a nightclub mentalist about them which keep coming true.
Guest Stars: George L. Smith (1) as Lt. Cory | Lu Leonard as Madame Thornton | Dan Frazer as Drunk | Lois Smith as Brycie Koseloff | Theodore Bikel as Dr. Anton Koseloff
Director: Tom Gries

75 :03x13 - Where is Chick Lorrimer? Where Has She Gone?

Tod searches for a female bail jumper who conned him into letting her escape.
Guest Stars: John Marriott as Old Man | Stephen Brooks (1) as Ralph | Brenda Scott as Jeannie | Robert Emhardt as Jackson Harris | Frank Overton as Peter Graham | Martha Scott as Ruth O'Brien | Vera Miles as Ellen Barnes
Director: George Sherman
Writer: Larry Marcus

76 :03x14 - Give the Old Cat a Tender Mouse

Tod reunites with old love interest Vicky Russell in Memphis, Tn and discovers that she is getting married to someone else.
Guest Stars: Lou Criscuolo as Pogo Popkin | Dick Sabol as Motorcycle Policeman | Murray Matheson as John Bridenbraugh | Julie Newmar as Vicki Russell | Natalie Schafer as Emily Bridenbaugh | Robert Webber (1) as Frank Bridenbaugh
Director: Tom Gries

77 :03x15 - A Bunch of Lonely Pagliaccis

Tod is hired by a novelist and gets involved when the man's daughter murders her husband.
Guest Stars: Allen Bates as Gus | Ben Branch as Oliver | Carol Jean Peters as Marion | Laura Devon as Beth | James Leo Herlihy as Jimmy Russell | Mary Munday as Cora Parkes | Vivian Blaine as Dixie | Warren Stevens as Leslie Stone | Barry Sullivan as Warren Barr
Director: Tom Gries

78 :03x16 - You Can't Pick Cotton in Tahiti

Tod befriends a Hollywood songwriter in a small Tennessee town.
Guest Stars: William Bramlette as Skeeter | Pat Malone as Pappy French | Adrienne Marden as Mrs. Dupree | Richard Shannon as Mr. Dupree | Jena Engstrom as Elva | Richard Basehart as Julian Roebuck

79 :03x17 - A Gift for a Warrior

Tod and Buz pick up a young German seaman who has jumped ship in order to kill the man reputed to be his father.
Guest Stars: James Whitmore as Ralph Vincent | Carolyn Kearney as Norma | Lars Passegard as Eric | Don Diamond as Manuel | Tanigoshi as Japanese Worker | Dick Wilson (2) as Security Guard | Willy Kaufman as Ship's Cook | Hans Difflipp as Second Mate | Fletcher Allen as Truck Driver | Lyle Latell as Deputy
Story: Harlan Ellison | Teleplay: Larry Marcus

80 :03x18 - Suppose I Said I Was the Queen of Spain

Working in the Los Angeles oilfields, Tod thinks he's finally met the girl of his dreams but the dream soon turns into a nightmare.
Guest Stars: Lois Nettleton as Isabel | Robert Duvall as Lee Whitney | Suzanne Ried as Cashier | Dale Johnson (1) as Maitre D | Jerry Hausner as Auctioneer | CeCe Whitney as Waitress Ethel | Frederic Downs as Reverend Branton | Harvey Korman as Mr. Mills | Philip Abbott as Lieutenant Cook

81 :03x19 - Somehow It Gets to Be Tomorrow

On his way to Corpus Christi, TX Tod encounters two orphans who begin to see him as their father figure.
Guest Stars: G.K. Stubbs as Auctioneer | Dell Aldrich as Mrs. Conwell | Bill Southern as Mr. Conwell | Roger Mobley as Joby | Leslye Hunter as Susie | Martin Balsam as Corelli

82 :03x20 - Shall Forfeit His Dog and Ten Shillings to the King

Tod joins with a posse looking for a pair of killers.
Guest Stars: Barbara Shelley as Jeannie | Bern Bassey as Del Pasado | Gary Cockrell as Landers | John Anderson (1) as General Scranton | L.Q. Jones as Babe | Med Flory as Terry | Kathleen Crowley as Diana Kirk | Steve Cochran as Hank Saxon | James Brown (2) as Sheriff Haskell
Director: Tom Gries

