Business And Pleasure - Recap

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Evan and Paige are at a charity raffle where a Ferrari is being given away and Evan is sure he will win because it is his destiny to own a Ferrari. As he looks closely at one of the cars, he spills his Gelato on the leather seat of a car belonging to Sam Chard. She is not upset and notices Evan's HankMed business card. She tells him she needs a doctor.

Divya and Jeremiah are heading out to see their patients. Jeremiah wants Divya to cover one of his female patients, Mrs. Small, because he has difficulty with highly emotional people. Divya tells him he must evolve and he reluctantly agrees if she will go with him.

Hank comes to see Sam and see what he can do for her. She reveals she is not a rich socialite but an undercover D.E.A. agent. Hank seems surprised because she really pulls off the socialite look well. She convinces him by rattling off detailed background information on Hank himself. She then tells him her symptoms, which collectively are called meth toxicity by D.E.A. agents. She relays her history which includes being inside a meth lab when it exploded and breathing the toxic fumes without protection.

Divya and Jeremiah arrive at the Small home to discover the patient that is suffering from postpartum depression is not Mrs. Small, but her husband, JJ. Their examination reveals no medical problems and he insists he is fine. Mrs. Small is tired of seeing him crying all the time but there is nothing HankMed can fix.

At the charity raffle, Evan asks Hank for information about Sam, who seems to be rich and a prime target to be a HankMed client. Hank puts him off when Christina arrives and surprises Evan with how intimate she and Hank seem to be. When asked how they met, Hank and Christina are evasive, owing to their ties to Boris and his secret business dealings. Hank gets a page from Boris and leaves.

Boris tells Hank that his friend and Hank's recent patient Dmitry is getting a liver transplant, which surprises Hank. Boris is not surprised as he knows Dmitry is a man who gets what he wants and doesn't want to wait for his liver to fail. Boris questions Hank and Christina and cautions Hank to be careful with his relationship, much to Hank's surprise.

Back at HankMed, Evan learns that the patient that Divya and Jeremiah attended is the Mixed Martial Artist (MMA) fighter that he is familiar with, JJ Small, who has an upcoming fight in New York. Divya and Jeremiah are concerned that JJ's recent depression might be caused by brain trauma. Evan tries to get Jeremiah to contribute toward the raffle ticket but he is not interested. To Jeremiah's surprise, Divya contributes for both herself and Jeremiah.

At Christina's hotel, Hank and Christina are sharing an intimate moment when Christina suddenly asks whether Hank will be accompanying Boris to Istanbul in the near future. Hank is suddenly wary, especially when she mentions Dmitry's upcoming liver transplant. Later Hank goes to see Boris and reveals Christina's interest in Dmitry and Boris' plans.

At the Small estate, JJ is sparring with a partner in preparation for his fight. He is reluctant to have the MRI that Divya suggests until she reminds him that he has a son to raise, and he needs to make sure he isn't risking permanent brain damage. JJ agrees to the MRI.

Evan returns to the charity raffle to drool over the Ferraris where he speaks with Sam again. He tries his sales pitch but she is not interested. Sam's hand suddenly starts trembling and she falls, managing to slam a car door on her hand as she tries to prevent herself from falling. Later, Hank sees her and reprots she is lucky and has only minor injuries. After getting Evan to leave he tells her the lab results are clean but he would like to do a full body CT scan to try to find what is wrong with her. She agrees, but only after she briefs her replacement agent.

Divya and Jeremiah review JJ's MRI and see no evidence of brain trauma. Divya notices something however, and they rush to the pre-fight weigh-in to prevent another of JJ's emotional outbursts. When they arrive, JJ is about to start crying and Heather, his wife is desperate to prevent it too keep him from being a laughing stock. Jeremiah casually sets off the fire alarm and calmly exits with the crowd, protecting his patient. Outside they give JJ an injection to temporarily relieve his problems and he returns to the weigh-in with no emotional symptoms. Divya congratulates Jeremiah on his improvisation.

At home, Evan badgers Hank about Christina after he sees Hank deliberately ignore a phone call from her. In order to get Evan off his back, Hank agrees to purchase a share of the Ferrari raffle ticket, even though he thinks owning a Ferrari is ridiculous.

At the raffle, the Ferrari is awarded to Evelyn Larson, and Evan mistakenly thinks he won. Paige tells him there is always next year but he is not mollified. Hank notices Sam removing the bandages from her injured hand. When she sees her suspect leaving in his car, she steals a security car and chases him with Hank an unwilling passenger. Hank manages to stop her before she injures someone and notices something about her eye that gives him a clue to her problem.

At HankMed, Evan, Paige, Divya and Jeremiah are watching JJ's fight. Evan is still bitter about losing the raffle and Divya quickly decides she has seen enough of the bloody fight. Divya retreats to work on her laptop and Jeremiah quietly watches her with a growing affection. He tries to ask her out to dinner but she doesn't recognize the effort as him asking her on a date and they are interrupted before he can do anything else.

At the hospital, Hank tells Sam that his suspicion was correct and she has a disease that causes an over accumulation of copper in the body, but is is treatable and she can continue her work with the D.E.A.

Hank goes to see Christina, who tells him Boris fired her because of Hank's information. Christina defends herself, saying that Dmitry was impressed with her and hired her services as a translator on upcoming meetings, which is why she knew about his upcoming surgery. She is disappointed Hank didn't just talk to her and says goodbye.

Jeremiah texts Evan to come to his very large house where he reveals that he is independently wealthy resulting from the generosity of his late mentor who willed him the house and the residuals from his many patents. He also now owns a Ferrari, the use of which he offers to HankMed and specifically to a jubilant Evan.

Hank sees Boris and accuses him of a personal interest in Christina that caused him to sever his ties with her. Hank feels Boris set the two of them up to prove to himself that he was over his feelings for her, and that Hank's information was just an excuse to not see her again. Before too many angry words can erupt, Hank returns the pager watch and tells Boris he is returning to just being Boris' doctor.