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Hank And The Deep Blue Sea - Recap

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Hank arrives back at the marina aboard Jim Harper's boat where Dr. Nina Greene awaits them. The two men have been searching for Jack O'Malley in some of his favorite fishing spots with no luck. Jim is having some pain above his eye and Hank diagnoses it immediately and uses some ice from the cooler to temporarily relieve the pain until he can prescribe some medication for the problem. Jim pays him in the usual fashion, fresh fish. Nina asks him if he knows any of Jack's other friends that might know where he is and Hank says he knows one.

At sea, Jill and Jack are still fishing when Jill hooks a fish. Jack tries to help but the fish gets away. Jack is experiencing side effects from the medication and Jill seems concerned, but Jack wants to keep fishing.

At home, Hank tells Evan that he cannot reach Jill, that she has gone fishing with Jack. Evan asks if he is alright with that and Hank says he is just happy Jack is not alone. Hank asks Evan if he got the christening present for Boris and Marisa's son Carlos and Evan shows it to him. The present has the baby's monogram on it and Hank tells Evan that it is wrong. Evan argues but Hank is adamant.

Hank performs a test on Boris to see if the thallium poisoning he has suffered has affected his muscles. The tests appear to show no problems but Hank wants a specialist to review the results to be sure. Boris says he has been investigating the possibility that he has been systematically poisoned for years in a case of family politics. He has yet to locate Dieter, the man who worked for him for twenty years. Hank reminds him that he still has a genetic mutation that could prove symptomatic. Boris then asks Hank if he would be his son's godfather. Hank accepts.

Divya meets Raj at a cafe with a check for his parents. She comments that the amount is less than usual but it is only temporary. Raj says his parents won't like it and he has tried to talk them out of making her pay for the aborted wedding to no avail. She tells him it is okay, it is not his problem. As she leaves, he stops her and says she has something in her hair. She is terrified it is a bee but he tells her it is not. He steps close and appears to caress her hair when Evan sees them together across the street. The moment looks tender to him but in reality, Raj did just remove a bee from her hair.

Hank follows Divya to visit a client. He tells her he just wants to hang out together since they rarely do that anymore and Paige is with her family at the moment. He then gently begins probing her about a possible reunion with Raj but she puts him off. Hank joins them and tells them about the offer to be godfather. Divya thinks it is great but Evan is not so pleased, telling Hank he just made himself a part of Boris' family and subsequently a target. Hank has a look on his face that says he never considered that.

Their client is Jill's nephew Luke, who called them about his boss, Quincy. Luke has an obvious crush on the pretty young woman. Quincy has a moderate sunburn and is experiencing nausea. She denies the possibility of being pregnant so they suggest she check the expiration on her sunscreen as it can deteriorate.

Jack continues to try to catch a fish but Jill insists it is time to return. Under protest Jack agrees, then lies down and lets Jill drive the boat home.

The christening ceremony begins with only Hank, Evan and Divya present. A French woman interrupts and Boris tells her she is not welcome and she leaves.

The woman turns out to be Claudette von Jurgens, a cousin and friend from Boris' childhood. She is there to extend an olive branch from the side of the family that Boris is now wary of. Boris is not receptive to her offer and dismisses her.

Evan meets with Raj to get his side of the suspected reunion. Raj's initial comments have Evan thinking that Divya is paying him for something other than her debt for the aborted wedding until Raj sets him straight.

Divya responds to a call from Quincy that she is feeling worse. She is now dizzy and tired and when she removes her sunglasses, her eyes are yellow. Divya comments that her yellow eyes are a possible indicator of a liver infection and asks if she has been vaccinated for hepatitis A. Quincy says no and worries that the beach might be closed if it was determined she caught the disease while surfing. She relies on her business of giving surf lessons to pay for her surfing competitions.

Jill finally comes close enough to shore to have cell phone service and calls Hank. She tells him she is worried that Jack's condition is more than just side effects from the medication. Hank agrees and Jill tells him they are about an hour away. Hank calls Nina who agrees to wait with him at the dock.

Claudette stops by to see Hank but he is waiting at the marina. Evan speaks with her and she asks if Hank will deliver a package to Boris after 5 PM that day. She says it will prove she can be trusted and that her intentions to bring peace in the family are legitimate. Evan is suspicious and after Claudette leaves, he immediately gives the package to one of Boris' security men.

Divya follows up with Quincy and tells her the blood tests ruled out hepatitis A but her liver is still malfunctioning. She notices Quincy has several mini-energy drinks that are the same as the ones Luke was drinking. When asked she says she drinks up to 10 of those per day and Divya suspects she might be ingesting too much niacin. Since Luke drinks them too, they decide to find him and see how he is feeling. Divya also insists that Quincy accompany her immediately to Hamptons Heritage to treat her liver problem. It turns out Luke doesn't really like the drinks and has just been sipping them. He begs Quincy to trust him to watch her business while she goes with Divya and she finally relents.

Jill brings the boat in and Jack gets off but collapses on the dock. Hank and Nina determine that he has fluid building up around his heart that needs to be drained immediately. Nina is surprised when Hank says they can't wait and uses a syringe to pull the fluid out right there one the dock. The ambulance arrives for Jack and Hank rides with him to Greenport, the nearest level one trauma center.

Evan and Divya are in the ocean on paddle boards as payment from Quincy for services rendered. Evan actually planned it so he could speak to Divya about her financial issues without her running away. He proposes buying her 1/3 share in HankMed and holding it in escrow until she can buy it back. He declares she is now family and family sticks together.

When Jack arrives at Greenport, the ER personnel take over and Hank must wait outside as he has no doctor privileges in that facility. Hank waves to Jack with a pained look on his face as he realizes he is helpless to assist further.

Boris calls Evan to his office where he has opened the package. The package contained a a tablet computer that pointed to an online German newspaper website. Boris read through the entire site and found nothing relating to him or his family. Evan mentions the 5 PM time frame that Claudette told him about and Boris refreshes the website to see a picture of a handcuffed Dieter in police custody. Boris tells Evan that means that Claudette is now invited to dinner.

Hank visits Jack in his room where he tells him he responded well to the ER's treatment and should be released the next day. He also tells Jack he needs to get serious about getting the dialysis treatments from Nina. Jack agrees and seems to fall asleep. He awakens moments later and is surprised to see Hank is still there. Hank tells him he is staying because they are friends. Jack drifts off to sleep and Hank settles into a chair for the duration.

Divya meets with Raj and gives him a check that pays her debt to his parents in full. Raj is surprised but she says she needed to clear the debt. They part but not before Divya gives him a hug in friendship.

The next morning, Jill and Nina arrive at Greenport to escort Jack back to Hamptons Heritage for his dialysis treatment. They see Hank sitting alone in the waiting area. When asked, a distraught Hank tells them that Jack took a turn for the worse overnight and could not be saved. Jack died.