83 :03x21 - In the Closing of a Trunk

A woman just released from prison after 27 years for killing her father is told by her uncle that Tod is her son.
Guest Stars: Jon Lormer as Man #2 | Harry Hickox as Man #1 | Guy Raymond as Artie | Don Dubbins as Mattie | Ruth Roman as Alma Hawkes | Ed Begley as Kyle Hawkes
Director: Ralph Senensky

84 :03x22 - The Cage Around Maria

Tod becomes involved with a woman who believes that her stepfather is trying to kill her wealthy mother.
Guest Stars: John Goyen as Desk Sergeant | Moultrie Patten as Attorney | Charles Brown as Policeman | Peter Brocco as Dr. Burton | Beatrice Straight as Elena De Amundo | Mario Alcaide as Juan De Amundo | Elizabeth Ashley as Maria
Director: George Sherman

85 :03x23 - Fifty Miles From Home

Tod meets a man named Lincoln Case, a Green Beret who has returned home from Vietnam, and becomes Tod's new traveling companion.
Guest Stars: Susan Oliver (1) as Willow | Robert Emhardt as Mr. Beale | Linda Watkins as Mrs. Case | Berkeley Harris as Robbie Beale
Director: James Sheldon

86 :03x24 - Narcissus on an Old Red Fire Engine

In Galveston, Linc meets a kooky chick in a bar and is wowed by her.
Guest Stars: Nick Dimitri as Nick | James O'Hara as Bill Caldwell | Warren J. Kemmerling as Chief of Police | Pat Renella as Paul | Phyllis Hill as Mrs. Nickerson | Alan Hale, Jr. as Mr. Nickerson | Anne Helm as Janie
Director: Ralph Senensky

87 :03x25 - The Cruelest Sea of All

Tod and Linc are working at Florida's Wikkee Watchee theme park, where Tod meets a young lady who claims to be a real mermaid.
Guest Stars: Peggy Workinger as Woman Clerk | Jack Stamberger as Paul Stace | Paula Stewart as Anne Bradley | Edward Binns as Donald McTaggert | Diane Baker as Elissa
Director: James Sheldon

88 :03x26 - Peace, Pity, Pardon

Tod and Linc get involved in helping two Cuban refugee brothers get their niece out of Cuba.
Guest Stars: Charles Gonzalez as Julio | Jose Duval as Boat Captain | Linda Bruhl as Carlotta | Coco Ramirez as Teacher | Bibi Osterwald as Mrs. Fogelsong | Victor Janquera as Ramos | Michael Tolan as Largo | Alejandro Rey as Quiepo

89 :03x27 - What a Shining Young Man Was Our Gallant Lieutenant

Tod and Linc visit Linc's former commanding officer from Vietnam who, because of a combat injury to the head, has the mentality of an eight-year-old.
Guest Stars: Carole Ann Lewis as Barmaid | Dianna Ramey as Beth | Arnold Soboloff as Dock Foreman | James Olson as Thad School | John Litel as Mr. School | Jane Rose as Mrs. School | Dick York as Lieutenant School | James Brown (2) as Paul School
Director: James Goldstone

90 :03x28 - But What Do You Do in March

Two rich gals who have always been competitors make full use of Tod and Linc by entering them in a power boat race.
Guest Stars: Stephanie Leonard as Little Girl #2 | Michelle Leonard as Little Girl #1 | Chuck Bruce as Lifeguard | Carmen Lombardo as Himself | Guy Lombardo as Himself | Alex Cord as Raymond | Sammy Shore as Bix | Paul Reed as Husband | Kay Medford as Woman | Susan Kohner as Midge Pierrepont | Janice Rule as Sidney Brooks

91 :03x29 - Who Will Cheer My Bonnie Bride

While walking to a gas station to get fuel for Tod's Corvette, Linc is kidnapped by two men on their way to a wedding.
Guest Stars: Dan Morgan as Bellhop | Carol Shands as Lucy Joy | Chuck Ross as Motel Manager | Joe Young as Eubanks Sheriff | Dick Theis as Deputy Keefer | George Mathews as Mr. Ginley | Marilyn Lovell as Motel Cashier | Chris Gampel as Sheriff Lemoine | Albert Salmi as Charley | Rip Torn as Alvah Clayborne | Gene Hackman as Motorist
Director: James Goldstone

