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Something Fishy This Way Comes - Recap

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Evan speaks with Lou (Louise) Hunter, who thinks she may be Paige's birth mother. She tells Evan she has been searching for her daughter for a long time, and recent events have led her to the Hamptons. Evan is skeptical, and thinks she may just be looking for money. When Lou tells Evan that she is an artist, Evan is thoughtful.

Hank and Harper are having coffee after their morning workout when Talia Clarke, a pharmaceutical representative stops to chat. She is acquainted with Harper and now tries to ingratiate herself with Hank. Hank deftly avoids the situation by sending her to HankMed's office, where Hank knows Evan will be conducting his morning staff meeting that Hank plans to ditch. As Talia leaves the coffee shop, she experiences dizziness and blurred vision and is almost struck by a car.

Evan tells Paige about meeting Lou. Paige is also skeptical since many other professed family members have contacted her or her parents since the news of her adoption became public knowledge. Evan has a feeling about Lou, however, and thinks she may be genuine, so Paige agrees to meet with her.

Divya arrives after saying goodbye to Rafa, who is leaving with the rest of the polo team for a match in Hawaii. Evan is pleased that Divya is so happy, and tries to talk with her but she gets a phone call from Rafa and walks away.

Hank and Harper finish making love and talk about how their relationship seems to be growing as their fondness for each other keeps increasing. Even fate seems to be on their side as neither doctor has been paged by a patient. Harper's dad calls and Hank learns that she has spoken to her parents about him, which makes him happy. After Harper hangs up, Hank receives a call from Christina, his former lover and Dmitry's assistant. Hank says goodbye to Harper and leaves quickly.

Talia is briefing the benefits of her company's new sleeping pill to Evan, Divya and Jeremiah. Her presentation is erratic and she seems to pause and forget what she was about to say. When asked for more details, she declares that she must have left most of her literature at her hotel and promises to return the next day. Evan and Divya assure her there is no need to come back, but Jeremiah is sure she will as she walked away without her laptop.

Hank goes to see Boris, telling him about Christina's phone call. Hank is concerned about Dmitry's health, and is not happy when Boris dismisses him, saying he (Boris) will look into it.

Paige meets with Lou and reveals that she has done a background check on Lou, whose real name was Patty Louise Stump, and who has had multiple drug arrests and bankruptcies. Paige also catches Lou in a lie when Lou says she never got to hold her baby. Paige turns and walks away.

Hank and Boris wade ashore on a beach where they were dropped off by a small boat. Boris tells Hank that someone named Amir would take them to Dmitry. Both men are surprised when Amir turns out to be a young boy. When they reach Dmitry, he is bad shape and somewhat delusional. Amir tells them Dmitry arrived three days earlier, and became ill almost immediately. Hank checks his glucose level which is fine, so the cause of his problems is not his diabetes. Amir confesses he has been administering Dmitry's Insulin for him.

Hank starts an IV to try and stabilize Dmitry with Amir's help. Amir seems knowledgeable and tells Hank he wants to be a doctor. Boris speaks with a woman and returns to tell Hank they need to leave when their boat arrives at high tide. None of them are safe and their presence endangers the woman and her family as well.

Divya and Jeremiah go to Talia's hotel to return her laptop and check on her. Divya is somewhat abashed when she realizes Jeremiah is worried about her health and has no personal feelings for her. Talia finally answers her door and does not recognize either of them.

Hank and Boris talk about Dmitry. Hank is concerned because he cannot seem to reduce Dmitry's fever, and then antibiotics he administered are not working. Hank then learns that Dmitry is in this country trying to help the natives who are fighting for democracy. Both Dmitry and Boris have using their family wealth to help, but neither have ever been able to be the foot soldier that they wanted to be. Hank also learns that Dmitry was the one that managed to get Marisa out of Cuba.

Dmitry worsens, and Hank queries Amir whether Dmitry has consumed any shellfish. When both Dmitry and Amir tell him no, Hank suspects Dmitry might have been infected when he waded ashore from the small boat the way he and Boris did.

Jeremiah examines Talia and finds no injury that may be causing her problems. She confesses to blurry vision a few days earlier and also to oversleeping on a previous sales junket. As Jeremiah starts dictating some diagnostic tests, Talia falls asleep in front of them.

Hank's suspicion about a marine bacteria entering Dmitry through where he gives himself Insulin shots proves to be true and Dmitry improves rapidly. Hank is concerned about Amir who went to the beach to await the boat when suddenly a little girl arrives shouting for them to come. They go to the beach and start climbing aboard the boat when Hank notices Amir seems injured. Hank wants to wait but Dmitry is afraid they may get caught and pulls a gun on Hank. Amir does not want to go with them so Hank picks him up and goes ashore as the boat leaves without him.

Hank examines Amir and finds he has been infected with flesh eating bacteria and is at risk to lose his leg. As he starts to cut away the infected flesh, Boris returns to help. As he works, Hank worries that he cannot get all of the infected tissue under the conditions he is working in, then has an idea. He retires maggots from the trash and places them on the wound to eat away the dead flesh. He leaves his medical bag with Amir and instructs him how to care for his wound.

Paige comes home to find Lou waiting for her. She tells Paige she wasn't consciously lying, she had just blocked out the bad memory of when she gave Paige up as an infant. Later, Paige tells Evan the story and now seems unsure about Lou. Evan suggests a DNA test to know for sure.

Divya and Jeremiah go over Talia's test results and can find no other cause except for a rare, incurable disorder called Klein-Levine. As they start to tell Talia the bad news, Jeremiah notices bruises on Talia's legs that lead him to the conclusion that her Klein-Levin syndrome has a cause that is treatable.

Boris sends Hank home on a plane while he stays with Dmitry. Hank has finally seen a softer side of Boris as he cares for his friend Dmitry. The two men make amends and agree to work together again.

Jeremiah receives confirmation of his diagnosis of Talia and says she can be treated with Prednisone. The bad news is that she wants to come back to finish her presentation. Divya laughs when she learns Jeremiah told Talia to come back when Hank returns, then complements Jeremiah on how well he fits in to HankMed, despite her misgivings. Jeremiah's pleasure is abated however, when Divya receives another call from Rafa and seems to immediately ignore him.

Divya takes DNA samples from both Paige and Lou, who has agreed to the testing. The results won't be available for 3 days, so Lou decides to stay in the Hamptons until the results come back. As she leaves, Paige gives her a reticent hug, much to Lou's surprise.

Hank is surprised to see Boris arrive home shortly after he himself returned. Boris says he was not happy with Dmitry's treatment and brought him home so Hank can look after him. He then asks Hank if he will be able to treat the man who pulled a gun on him and Hank says yes, but he won't trust Dmitry. Boris agrees and says neither can he.