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Hurts Like A Mother - Recap

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Hank and his new girlfriend Harper are headed for their morning exercise class and talking about getting together for dinner. Both have busy schedules but they arrange to meet at a diner close to a bookstore in case one or the other gets called for an emergency.

Evan finds Paige cleaning up around his home/office. She feels guilty for not only being hired by Evan, but for essentially moving in since she is reluctant to go home after learning about her adoption. Evan asks how he can help her and she tells him to just give her time. As they embrace, Fiona and her mother Jackie arrive to ask for medical help. Fiona is a student and having gastrointestinal problems and her mother brought her to HankMed because it was close, not realizing HankMed was not a traditional doctor's practice.

Divya and Rafa awake in bed together. Rafa tells her he will be leaving in five days to rejoin his polo team in Hawaii and he asks Divya to spend the day with him. Divya refuses, feeling guilty about not giving HankMed 100 percent of her time. As she slips into the bathroom, Rafa massages his right forearm, clearly in some discomfort that he has hidden from Divya.

Hank arrives and starts examining Fiona, ruling out gall bladder and appendix problems. He learns Fiona will be attending M.I.T. in the fall and is taking an A.P. course over the summer in preparation, over Jackie's objections. Hank gives Fiona something for her nausea and proposes the inevitable lab tests to look for the underlying problem. While Hank is working, Paige seems to make an instant connection with Fiona.

Divya arrives five minutes late and extremely apologetic. Hank dismisses her concerns and gently probes about how she seems distracted lately. She reveals she has been seeing Rafa and Hank is happy for her, but privately a little concerned she may get hurt. Hank asks her to bring Rafa over some time so they can get to know him better and she ends up deciding to throw a dinner party. Hank asks Divya if she can pickup Jeremiah as he needs a ride and she agrees.

Divya discovers that Jeremiah lives in an enormous house, perfect for hosting dinner parties. He offers her the use of his home and she agrees, settling on hosting a dinner party the following day. Jeremiah then learns to his dismay that the party is for everyone to meet her new boyfriend Rafa. Jeremiah has a crush on Divya that she is unaware of.

Hank is engrossed in the romance novel that Jackie sent him to read when Evan stops by to ask for advice on how to help Paige. Hank's advice is to do nothing, just be supportive when she needs him. Evan is unhappy with that answer as he wants to take some action. As Hank leaves, Paige's father General Collins arrives and tells Evan he needs to do something. The General regrets keeping Paige's adoption a secret for so long. Evan tells him Paige just needs time. An emotional Generals asks Evan to tell Paige that her parents' miss her terribly.

Hank is called to the Van Ark where Fiona accidentally caused a delicate piece of furniture to collapse on her leg. Hank finds no broken bones and inquires after her nausea. She is please to report his treatment worked. Hank cautions her that she has become dehydrated from the vomiting and needs to rehydrate and rest, immediately not after her class finals. Fiona is disappointed that Paige didn't come with Hank but he suggests she send Paige a text.

The next day, Hank, Harper, Evan and Paige arrive at Jeremiah's home for Divya's elaborate dinner party. Hank and Evan discuss how this display is extremely un-Divya-like. Evan pulls Paige aside and comments on how happy she seems. Paige reveals she spent some time with Fiona and was inspired to move forward and put the worries about her adoption behind her. Evan reveals that the General stopped to see him and that her parents miss her.

Rafa arrives with a romantic present for Divya. Jeremiah watches in silence, clearly distressed. Later as Jeremiah steps away, Rafa approaches him privately and reveals he is having numbness in his hand and wrist. Jeremiah promises to help, saying he took an oath. Paige receives a call from Fiona and she and Hank leave the party to find out what's wrong with Fiona. Fiona's nausea is back and Hank's exam reveals a racing heart and continued dehydration, even though she has been drinking plenty of fluids. Hank declares she needs hospitalization, but before he can walk her to his car she collapses.

At the hospital, Hank explains to Jackie that the surgeon wants to remove Fiona's appendix to make sure it isn't the cause of her problems, even though his ultrasound showed no problems with it. As he explains this, he notices a rash on Jackie's neck that she dismisses, saying she gets it occasionally and it goes away on its own. As they talk Paige visits with Fiona and listens as Fiona pours out her feelings about not fitting in with the rest of her family. Paige comforts her and tells her that doesn't matter, what matters is that they love her.

At HankMed, Jeremiah is staring at Rafa's X-ray, daydreaming about winning Divya away from Rafa when Evan interrupts him. When asked, Jeremiah scares Evan when he says Rafa may have a fatal disease, then admits he hasn't done any other tests and shouldn't speculate. Evan suddenly realizes what is happening and asks Jeremiah if he has feelings for Divya and Jeremiah denies it.

Paige goes with Jackie to retrieve some of Fiona's school books so she can study in the hospital. Jackie laments that she has never found a way to be close to Fiona. As she starts to cry, she has problems breathing and collapses. Paige texts Hank who is close and calls 911. Hank, with Paige's help, intubates Jackie as she is not breathing. As she regains consciousness, Hank has a moment of clarity and realizes what is wrong with both Jackie and Fiona.

Hank realizes both women have a hereditary condition that causes their symptoms and is triggered by stress. The realization brings mother and daughter closer together. As Paige watches them wistfully, she is obviously thinking about her own (adopted) mother.

Paige arrives home to a jubilant Evan who is proud of how she helped save Jackie's life. Paige confesses she is ready to go home and asks if he will go with her.

Jeremiah visits Rafa and Divya to reveal Rafa's arm is numb because of the way Divya has been sleeping on it. With rest and a little therapy, it will be fine. Rafa tells Divya he cannot wait until he returns and she is pleasantly surprised, having not been sure she wasn't just a brief fling. A clearly uncomfortable Jeremiah leaves the room quietly.

Hank meets Harper for their morning exercise class and tells her he thinks they have been too practical about their romance, and have missed the falling in love part. She agrees and notices the romance novel stashed in Hank's gym bag. Hank is embarrassed and tries to pass it off as just a gift from a patient when a playful Harper asks him if he has read chapter nine yet. The exercise class starts without Hank and Harper, as they are busy steaming the windows of Harper's car.

At HankMed, Evan is playing solitaire when a woman arrives at the door. The woman is looking for Paige and turns out to be her birth mother.