Lawson Translation - Recap

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Evan and Paige are headed towards Village Hall for the purposes of acquiring a zoning waiver to allow HankMed to continue operating as usual when they encounter Blythe Ballard, the lady who initiated the cease and desist order against HankMed. Blythe tells them she is having second thoughts about her actions to stop HankMed, but has recently discovered that HankMed was never properly documented as a valid business.

When Hank hears the news, he is angry, but Evan assures him he has fixed the problem but HankMed must stop doing business for 72 hours until the paperwork is processed. Hank and Evan return home to find Boris' Porsche sports car being loaded on a transport truck. Hank decides to spend his 72 hours of downtime in Budapest meeting with Milos, one of Boris' cousins who is also suspicious regarding the circumstances of Boris' death.

Divya and Jeremiah arrive in Savannah to attend the Symphony Corporation's health fair and review how they operate their hospital. Jeremiah is clearly nervous being around Divya and has decided to return home later that evening. They meet Mary Kay, who is their Symphony guide who takes them on a tour of Savannah, starting with the local minor league baseball team.

Divya quickly discovers Jeremiah's passion for baseball and his transformation into a more outgoing personality at the ballpark while Jeremiah quickly learns Divya's complete ignorance of the game. While watching the game, a player, Tripp Doby, collapses on the field and Divya and Jeremiah attend to him. During his examination of Tripp, Jeremiah is extremely distracted by Divya and asks her to stand across the room. Jeremiah recommends Tripp go immediately to the hospital for some testing but Tripp begs off and stands to leave and almost collapses again. Divya asks him to try to rise from a seated position with his arms crossed across his chest, but he cannot.

Hank arrives in Budapest and meets with Milos in his elegant villa. After exchanging pleasantries, Hank is surprised to learn Milos is confined to a wheelchair with the same genetic disease common to Boris' family. Milos shows Hank his recent medical tests and Hank recommends a medical device that can help with Milo' weak bones.

Divya and Jeremiah accompany Tripp to the local hospital that they were there to visit and discover a modern facility with no waiting room for patients, due to the claim by the admissions liaison that “no one waits here”.

Back home, Paige treats Evan to a picnic on the beach in celebration of the two of them being alone with some privacy for 72 hours. Evan is doubly excited because he has learned about the village council's business practice and is confident he can solve HankMed's zoning problems for good.

In Savannah, Tripp's MRI reveals no problems, but his bloodwork and EMG results won't be finished until the following day. Jeremiah and Tripp talk about baseball with Jeremiah revealing it was one of the few ways he could bond with his father. Tripp notices Jeremiah's constant need to glance at Divya and comments about it, but Jeremiah insists they are only colleagues.

Hank calls Evan from Budapest and leaves a message that everything is well and he is happy he made the trip. As he walks down the street, a man bumps into him, intentionally scraping something across his neck which quickly makes Hank dizzy. Another man approached and forces Hank into the backseat of a car with Dmitry inside.

Hank awakens in a luxurious bedroom, still dizzy and somewhat groggy and he can hear voices coming through the open door. Hank leaves the bedroom where he finds Dmitry talking to a man, who turns out to be Boris!

Jeremiah and Divya attend the health and wellness fair where Jeremiah wanders off on his own. Divya takes the opportunity to speak with the doctor that runs the perinatal center about her risky pregnancy, using an imaginary patient instead of admitting that she is the patient. Divya is hopeful that her recent bouts of nausea are a sign that her HCG levels are rising but learns from the doctor that there is no correlation between the two events.

At the ballpark, Tripp is taking batting practice alone and is still experiencing issues with his balance and strength in his legs.

Boris and Dmitry brief Hank on their deception, explaining that they were trying to discover what family member was trying to kill Boris. Their suspicions have fallen upon Milos, but they have yet to discover what he is truly after, but they suspect it is somewhere on the estate at Shadow Pond.

Evan attends the Village Council meeting hoping to address the council after their regular business is complete, but he is beaten to the lectern by another citizen and thwarted when Blythe waives the five minute limit for public comments. Finally, Evan gets to speak but has only 30 seconds, but he gets his message across anyway. But Blythe throws another roadblock in his way, requesting an environmental impact study on the effects of medical waste in a residential neighborhood.

Divya and Jeremiah are shown their room at the bed and breakfast. Since Jeremiah changed his mind about leaving that evening, his reserved room was already taken which meant the two would have to share Divya's room. When they start to discuss it, Divya tears into Jeremiah, wondering why he is being so cold and distant and lamenting the loss of their friendship. Suddenly nauseas, she rushes into the bathroom and closes the door while Jeremiah whispers that he loves her, and leaves.

Hank and Boris speak while Dmitry leaves for his meeting with Milos. Hank reveals that he knows Boris and Dmitry are brothers, to Boris' surprise. Boris tells him Dmitry was illegitimate and Boris' mother forbid the family from revealing that secret. When Hank asks how he can help, Boris tells him to return home and keep quiet about Boris' deception.

Divya bites the bullet and goes to the local Savannah hospital to see the obstetrician she talked with before. Jeremiah is again at the ballpark where his knowledge leads another man to believe he is a scout. While the two watch, Tripp is hit by a pitch and falls to the ground.

In Budapest, Boris is worried when Dmitry is late returning from his meeting with Milos. Just then, a van carrying Milos arrives and drops Dmitry off. at the villa where Boris is staying. Milos is suspicions but Dmitry calms his fears and Milos leaves. Suddenly Dmitry notices pain and blood on his chest and he collapses to the pavement. Hand and Boris rush outside to assist him. Hank tries everything he can, but the bleeding is too sever and Dmitry dies. Boris rushes off to exact revenge but Hank stops him, offering his help to discover what it is that Milos is after.

Divya finds Jeremiah and Tripp in the hospital where Tripp is being treated for a fractured rib from being hit by a pitch. Divya and Jeremiah brainstorm and come up with a possible cause for Tripp's problems.

Evan is moping about his failure with the Village Council to Paige, who convinces him to stop moping. Evan is inspired and decides to run for the vacant council seat, to Paige's dismay.

Jeremiah has lunch with Tripp where he tells him the news about his disease that is causing his problems. Tripp can be treated but will not regain full health. Tripp is okay with that as he is decided to become a coach. Tripp encourages Jeremiah to tell Divya how he feels about her.

Jeremiah decides to take Tripp's advice and goes to find Divya, only to find her alone and crying on a park bench. She reveals she is pregnant and the good news she just got about her HCG levels rising means that she should not lose the baby. The realization stuns her and makes her realize how much she wants to have a child.

Before Hank leaves Budapest he meets with Milos. He gives him some information about the medical device he recommended earlier and tells Milos about a clinical trial that he was going to suggest to Boris before Boris's death, but offers to help Milos apply for it. The two men shake hands as the episode ends.