Vertigo - Recap

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Evan, Divya and Paige are attending a youth orchestra performance where Evan is more interested in observing his nemesis Blythe Ballard than listening to the music. Hank is late and runs into Don O'Shea, the police officer who he treated for kidney stones and has failed to follow up with Hank. Don is keeping an eye on the crowd as well as his teenage daughter Molly who is picking up trash from the event as community service and attracting unwanted (by Don) teenage boy attention in the form of Slack, a neighbor kid.

Paige sees her boss Russell and stops to talk with him. He is enjoying the concert but is experiencing migraine headaches. He complains about an upcoming task he has overseeing the packing and shipment of an expensive painting and Paige volunteers to take on that task.

Evan speaks with Blythe who is aware of his plans to run for the recently vacated village council seat. Evan lets himself be manipulated once again by Blythe who convinces him he should try to get 300 signatures of support rather than simply paying a filing fee.

During a performance, the enthusiastic conductor, Santi, loses his balance and falls off the stage. Hank and Divya rush to help him but he insists he is okay and continues conducting. Meanwhile, Don observes his daughter's unwanted suitor stealing a bottle of wine but he is physically unable to catch him.

The next day at the staff meeting, Divya reveals Santi was diagnosed with a minor concussion. The conversation leads to Divya being accused of fawning over the man like a groupie but Divya is not embarrassed. Evan gets three of his signatures from his the HankMed staff and assumes the task will be easy.

Paige gets the address where the painting is being packed and it turns out to be Blythe Ballard's home. At first, Evan is adamant she not go there, then considers that she might be able to find dirt on his nemesis. Paige isn't playing that game, however.

Hank stops by to examine Don and hears he is having shortness of breath, is light headed and expereinces blurry vision. Hank tells him to stop the diuretics he has been taking for the kidney stones and Don is pleased, tired of taking the pills. Hank commiserates, relating his desire to stop his medications after his recent surgery. When Don asked him if he is completely off meds, Hank pauses then lies, telling Don yes.

Evan quickly learns that getting his 300 signatures will not be as easy as he thought when he finds out that summertime residents are usually registered elsewhere and cannot sign his form.

Paige arrives to oversee the packing of the painting and Blythe quickly eases the tension with grace, telling Paige the painting was her grandmother's and revealing she is sad she has no choice but to sell it.

Divya follows up with Santi who appears to have suffered no permanent effects from his concussion. As Divya prepares to leave, Santi gets dizzy and nearly falls. Divya examines him and cannot find anything but suggests he see an audiologist.

Hank meets Don on his break and checks blood oxygen level which is poor. Don is also coughing now and Hank recommends a chest X-ray. Don relates how his relationship with Molly has been so good for so long until recently, where she is always angry.

Paige overhears Blythe on the phone and learns she is going through a bitter divorce with her husband of 36 years. Paige is sympathetic and Blythe is gracious with her as always. Paige realizes Blythe's recent enmity against Evan is coming from the pain and turmoil of her divorce and suggests she take one more day with her beloved painting.

Hank is driving Don to get his x-ray when Don receives a call from Molly at the marina where she is in trouble. When they arrive, Don learns that Slack's father is drunk and has taken his family hostage. Don takes charge of the situation and talks the father down, but not without experiencing blurred vision that made his job almost impossible to do. Hank's exam reveals swelling and red color in the eyes including the irises, but is not sure of the cause.

Divya stops to see Santi who missed his audiologist appointment. During their conversation, Divya learns that Santi is experiencing hearing loss, and the revelation devastates Santi who is concerned he may go deaf. Divya tells him not to leap to the worst conclusion, but insists he needs to get checked out before he leaves with the kids on their tour.

Hank meets Evan for lunch who is having second thoughts about running for office. The restaurant owner stops by and complains to Evan about the same restrictive zoning laws that HankMed is facing. Evan assures him he wants to make changes and earns a signature, and a confidence boost.

When Paige tells Russell that Blythe is taking one more day he is upset, telling her she was supposed to do her job, not get emotionally involved. Paige then realizes that Russell got her to work with Blythe because he also would have gotten emotional.

Santi is working in his studio when he gets dizzy again, this time more severe. Hank and Divya arrive and he reveals he was mixing tracks when the spell occurred. Divya suspects that certain sounds are inducing the vertigo he is experiencing. Some quick tests suggest Santi may have cracked a bone in his inner ear when he fell and sustained the concussion. Hank recommends a higher definition scan to confirm and tells Santi the condition is fixable.

Paige finishes up crating the painting and notices a delicate bowl that Blythe uses as a soap dish. Paige feels the bowl may be more valuable and suggests Blythe get it appraised as it is probably worth more than the painting.

The results of Don's x-ray leads Hank to believe he is suffering from sarcoidosis, a chronic inflammation usually in the lungs or lymph nodes. Hank takes the opportunity to come clean with Don, revealing that he too is still taking medicine for his symptoms.

Paige returns home to tell Evan that Blythe admitted to being overzealous in her actions against HankMed and was willing to help expedite their paperwork. Instead of being grateful, Evan sees this action as concern that Evan will take over the council. Paige tries to calm him down but Evan is more convinced than ever that he needs to win the election.

While jogging on the beach, Hank runs into Molly who demands to know what is wrong with her father. Hank cannot tell her of course, which makes her even angrier. Hank tries to give her a life lesson from his own experience but the lesson seems to be lost on her.