Off-Season Greetings (1) - Recap

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Hank and Divya emerge from a dry cleaning store where Hank has picked up his tuxedo for Evan's wedding. Hank is going to be the best man and Divya has agreed to be his plus one for the event, since she broke up with Rafa.

Later, Hank makes a house call to check on Ken Keller's girlfriend, Barbie. Ken is directing a workman, Nick, who is on a ladder hanging Christmas decorations. Hank diagnoses Barbie with seasonal affective disorder based on the fact she is a native Floridian and not used to the short daylight hours in the Hamptons. Hank and Ken then discuss Evan's desire to not have a bachelor party and Ken thinks it is a ruse. As Ken is trying to talk Hank into a classic party, Nick falls from the ladder to the courtyard below.

Hank examines Nick and finds broken ribs and a collapsed lung. He needs a tube to insert into Nick to remove the trapped air and, as usual, improvises with material at hand while Ken calls for the paramedics.

Evan and Paige are going over the wedding plans that Evan made into a video. The plans were based on Paige's childhood dreams and she loves them. Hank arrives and welcomes Paige home from school when he is suddenly paged to Shadow Pond, Boris' home.

Hank meets with Florian Hostetler, Boris' lawyer who is working on settling Boris' estate after the explosion that took Boris' life. Hostetler informs Hank that Marisa wants Hank, Evan and HankMed to stay in the guest house until the probate is complete. Hank thanks the man and asks about the police investigation. When informed that the explosion has been ruled accidental, Hank is mystified.

At home, Evan greets a family friend and former girlfriend of Hank's, Winnie Gordon. Winnie is making the wedding cake and is surprised when she finds out Evan has not told Hank that she is involved with the wedding. Evan is saved from Winnie's wrath by the arrival of his distant cousin Owen, one of the few Lawson family members that will be attending the wedding.

Shortly afterward, Hank, Evan, Ken and Owen are aboard a private jet flying toward New York, or so Evan thinks. Hank reveals there is a change of plan and they are headed for Las Vegas. Evan is surprised, as this sounds like something the old Evan would have done. It triggers a memory of when Hank was about to be married and he was worried about Evan pushing one of his can't miss investment opportunities onto Hank's prospective in-laws.

Paige and Divya are in a limousine headed to the airport for a flight to Denver. Paige's friends are gathering in Aspen for a bachelorette party but a storm over the Rockies has closed the Denver airport. The two talk about Divya's recent failed romance with Rafa and Paige points out that the two never sat down and fully talked out their issues. Suddenly Paige has an idea, she is changing the location of her party to Las Vegas.

Hank and the boys check into their Vegas hotel and Owen disappears. They find him taking a bubble bath and eating a very large hamburger. He is content to stay there and thanks Evan for inviting him to his party. Owen then reminds Evan that Evan lost Owen's inheritance money in his investment opportunity, a fact Evan had forgotten.

Paige and Divya arrive in Vegas and see Rafa in the airport lobby, signing copies of his book for fans. Paige wants to play Cupid and tells Divya to be with Rafa, she will be at the spa. Rafa tells Divya he was afraid that if he revealed he had a son, it would scare her off. She tells him she is not upset about his son, but about the fact that he kept it from her.

The boys head out to a casino where Owen quickly loses all his chips. Evan gives him some more, feeling guilty about losing his money years before. Ken and Owen head to the craps table while Evan begs off, wanting to get some air. Hank is concerned but lets him go. Suddenly his vision blurs and he loses his balance, stumbling into a waitress then apologizing.

Outside the casino, Evan makes a wish and tosses a coin into the fountain, then looks up to see Paige standing nearby, watching him. The two start dancing and the scene switches to a wedding chapel where Divya and Rafa emerge, newly married. Rafa has to leave for a photo-shoot and wants Divya to come with him but she wants to stay for the wedding. He understands and insists he will come back for the wedding. She suggests they keep their marriage secret until after the wedding so as not to steal Evan and Paige's thunder.

Evan and Paige find the boys at the craps table where Owen is on a hot streak. Paige informs them the weather will soon be closing the airport and they need to leave. Evan is happy for Owen until he finds out Owen wasn't betting, just rolling the dice. Evan seems angry, a touch of the old Evan, until Paige intervenes to calm him down.

On the plane, Hank asks Owen about the hoarseness in his voice. He then takes a look down Owen's throat and declares that Owen has vocal chord paralysis, the cause of which can be determined with a CT scan.

Back home, Hank gives Owen the CT scan and finds an aneurysm of his aortic arch. Owen's blood pressure is also high and he starts to hyperventilate, then vomits and collapses. Divya calls the paramedics as Hank tries to intubate him. Hank has the blurry vision again and fails, passing the intubation to Divya.

Later at the hospital, Hank and Evan visit Owen who has recovered from surgery. The surgeons placed a stint into his artery and he should be discharged in time for the wedding. As they leave, Evan worries about the hospital costs Owen is facing. Hank tells him not to worry, Owen is family and they will take care of him.

Hank and Evan go to the hotel to see their father Eddie has arrived. He tells them their grandfather has an ear infection and couldn't make the flight. Paige pulls Eddie aside and he gives her a ring, a family heirloom to be used as a wedding ring. Hank takes Eddie's bags up to his room and runs into Winnie. They speak awkwardly and the meeting reminds Hank of when he tried to apologize to Winnie after his engagement party. Winnie wanted no part of an apology and punched Hank in the eye.

Hank returns home and finds out from Divya that she and Rafa are back together and she won't be Hank's plus one for the wedding. Divya then bullies Hank into a CT scan to check for an intra-cranial bleed that might be latent from the explosion.

Paige takes the ring to be inscribed and learns the ring is no heirloom. She leaves the jewelry shop and tries to calm down as the snow starts to fall. Evan joins her and they hug in happiness as part one ends.