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An Apple A Day - Recap

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Anna arrives home to find her partner Elyse unloading a farm truck with their Italian farmhand Marco. Anna is jealous and upset that Elyse did not wait for her. Elyse cuts herself on some wire and Anna freaks out, then calls for a doctor.

Hank and Evan are at the bank accessing their safety deposit box. Evan is complaining that Hank should not have to drive all the way out to the country to help Elyse, but Hank says she needs help and is the mother of their friend. They open the box and retrieve their mother's ring, which Evan will use when he proposes to Paige. Evan doesn't remember the ring being small, but Hank assures him it is beautiful.

Hank cosigns a lease for Divya so she can have her own place. Hank thanks her for helping while he and Evan were in Florida.

Hank arrives to treat Elyse and finds Anna cooking in the kitchen. Libby, Elyse's daughter, greets Hank and they talk about Tucker who is on safari in Africa. Elyse comes in and is surprised to see Hank, having asked Anna to cancel the appointment because she is so busy. Libby points out that Hank drove all the way out to see her and Hank assures her it will only take a few minutes.

Evan is telling Paige about the hot tub incident in Florida when he spots a photo booth across the street. It reminds Evan of their first date and kiss, although Paige claims it wasn't technically since she was paying him to portray her boyfriend at the time. They go inside where Evan proposes and Paige accepts.

Outside the booth, Paige asks how Evan managed to get her father's permission. Evan reveals that he never spoke with him and Paige is alarmed. She tells him that it is imperative that her father be asked for her hand before she formally accepts if they want their relationship with him to be as smooth as possible. She returns the ring to a disconsolate Evan.

Hank follows up with Elyse and discovers that the cut that he put stitches in is not healing. He removes the stitches and uses steri-strips instead, saying she should heal in three to five days. He inquires about other problems and Elyse reveals, after Anna's prompt, some bruises on her legs. Hank takes a blood sample to attempt to discover why she is taking so long to heal. Elyse walks Hank to his car and when they are alone, she reveals something about herself that she did not want Anna or Libby to know.

Evan arrives home to tell Hank that Paige said yes, but that he needs her father's blessing. Hank is surprised that he did not know that. Evan says he needs to come up with a momentous speech for her father, but Hank suggests he stick with talking about what Evan has in common with him, namely that they both love Paige.

That night, Jill awakens from a nightmare of the night of the accident. She is still remembering someone smoking and speaking German.

The next morning, Hank is speaking on the telephone with Divya, who has spent the first night in her new place. She begs off meeting with Hank because of an appointment with cable company installer. Hank says he needs to take another blood sample from Elyse because the laboratory miss-handled the first one. Hank hangs up and talks with Jill about her nightmares. He suggests she see a therapist, since she is now afraid to get into a car.

Hank returns to see Elyse and talks with Anna about their past. Elyse is in the field and Anna and Hank join her for Hank to take the sample. Hank's questions reveal the possibility of disease transmission from their farm animals, and he notices Elyse is now limping. When he examines her legs, the bruises are worse, and don't appear to be healing. He requests a meeting with their veterinarian about testing their animals for diseases.

Paige is working with Evan for his confrontation with her father. The last part includes a stare down which Evan finally wins. She gives him a draft copy of her father's autobiography to read as further preparation.

After Hank speaks with the veterinarian, he returns to Elyse to find she has a nose bleed that has been bleeding for 30 minutes. An exam reveals a ruptured blood vessel. Hank treats her and leaves her some nose drops as a preventive measure. Elyse reveals she has always been an overachiever, but that she has allowed her home life to slips in order to pursue her work. Hank tells her most people realize that too late, but she has time to rectify the situation.

Divya is on the phone arguing with the cable company's non-appearance with Raj shows up. Raj tells her his parents were humiliated and spent a considerable amount on the wedding. They want their money back and are prepared to sue. Divya tells him she was cutoff by her parents and have no money. Raj says that is not completely true, she owns 1/3 of HankMed and his parents know that.

Divya finds Hank running on the beach and tells him the laboratory found no problems with Elyse's blood and the veterinarian found nothing either with their animals. Hank thinks it is time for a specialist and knows he will need to convince her in person. Before they take off, Divya asks if he and Evan would consider buying her out of HankMed, without revealing why. He thinks she is just worried about her finances after signing her first lease and talks her out of it.

Jill is speaks with a therapist about the accident. The discussion leads to her possible abandonment issues, first with her husband and then Hank. The doctor then asks her how she feels when the person she went to for comfort, Hank, sent her away to a professional therapist. Jill has no answer.

Evan meets “The General”, Paige's father, in the steam room of his country club. His attempted ambush fails when The General insists on having his quiet time, the only chance he has each week to do so.

Hank and Divya arrive to see Elyse and speak with Anna first. She is concerned that Elyse is keeping something from her, the information that Elyse told Hank privately. She is specifically worried that it concerns Marco, their hired hand, but Hank tells her he cannot reveal anything. Just then Libby shows up saying Elyse has collapsed. Hank rushes to her side and she is bleeding profusely from her nose. Hank manages to stop the bleeding and transports her to the hospital.

Hank comes home and asks Evan how it went with Paige's father. He said it went well, but that he took Paige's advice over Hank's. Paige comes in and she and Hank treat each other coldly, and Hank leaves to visit Elyse in the hospital. Paige asks how it went with her dad and he said The General agreed, but asked they wait until after the election. Paige tells him that is just a tactic her father uses, delay then defeat.

Hank sees Elyse at the hospital and is joined by Anna and Libby. Anna confronts Elyse about keeping secrets and Elyse reveals she has been smoking for the last two years. She also relieves Anna's concern that she is tired of being with her and wants to move on. As the two embrace, Hank notices curling on her arm. This leads to the conclusion that she is suffering from a vitamin C deficiency, in other words, Scurvy.

Libby approaches Hank and tells him she is worried that if something ever happens to her mother or Tucker again and Hank is not around, she would be helpless. She then asks Hank if they need any summer help around the office. Hank says he will think about it.

Divya meets with Raj at a local cafe. She give him a payment for his parents and tells him she will pay off her debt in installments. When he asks about her interest in HankMed, she says she refuses to ask Hank and Evan for any more help. He takes the check and wishes her luck, implying his parents might not agree with her plan.

Jill recounts the night of the accident with her therapist and remembers a German sentence. When she looks up the phrase online, it turns out to be “It's not her”.

Hank and Evan talk about HankMed. Evan insists they need to grow or suffer diminished quality of care. Hank wants to know if he wants to grow HankMed in order to better provide for Paige, Evan says yes.

Jill calls Hank and leaves a message that she finally figured something about the accident. Divya pokes her head into her office and thanks Jill for the job, she is now working for the hospital in addition to HankMed.