92 :03x30 - Shadows of an Afternoon

Linc is falsely accused of injuring a dog in the neighborhood where he is working.
Guest Stars: Richard Mulligan as County Prosecutor | Cliff Pellow as 2nd Deputy | Diane Higgins as Rachel | Valerie Trill as Carla | Francie Meyers as Kimberly Jo | Richard Hamilton (1) as Walt Miller | Philip Bruns as Carl | Roy Fant as Mr. Bell | Cliff Hall as Judge Benton | Miriam Hopkins as Mrs. Bowers | Ralph Meeker as Parker Smith | Kathryn Hays (1) as Judith Kane | Michael Conrad as Deputy Sam Harris | Nydia Westman as Mrs. Lemay | Dorothy Sands as Mrs. Malcomb
Director: James Sheldon

93 :03x31 - Soda Pop and Paper Flags

Tod and Linc come to the aid of a transient hobo who's accused of bringing a sleeping virus to a small Missouri town.
Guest Stars: Joseph Campanella as Whit Spencer | Chester Morris as Emmett McNeill | Tom Bosley as Jim Horst | Clifton James as George Simmons | Frank Overton as Andy Ferguson | John Bartley Messenger as Don Simmons | Bruce Glover as Truck Driver | Tommy Norden as Pete Ferguson | Alan Alda as Dr. Glazer | Marco St. John as Johnnie Simmons
Director: Fred H. Jackman

Season 4

94 :04x01 - Two Strangers and an Old Enemy

In Florida, Linc and Tod go into the Everglades searching for the plane crash of a former WWII ace who never adjusted to civilian life. Joining them is the man's former Japanese foe.
Guest Stars: Jack Warden as Major Barben | Joseph Leon as Cameraman | Jamie E. Smith as Deputy | Anthony Zerbe as Reporter #2 | Dan Frazer as Reporter #1 | Nancy Wickwire as Vi Barben | Sessue Hayakawa as Takasuka | James Brown (2) as Royce
Director: Walter Grauman

95 :04x02 - Same Picture, Different Frame

While working as a camp counselor, Linc becomes involved with an older woman who's being stalked by her deranged former husband. Meanwhile, Tod tries to fend off the affections of a much younger female camper.
Guest Stars: George Lambert as Sheriff | Arthur Anderson as Deputy Stone | Griff Evans as Leo | Matt Crowley as Mr. Spence | Charles White as George Evans | Jacqueline Courtney as Binky Klein | Tom Bosley as Dr. Sumner Klein | Patrick O'Neal as Eric Harper | Joan Crawford as Morgan Harper
Director: Philip Leacock

96 :04x03 - Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are

Working at a sawmill in Maine, Linc falls for a damsel who seems to reciprocate his love but soon begins pursuing another.
Guest Stars: Diane Baker as Marie | Lon Chaney, Jr. as Poppa | Alex Cord as Jack | Albert Henderson as Bartender | Pete Gumeny as Card Dealer
Director: Alvin Ganzer

97 :04x04 - Where are the Sounds of Celli Brahms

Tod and Linc get jobs at a Minneapolis luxury hotel but then are driven nearly out of their minds by the hotel's efficiency expert.
Guest Stars: Tammy Grimes as Celli Brahms | Joseph Leon as Bartender | William Post, Jr. as Mr. Savel | Kelly Jean Peters as Valerie Mills | Harry Bellaver as Shagbag | Horace McMahon as Fenton
Director: Allen H. Miner

98 :04x05 - Build Your Houses With Their Backs to the Sea

Tod and Linc become involved in a long lost son's grudge against his father.
Guest Stars: Thomas J. McCormack as Constable | Bill Jessome as David | Lloyd Knight as Samuel | Don McHenry as Rolly | Griff Evans as Mayhew | Louise Sorel as Ella Faxon | Robert Dryden as Hollis | Audra Lindley as Abigail Faxon | William Shatner as Menemsha Faxon | Pat Hingle as Thayer Faxon

99 :04x06 - And Make Thunder His Tribute

In Minnesota, Tod and Linc become involved with an eccentric farmer who refuses to try new methods and his son who wants to sell the farm to make room for a motel to be built on the property.
Guest Stars: Thomas A. Carlin (1) as Mr. Whitney | Linda Marsh as Jenny | Lou Antonio as Tony | Alfred Ryder as Joe Sky | J. Carrol Naish as Mike Donato | Michael J. Pollard as Vinny
Director: Leonard Horn

