A Farewell To Barnes - Recap

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Hank is working on an unconscious Eric Kassabian after he collapses in his art gallery in a continuation from the last episode. A blood test reveal his glucose level is critically high.

Jill meets Divya for lunch, where she complains about the conclusions her therapist reached. The therapist thinks Jill is letting her personal life affect her professional life. Divya tries to respond but does not succeed as Jill keeps answering her own questions. Jill finally concludes she needs to break up with Hank once and for all.

The paramedics arrive at Hamptons Heritage with Eric Kassabian along with a clearly upset Hank. Dr. Van Dyke arrives to take over the emergency patient and he almost comes to blows with an angry Hank until Jill steps in and separates them. She sends Van Dyke off to see other patients and tells Hank not to accuse one of her doctors without proof. He shows her the prescription bottle of pills he found on Kassabian.

At home, Evan walks into the dining room to see Hank restocking his medical bag. He inquires about Kassabian and Hank informs him he is in a coma. Evan tries to comfort Hank but Hank is frustrated because once his patient enters the hospital, he loses control over their care. Evan asks Hank where he is headed and Hank tells him he received a panicked call from a party planner. Evan is familiar with the party, it is for Greg and Audrey Barnes and it is a divorce party. Evan is anxious to attend and asks Hank if he can help with that, Hank tells him no.

Dr. Van Dyke stops Divya in the hall and tells her about Kassabian's status. He shows her his chart and Divya is shocked and puzzled that she missed the fact that Kassabian is diabetic and the steroids she gave him was what put him in a coma. Van Dyke says he lied to Jill and did not reveal Divya as the guilty party, but he is pretty sure Jill will figure it out eventually. He recommends Divya pretend to be ill and go home but Divya heads for Kassabian's room.

At the Barnes' party, Hank meets Lucy, the party planner. She is complaining of nausea and is sure the cause is one of the many food samples the caterer left for her to sample. There are quite a few and Lucy says she tried all of them, and when asked she said that some of the other staff have tried them too. Hank checks but only Lucy is queasy and he tells her he thinks it is simply overeating and stress with her job. He leaves and tells her to call him if she has more problems.

Evan meets Paige's father, the “General” for a round of golf. The other two members of the foursome include the General's new campaign manager, and Jack O'Malley, the golf professional that Hank treated last year. The General tells the others that Evan is engaged to his daughter, but Evan reminds the General that the couple agreed to wait until after the election. The General tells him he has changed his mind and gives Evan his blessing to marry Paige whenever they decide.

Hank calls Lucy to follow up on her condition. She is carrying a cake and experiences problems with the feeling in her fingers and drops the cake. Hank goes to see her and cannot find any obvious cause for her symptoms. She asks if he would like to attend the party so he would be close in case she becomes ill during the party and he agrees, if he can invite some friends.

Jill passes by Kassabian's room and sees Divya attending to him. She wonders why Divya is there since she is assigned elsewhere in the hospital and then realizes by Divya's silence why. Divya apologizes and is frantic because she can't explain how she missed the information in his charts regarding diabetes when suddenly Kassabian awakens from his coma. Jill quickly calls in the emergency room staff to attend him and tells Divya she is on suspension until the investigation is complete.

On the golf course, the General receives a call requesting he attend an event as part of his election bid. Evan overhears and reminds him that the event conflicts with the promise he made to be in Brooklyn supporting his wife's treatment. The General tells him the campaign creates sacrifices and reminds Evan that he and Paige have a number of events to attend themselves. Evan criticizes his decision and tells him he needs to stop taking advantage of Paige. The General angrily rescinds his earlier blessing of their marriage.

Hank stops to see Kassabian who tells him everyone is walking on eggshells around him worried that he is going to sue. Kassabian says he is not the litigious type but someone screwed up and he would have died if not for Hank. Hank agrees and relates that he was once on the receiving side of taking the blame as an emergency room doctor and he feels any lawsuit should be about correcting the mistake and making sure it does not happen again and not about money.

Jill stops by Hank's and has a glass of wine where they talk about their day. She tries to tell him about Divya when they are interrupted by Jack. Jack wants Hank to give him a physical to reassure his new sponsors. He mentions meeting Evan on the course earlier. Jack notices Jill and they greet each other warmly when he notices the wine glasses, but he charms his way into staying.

Hank, Evan and Jill arrive at the Barnes' party. Jill says that Divya has begged off because of illness, and Evan says Paige is not coming due to the General's influence. The greeter however says Paige is already there and Evan rushes off to find her. Hank goes to check on Lucy who he notices has a raspy voice. Lucy has been working all night and her fingers are still numb. She asks Hank to finish decorating the cake since he has a surgeon's hands. After Hank finishes the cake and returns to the party, Lucy experiences a tightness in her throat and has difficulty breathing, but the spasm passes and she continues working.

The party is in full swing and everyone is having a good time. Evan tells Paige that her father is unhappy with him for speaking his mind. Paige says she does not care and gets down on her knee and proposes. Evan agrees and gives her the ring that he has been carrying.

Jill tells Hank that she wants to break up with him because of her career, even though she really cares for him. Hank agrees and says that he does not want to hold her back.

Lucy is putting the finishing touches on the divorce cake when she experiences another spasm. Hank happens to be near and rushes to her. She tells him she thinks she is having a heart attack. Hank tries to get her to relax, thinking she is just having an anxiety attack. Lucy settles into crying because she thinks her career is over. Hank notices she is not producing any tears and puts all the clues together and decides she is probably allergic to glutens, and the recent stress of the party triggered the onset of the problem that can be solved through diet.

At the hospital, Divya speaks with Kassabian and is apologizing for making a mistake. He tells her that he is not suing and that he forgives her for her mistake. She smiles wanly and says now she just needs to forgive herself.

Hank gives Jack his physical and everything indicates he is in perfect health. He asks Hank if he interrupted a romantic liaison with Jill the other night but Hank denies it.

Divya stops by Jill's office to resign. To Divya's surprise, Jill quickly agrees, saying that the whole situation of Divya working there was awkward. Jill asks if Hank requested she resign and Divya says Hank doesn't know she was working there. Jill tells her that Kassabian is a HankMed patient, which is why she thought Hank would ask her to resign.

Jack is on the driving range when Hank stops by to tell him that his white blood count was slightly abnormal and he wants to do another test, but not to be alarmed.

At home, Hank toasts Evan and Paige on their upcoming wedding. Paige tells Evan that the call he made to her father the previous night impressed him and made him happy. Hank goes to the kitchen for more champagne when Divya arrives. She finally tells him she was the one who gave Kassabian the steroids, not Van Dyke. The episode ends.