Dawn Of The Med - Recap

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Hank and Boris are skeet shooting on the grounds of Boris' estate while in the background, Boris mansion is being inspected for mold prior to his new son moving in. Boris wonders why Evan hasn't joined them and Hank explains Evan is busy these days.

Eddie meets with Divya where he shows her the self help guide he developed while in prison. He has decided that the way to mend his sons' relationship is via his new philosophy. Divya seems doubtful but Eddie is supportive and suggests she take the day off while he handles Hank and Evan. He spots a movie theater that is featuring a zombie spectacular and thinks it will work perfectly.

Hank and Evan are at home, both on the telephone dealing with medical issues when Eddie arrives. Eddie asks if anything new is going on and Hank tells him about their rift. Eddie tries to get them to go see the zombie movie with him but has no luck. Evan tells him that he finally signed the Blackstone to a HankMed 2.0 retainer.

Hank arrives in town to find a man dressed as a zombie choking on the street. The man, Jason, is choking on fake blood he is covered in. Hank tries the Heimlich maneuver with no luck. Suction is needed to extract the blood and Hank improvises with supplies he finds from bystanders. The device works well enough to allow Jason to spit out the blockage. Jason and his girlfriend Carrie tell him they are in the Hamptons for a charity zombie race. Hank leaves his card and departs.

Evan is driving to a meeting at the Blackstone and talking with Paige on the phone. He confesses he gets upset with Hank and his father treat him like a lost puppy, ironic since he is having navigation problems with his car and runs out of gas. He also manages to break down in a location without cell service.

Eddie and Hank have lunch where Eddie tries to talk Hank into attending the zombie movie double feature. When Hank declines, Eddie then tries to get Hank to participate in one of the zombie races. Again Hank says no. Eddie then gives him a copy of his self help guide and asks Hank to review it before Eddie meets with publishers.

Evan enters the grounds of an ancient, spooky estate searching for assistance. He finds an open door and enters the house, only to find a very fierce, angry dog. Behind the dog is a belligerent older man who spooks Evan into leaving, only to crash into the man's granddaughter Nell. Nell ends up with a cut which she dismisses, but when Evan mentions his concierge business, she asks for a doctor to check her grandfather who she thinks is acting strange.

Divya is out bicycling when her mother Rubina drives up. Rubina has been stopping by Divya's house each day but Divya has been busy and not at home. Rubina refuses to call to make sure her husband doesn't find out she is seeing Divya. They go to lunch since Divya has the day off.

Eddie flags down Boris as he is leaving his estate and tries to make amends by giving him a copy of his guide, but Boris has no interest. He tells Eddie to be discrete regarding Boris himself and there will be no problem. As Boris drives away, several trucks follow that have been working on his mansion. Suddenly multiple security personnel come running after the trucks and Eddie cringes as they pass.

Nell tells Evan about her grandfather, he has been stumbling, shaking and having mood swings. Her grandfather is a retired biochemist and has been railing lately about the Government. Evan finds out that Nell's grandfather ran the facility on Plum Island, supposedly a USDA animal research facility, but Evan suspects it is a top secret bio-terrorism laboratory.

Dr. Jeremiah Sacani arrives to see the grandfather, Andreas Bulczynski. Evan tries to prod Andreas about his research but Andreas is not having any of it. Nell convinces Andreas to let Dr. Sacani draw some blood for analysis.

Hank returns to see Jason who is still training for the race and having chest pains. Hank determines Jason's heart if okay, but draws blood for analysis. His diagnosis is heartburn but will test the blood for completeness.

Divya buys her mother a hot dog from a sidewalk vendor and tells her to be adventuress. She aks her mother why she changed her mind about getting together and Rubina says she missed her daughter.

Eddie has dinner with Hank and Evan. Hank accuses him of stretching the truth regarding stories of Hank's childhood by Eddie defends his accounting. Evan brings up his client Andreas Bulczynski, whom Eddie and Hank are familiar with. Eddie presses Evan for an introduction to Bulczynski and maybe a possible endorsement for his book, but Evan declines, citing patient confidentiality.

Evan is working at home when Nell and Andreas show up. Nell tells Evan that her father was bitten by their dog and they arranged to meet with Dr. Sacani at Evan's house. Andreas seems confused, thinking he is being put into a nursing home when Hank enters. As he begins his exam, Dr. Sacani arrives and Hank defers to him. Andreas starts rambling and nearly collapses so Sacani decides to do a head CT.

Later Evan is driving when Hank calls him looking for Eddie. Hank suspects he went to see Bulczynski to get that endorsement and the brothers agree to both go there and see.

Divya is called by Rubina to a beauty salon. Rubina is taking advantage of her husband's absence to try out the salon that he thinks is overpriced. Divya is overjoyed by her mother's new adventurous spirit when suddenly they hear the voice of their father. He is there to get his hair dyed and Divya is amused. They hide from notice and Rubina decides her husband's appearance is a bad omen that she shouldn't be seeing Divya behind his back.

Hank and Evan arrive at the Bulczynski estate and start looking for Eddie. The place seems to be deserted and they end up being locked inside Bulczynski's laboratory. Evan starts freaking out and Hank tries to calm him. Evan mentions Bulczynski having been in New Guinea and Hank remembers an obscure disease from that area that he suspects Bulczynski might be suffering from. It is passed on by eating human brains, a custom of that region that Bulczynski might have participated in. Evan is really freaking now, thinking that Bulczynski is a real life zombie.

Hank takes advantage of Evan's fear and pretends to be a zombie himself until he starts laughing and Evan chases him around the lab. As they are wrestling, Bulczynski calls out wondering who is in his lab. After being released, Hank talks with Nell and Andreas while Evan calls Dr. Sacani about Andreas' blood work. When Evan returns, he says Sacani has determined that Andreas is suffering from a vitamin B12 deficiency, the same diagnosis Hank just made.

Andreas agrees to go to the hospital and start his treatment there. As Hank and Evan talk, it occurs to Hank that his patient Jason's problem might be caused by a similar problem that Andreas had. He and Evan rush to the zombie race where they meet Divya. Jason is out on the course so the three split up to find him.

Evan ends up being chased by zombie participants, while Divya is chased by a man that turns out to be Eddie. Hank finds Jason just as Evan arrives. With Evan's help, Hank is able to remove an obstruction that was preventing Jason from breathing properly. There is bleeding in Jason's throat however, so Divya calls for paramedics to take him to the hospital.

As Hank and Evan arrive home, Hank pauses to apologize and acknowledge Evan's contribution and vision for HankMed.

Divya steps out of the bathtub and is surprised to see her mother standing silently in the doorway. Rubina then drops the bomb that she has left her husband.

Hank, Evan and Eddie are gathering for dinner with Eddie cooking on the grill when they hear a gunshot. Hank goes to investigate and finds Boris with his security team. Boris informs Hank that an intruder breached the perimeter and was shot, but it is too late for Hank's expertise. Hank insists and discovers the victim has a pulse.