Bottoms Up - Recap

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Hank is playing golf with Jack O'Malley, talking about Jack's lupus condition. Jack tells Hank he is fired as his doctor since his insurance can't cover two doctors and he is now seeing Dr. Nina Greene, a specialist. Hank says he wants to stay in the loop regarding Jack's health, but Jack just wants them to just be friends. Jack invites Hank fishing but Hank wants him to take his health more seriously.

Actor Gabriel Gleason arrives in the Hamptons to play in a local theater production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. The director Julie is thrilled to see him, even though he arrived apparently inebriated. Gabriel has trouble keeping pace with Julie's gait and gasps for breath at the first chance when he is left alone in his dressing room.

At the same outdoor theater where Gabriel is to perform, Paige is backstage painting sets. Evan is bored and wants to go get lunch but Paige is reluctant, hoping to impress Julie with her work. Evan inadvertently says some words that are considered bad luck in a theater and then scoffs at Paige's belief in the superstition when suddenly Julie calls out for a doctor.

Hank and Divya examine an actress that got light headed and passed out during rehearsals. She claims to be okay but starts having difficulty breathing and passes out again. Hank uses a scalpel to cut the bindings of the tight fitting costume and the woman's breathing eases and she wakes up. After the lady leaves, Evan tells them about how he may have cursed the production because of what he said when Paige pops in saying a man called Lysander suddenly lost his eyesight. Hank examines him and concludes he has glitter in his eyes that needs removal in a sterile environment. Divya drives the man to Hamptons Heritage.

Hank watches the rest of rehearsal and notices something may be amiss with Gabriel. At the conclusion of the scene, he introduces himself and Gabriel requests Hank meet him in his dressing room.

Dr. Paul Van Dyke removes the glitter from Lysander and recommends a followup with an ophthalmologist. He then asks Divya out on a date to the play but she refuses him, saying she is already going with Jill. She walks over to talk to Jill who tells her she would like to bail on their date as she has another offer that is more her speed. Divya says she will just go alone.

Hank examines Gabriel and finds no problem with his lungs. He does think Gabriel should cut back on the smoking and drinking though.

Nina arrives at the hospital and uses her car information center to check the score of her favorite baseball team. She pitches a small fit when she sees the result and Hank catches her in the act, totally embarrassing her. They talk about Jack and Nina reveals he was supposed to have a procedure done that day in preparation for dialysis. Hank is shocked when Nina tells him Jack's disease is advancing at a lightning rate.

Hank calls Jack and tries to get him to go to the hospital but Jack refuses. What he doesn't tell Hank is that he is heading out to do some fishing with Jill, which is why she bailed on Divya.

Hank checks in with Gabriel who is feeling bloated and has indigestion. Hank wants to take him to the hospital for a full cardiac checkup but Gabriel says he needs to learn his lines in preparation for the first performance later that day. Hank suggests a compromise, putting Gabriel on an exercise bike while he learns his lines. The heart monitoring equipment finds no problems with Gabriel and he then admits insomnia along with his other issues. Hank thinks he has acid reflux and prescribes a medication to help him and allow him to perform.

Divya is in line to return her ticket when she runs into her ex-fiance Raj. He tells her he is bringing a date and hopes it won't be awkward. Divya expresses happiness that he has moved on and after Raj leaves, changes her mind and invites Paul to the play.

Paige tells Evan that Julie is impressed with her work and thinks she might be invited to accompany Julie to Stratford-Upon-Avon, England for eight weeks to paint the scenery for a play. Evan is despondent and Paige catches his mood and tells him it probably won't happen anyway.

Hank gives Gabriel a final checkout and pronounces him good to go. When Hank leaves, Gabriel vomits in a trash can.

Hank speaks with Evan who tells him about Paige's potential trip to England. Hank assumes Evan was supportive but learns Evan left the decision up to Paige. Hank reminds Evan how Paige goes out of her way to please the people she loves, even to the detriment of her own desires and career. Evan quietly realizes Hank is right after Paige joins them and comments on how she hopes her work doesn't disappoint Julie.

The play begins with Evan participating with a small part. In the audience are Hank and Paige, Divya and Paul, and Raj with his date Karen. Gabriel seems on top of his game, but Julie, who is performing as well as directing, stumbles and seems to hurt her leg.

At intermission, Paul gets a glass of champagne, obviously bored. Raj and Karen join them and Divya learns that Karen is a theater critic. Raj tells Divya that he is in love and thanks Divya for ending their arranged marriage and letting him find love.

Backstage, Hank examines Julie who has torn her Achilles tendon and cannot continue. Paige recommends Evan play her role, Puck, since he played the same role in high school. Evan is reluctant but Julie has a plan. Evan uses an earpiece as Julie reads the lines to him via a radio signal.

As Gabriel continues his performance, he starts experiencing gastric pain, obvious to Hank in the audience. Hank and Divya run backstage where they do a quick x-ray. Hank deduces a possible hiatal hernia that only bothers Gabriel when he lies down.

As Gabriel finishes the play, Hank and Divya review the x-ray and see a life threatening condition that needs immediate surgery. They call for an ambulance and send Gabriel to the hospital.

Evan is giving his final speech as Puck when the radio signal fails. He panics when he does not know the next line until Paige calls it out to him. He then remembers the rest and finishes with a flourish.

Hank, Evan and Paige are having breakfast the next day when Paige receives a call from Julie. Before answering, Paige says she is going to turn down the Stratford offer when Evan tells her to take it, making Paige extremely happy.

Hank checks on Gabriel who is recovering in the hospital. He shows Gabriel a glowing review in the paper but says he will need several weeks to recover so he will not be able to finish the local production.

Hank learns from Nina that Jack never showed up for his medical procedure. Hank remembers the fishing offer and heads out to find him, promising Nina he will drag him in kicking and screaming if he has to.

On the boat, Jack and Jill are still fishing, yet to catch their first fish. Jack tells Jill that he came fishing because he is running from something and has decided he has to face the music. He asks Jill what she is running from, specifically why she is running to South America. She tells him she is not running away, she is running toward what she wants. She then goes below decks to get a jacket and Jack suddenly vomits over the side and pounds the railing in frustration.