Who's Your Daddy? - Recap

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HankMed is contracted to support a polo match where Evan is being sympathetic aboutHank's recent dumping by Christina. Hank says he wasn't dumped but Evan begs to differ. Evan is lamenting that his fiancée Paige has decided it is time her parents meet Hank and Evan's father, Eddie. An offhand comment from Hank gives Evan the idea to delay the inevitable by putting off the meeting.

Hank and Evan join Paige, Divya and Eddie to watch the match where Eddie starts consoling Hank about his breakup. Suddenly, one of the polo players, Simon Braddock, takes a fall from his horse and cannot remount. Hank and Divya rush to help him but he seems to only have a bruised shoulder. Another player, Rafa, comes over to gently tease Simon about his playing ability, and also to flirt with Divya.

Back home, Evan is trying to prepare Eddie for the dinner with The General, giving him topics to avoid and possible topics to talk about. Eddie is somewhat insulted as Paige arrives and tells Evan he is trying too hard.

At the polo match, Divya formally meets Fannie Todd, a woman she met briefly earlier in the day and who Divya thought was a polo groupie chasing Rafa. It turns out Fannie runs a clothing business and she wants Rafa to model for her company.

Hank tracks down Simon in the stables and confirms a suspicion, that Simon did not fall by accident, but that his shoulder was already bothering him. Simon tells him he doesn't want his teammates to know, because he owns the team and they will think he only plays because of that, not for his skill. As Hank leaves to retrieve his medical kit, Simon experiences another shooting pain in his shoulder that drives him to the ground with it's intensity.

Divya walks through the crowd when she notices David, her blind date from the night before. She quickly spots Paige and joins her to avoid speaking with David. Divya laments that her three blind dates have not gone well and Paige offers the theory that maybe she doesn't know what she really wants in a man.

Hank returns to Simon who has dressed for a match and is preparing to play, even though he tells Hank the pain in his right shoulder has moved to his left shoulder. Hank convinces him to do a CT scan immediately, and give up on the match. They are interrupted by Divya who reports a spectator has been injured on the field.

The injured spectator turns out to be Fannie, who has broken her leg. Rafa shows up and Fannie is mesmerized by him. Hank wants to get a stretcher to move Fannie but Rafa picks her up and carries her off the field of play.

Evan is preparing for the dinner after a massage at the country club only to discover that his suit slacks were removed and sent to the dry cleaners. At the last minute, he pays the bartender at the restaurant to exchange his pants for Evan's shorts and arrives late to the dinner, only to discover Eddie has been speaking his mind and earning The General's admiration.

Divya finally runs into David at the polo match and learns to her dismay that he has no further interest in her. She later complains to Hank that she has lost her ability to read people and is frustrated with dating.

At the dinner, Evan is horrified to learn that The General is aware of Eddie's incarceration, but then pleased when The General praises Eddie for turning his life around and helping others. As The General gets a text on his phone, Eddie proposes accompanying him on his campaign as a warm up act. The General suddenly stands and excuses himself and his wife and they leave. Evan is furious at his father for putting The General on the spot and once again putting himself above everyone else.

The next morning, Evan is trying to write an apology letter to The General for his father. Paige arrives and assures him her dad didn't leave the restaurant because of Eddie. Paige checks her phone and sees multiple messages and texts from family members. Attached to one is a 30 year old picture of her father with his female assistant implying her father was inappropriate with her. A later newscast reveals that the assistant was killed a week after the photo was taken in a car registered to The General.

Fannie is back at the match watching Rafa play when she collapses from complications from her broken leg. Hank and Divya treat her as Rafa stops to wish her a speedy recovery. As the match continues, Simon once again experiences pain in his shoulder, this time it results in his arm being paralyzed. Hank gets him in an ambulance and sends him to the hospital for an MRI.

Before the MRI results are in, Hank notices Simon's movements and diagnoses him with a certain illness, fully treatable and curable. Rafa arrives with the trophy for first place and expresses his affection for Simon, telling him he considers Simon the father he never had. Hank leaves to visit Fannie who is recovering quickly. Hank takes Rafa with him and he agrees to model for Fannie's company.

Paige is obsessed with watching the news reports about her father and Evan tries to get her to stop with little success. Eddie arrives and gently lectures her to believe her parents, not some news reports that are probably looking for ratings. Eddie says all the right things about family sticking together and Evan is chagrined and ashamed at his accusations of the previous night.

At the polo grounds, Divya enters the stables to see Rafa caring for his horse personally. The two talk and bond over their love of horses when Rafa surprises and pleases her when he takes her into his arms for a passionate kiss.

Hank meets with Eddie and congratulates him on the meeting with The General and his fatherly concern for Paige. Eddie tells him he is so happy Evan is getting married but surprised that Hank wasn't first. Hank agrees and figures maybe he is not cut out for marriage.

Evan is doing some busy work at home when Paige comes in after speaking with her father. It turns out he did accompany his assistant to that motel, but not for an affair. The assistant was helping The General and his wife adopt a child, which turned out to be Paige, and Paige never knew she was adopted.