Pregnant Paws - Recap

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Hank has returned home from Budapest when he runs into Shelby Shackelford, the new director of Hamptons Heritage Hospital. She wants to know if HankMed is ready to merge with her medical group and Hank says he needs more time. She tells him not to dally, as she will move forward with a concierge service of her own if HankMed decides to stay independent.

Hank gets a call from Marisa and meets her at a restaurant. They console each other on the loss of Dmitry and Marisa tells Hank he need not risk his life or career to help Boris. Apparently the medical trial that Hank told Milos about is a fake and part of a plan to get Milos arrested for murdering Dmitry. But Hank is adamant that he wants to help his friend Boris, no matter the risk.

At the morning staff meeting, Evan announces that HankMed can resume operations but cannot see patients in their home, Paige says has a chance at a prestigious internship and Hank tells everyone he may have landed Milos as a patient. Divya is content to remain silent until Jeremiah blurts out that she is pregnant. Later Evan complains to Hank that he should have been the one Divya confided in, not Jeremiah.

Hank and Divya visit a new patient, Maya, who was bitten by a dog. Her wound has worsened and when pressed, she reveals the dog was a stray and she is unaware of it's vaccination records. Hank and Divya feel her symptoms are just a bacterial infection, but they take blood and saliva samples and give her a rabies shot just in case. As they leave, Hank tries to be supportive but Divya assures him she has everything under control regarding her pregnancy.

Paige arrives for her internship interview with Russell Berger and manages to say the wrong thing every time she opens her mouth.

Jeremiah makes a house call to a radio disc jockey named Garrett who has discomfort in his throat, a major problem for someone who relies on his voice for a living. Jeremiah examines Garrett and finds nothing major wrong, but is unsettled when he finds himself on the radio. Garrett and his partner Kiki have an important interview with a famous disc jockey who Kiki wants to utilize to further their career.

Hank and Divya return to see Maya whose symptoms are worse. Divya suspects meningitis and Hank does a spinal tap. The procedure reveals an abnormal buildup of spinal fluid and Hank orders a CT scan. The CT is normal but before they can give Maya the news, Shelby stops by with Dr. Paul Van Dyke, giving him a tour of the facility as an enticement for employment.

At the internship interview, Paige is given a task to verify her capabilities and knowledge, and she clearly has trepidations. While in the middle of the task, she calls Evan to update him but is caught by Russell, who takes her phone away, acting the part of strict taskmaster.

Hank and Evan run into each other at a maternity store where they are both looking to buy her things she will need for her baby. Hank insists Evan is freaking out and that they really just need to make sure Divya and her baby are safe and loved.

While the two brothers shop, Divya runs into Paul after his hospital tour where he asks her out. He is relentless and she finally tells him she is pregnant, but he thinks she is just using a line to get rid of him. She later visits Maya, who is being kept at the hospital but who desperately wants to go home. She fears the worst, rabies, and Divya does her best to console her.

Hank, Eva, Divya and Jeremiah all arrive at the beach party being hosted by the radio station that Garrett and Kiki work for. Jeremiah is concerned that Garrett's behavior is a sign that he missed something, but Evan assures him it is just part of his act. Divya gets a call that Maya checked out of the hospital against medical advice before she even learned that she does not have rabies and decides to go find her, scolding Hank and Evan when they try to assist her.

Divya finds Maya at her home where she runs her dog business. Maya is lying on the grass, holding one of her dogs and complaining of blindness. Hank arrives to take her to the hospital while Divya waits at her home until an assistant can arrive. When the assistant arrives, Divya learns Maya took care of a cat and when questioned, admitted to being scratched. Hank does a quick examination and declares she probably has what is commonly knows as “cat scratch fever”.

At the beach party, Garrett collapses and stops breathing. While Evan calls for paramedics, Jeremiah jumps into action and revives Garrett, then learns that Kiki did something to the honey he puts in his tea as a practical joke.

Russell reviews Paige's work on her task and is impressed, then starts to give out another assignment. Paige objects, saying she came for a interview, not to work all day. She is surprised and delighted when he then reveals that she is hired and this is her first day of work.

Evan and Jeremiah visit Garrett in the hospital who is on his way to recovery. Later, Jeremiah admits he doesn't understand Garrett and Kiki's relationship, and then reveals that he was dishonest with Evan about his feelings for Divya, it was more than a crush, he is in love with her.

Hank and Divya bring some of Maya's dogs to visit her at the hospital where she is recovering. Hank runs into Shelby and asks if they can compromise and rent some space in the hospital for HankMed while he gets to know the new hospital administration better. Shelby agrees but keeps insisting she won't wait forever.