100 :04x07 - The Stone Guest

In Colorado, Linc's old Vietnam buddy and a visiting woman become trapped in a mine cave-in. As rescue workers hurry to save them their past miserable lives emerge.
Guest Stars: Christopher Votos as David Belden | Crahan Denton as Charley Praeger | Oliver McGowan as Sheriff | Harold Gould as Doctor | Brooke Bundy as Sue Quine | Bill Cort as Jimmy Quine | Marion Ross as Nora Belden | Lee Philips as Ben Belden | Jo Van Fleet as Hazel Quine
Director: Allen H. Miner

101 :04x08 - I Wouldn't Start From Here

In the backroads of Vermont, Linc and Tod try to help out an old farmer who's made it this far without modern conveniences but finds that time might be catching up.
Guest Stars: Parker Fennelly as Arthur Perham | Rosemary Forsyth as Claire | Howard Freeman as Frank Ball | John Gibson (1) as Newton Wheeler
Director: Allen H. Miner
Writer: Ernest Kinoy

102 :04x09 - A Cage in Search of a Bird

An aging bank robber, who's wanted by the law, selects a young woman to turn him into the law for a substantial reward but the damsel has problems of her own and may not be able to oblige.
Guest Stars: Dan Duryea as Leonard Ringsby | Betty Mumey as Waitress | Donald J. Finnie as Mr. Blees | Bert Remsen as Police Officer | Alex Cord as Rick | Stefanie Powers as Julie
Director: James Sheldon

103 :04x10 - A Long Way From St. Louie

While visiting Toronto in the Dominion of Canada, Tod and Linc try to help a stranded all girl jazz band get back to St. Louis.
Guest Stars: Susan Ringwood as Daphne | Hedley Mattingly as Foxglove | Patricia Harty as Chops | Lynda Day George as Allison | Virginia Wing as Gyo | Jessica Walter as Liz | Al Lewis (1) as Wait
Director: Alvin Ganzer

104 :04x11 - Come Home Greta Inger Gruenchaffen

Tod and Linc become involved with an eccentric young woman while working at a Vermont ski lodge.
Guest Stars: Tammy Grimes as Greta Gruenchaffen | Margaret Lenert as Lady Clerk | Bruce Glover as Helicopter Pilot | Olga Fabian as Mrs. Horgal | Lou Criscuolo as Detective | William Le Massena as Mr. Spofford | Chad Everett as Heiss Horgal
Director: Philip Leacock

105 :04x12 - 93 Percent in Smiling

Tired of their parent's quarreling, a two children take their baby brother and set up their own household.
Guest Stars: James Mishler as Detective | Dennis Scott as Billy Hinckley | Chase Crosley as Mrs. Craven | Paul Larson as Kurt Haskell | Sudie Bond as Saleslady | Susan Howell as Pansy | David Howell (1) as Howard | Olga Bellin as Min Kronberg | Albert Salmi as Aaron Kronberg | Jean Stapleton as Mrs. Snyder
Director: Philip Leacock

106 :04x13 - Child of a Night

To fulfill the last wish of a dying plane crash victim, Tod and Linc head to Savannah to search for the man's child who was born 25 years prior in order to give her an inheritance of $38,000.
Guest Stars: Sylvia Sidney as Lonnie Taylor | Chester Morris as Mr. Hull | Herschel Bernardi as Gerald Ward | Percy Rodriguez as Harry | Diana Van der Vlis as Nita | Joseph Hanrahan as Richard Brace | Grace Carney as Mrs. Barber | Daniel J. Travanti as Marty Johnson | Joanna Pettet as Millie Wilkins | Robert Dryden as Attorney Warren
Director: Allen H. Miner

107 :04x14 - Is it True There Are Poxies at the Bottom of Landfair Lake?

Tod and Linc find work with a sign company in Savannah. When a recently discharged Army vet damages a sign they are delivering they try to discover his reasons for doing so.
Guest Stars: Lester Mack as Grille | Allen Nourse as Harry | Harry Gresham as Tom | Charles Welch as Jake | Joe Warren as Sheriff | Darby Hinton as Max | E.J. Peaker as Olivia Devereaux | Graham Jarvis as Mr. Danker | Collin Wilcox as Diana | Crahan Denton as Amos Deveraux | Geoffrey Horne as Simon Deveraux
Director: John Peyser

108 :04x15 - Like This It Means Father, Like This Bitter, Like This Tiger

Linc crosses paths with a former soldier from his unit in Vietnam who was responsible for the men in Linc's unit getting killed.
Guest Stars: Joe Ponazecki as Man in Bar | Ramon Bieri as Man in Bar | Leonard Hicks as Detective | Cliff Pellow as Bartender | James Dimitri as Harry Comenzo | Bill Lazarus as Eddie Winston | Donald Losby as Vic | Eugene Roche as Mr. King | Frances Helm as Edith Wilcox | Larry Blyden as Cam Wilcox
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

109 :04x16 - Kiss the Monster, Make Him Sleep

Working on a construction project in Minneapolis, Linc becomes involved with the neurotic sister of his boss.
Guest Stars: Barbara Mattes as Nola Neilsen | Linda Watkins as Mrs. Case | James Coburn as Hamar Neilsen
Director: Allen Reisner

110 :04x17 - Cries of Persons Close to One

On the east coast of Florida, Tod and Linc make the acquaintance of an alcoholic boxer and his galpal. Tod is skeptical but Linc wants to lend them a hand.
Guest Stars: Alix Elias as Garner | James Farentino as Perry Baker | Frank Tweddell as Schoolteacher | Ken Strange as Motorcycle Policeman | Michael Baseleon as Blair | Ellen Madison as Gaybee | Michael Parks as Tank | James Brown (2) as Mr. Newton
Director: Allen H. Miner

111 :04x18 - Who in His Right Mind Needs a Nice Girl

Tod and Linc are shocked when their seemingly shy librarian friend runs off with a drifter. Things go from bad to worse when it's discovered that the drifter is wanted for murder.
Guest Stars: Lee Philips as Joe | Lois Smith as Lucy Brown | Dan Frazer as Mr. Richards | Elizabeth MacRae as Betty | Ruth McDevitt as Mrs. Harris
Director: Jeffrey Hayden

112 :04x19 - This is Going to Hurt Me More Than It Hurts You

Tod runs into an old college chum from Yale in St. Augustine, FL and gets involved in the chum's scheme to find himself a wife.
Guest Stars: Carole Ann Lewis as Cindy | Lee Meriwether as Jeanelle | Roland Winters as Dr. Frank Hillman | Bibi Osterwald as Mrs. Hunter | Dawn Nickerson as Doree Hunter | Lorraine Rogers as Andrea | Soupy Sales as Harlan Livingston III
Director: Alvin Ganzer

113 :04x20 - Follow the White Dove With the Broken Wing

A teenager holds Tod and Linc hostage after accidentally killing a policeman.
Guest Stars: Mart Hulswit as Warren | Grayson Hall as Mrs. Reston | Carole Demas as Hilda | Will Mackenzie as Grigsby | Jacqueline Courtney as Yvonne | Rose Gregorio as Mrs. Santos | Victor Arnold as Arthur Santos | Bert Freed as Captain West | Lee Kinsolving as Walter Reston

114 :04x21 - I'm Here to Kill a King

Tod is kidnapped by a political assassin who is his exact double.
Guest Stars: Martin Milner as Paul Cades | Robert Loggia as Colonel Zaman | Tina Louise as Robin | Arnold Moss as King | Frank Campanella as Mr. Pierson | Jack Dabdoub as Kahwaji
Director: Allen Reisner

115 :04x22 - Where There's a Will, There's a Way (1)

Working in Tampa, Todd and Linc become involved with a family of eccentrics and the reading of a will.
Guest Stars: Barbara Eden as Margo | Nina Foch as Samantha | Patrick O'Neal as Leon | Alex Cord as Michael | Richard Kuss as Driver | Rene Paul as European Man | Victor Janquera as Lieutenant | Louis Zorich as Russian Man | Hugh Hurd as Thomboli | Chill Wills as Monty Musgrave | Roger C. Carmel as Otis
Director: Alvin Ganzer

116 :04x23 - Where There's a Will, There's a Way (2)

In the series finale, Linc and Tod reach the end of the line in Tampa. Tod decides to get married and settle down while Linc heads on down the road to whatever destiny awaits.
Guest Stars: Barbara Eden as Margo | Nina Foch as Samantha | Patrick O'Neal as Leon | Alex Cord as Michael | Chill Wills as Monty Musgrave | Roger C. Carmel as Otis | Victor Janquera as Lieutenant | Rene Paul as European Man
Director: Alvin Ganzer
Warning: Route 66 (1960) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 08:30 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 07, 1960
Ended: September 18, 1964
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