Can Of Worms - Recap

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Hank meets with Boris in the city where they discuss the phony clinical trial that Hank and Boris' wife Marisa are setting up with the cooperation of the FDA to snare Milos. Boris is not fully satisfied, however, because even if Milos gets arrested, Boris will still not know what Milos was ultimately after.

Divya is leaving home for work when she encounters her neighbor Sandra, a single mother and her son Max. Max is experiencing nosebleeds and a quick examination reveals only a little inflammation.

Evan is holding a rally in the park to drum up support for his election campaign. Divya and Jeremiah are there where they meet informally with Shelby and Dr. Eugene Sims from Symphony corporation. Dr. Sims is Shelby's boss and he is pushing her to make a decision on the concierge department that Symphony wants to start at Hamptons Heritage hospital. Shelby really wants HankMed to fill that role and asks Divya to help her convince Hank, but Divya says she is on her own.

Evan starts his speech when Pat, a man in the crowd, starts heckling Evan about environmental issues. An umbrella awning comes loose and tumbles across the grass and Pat is impaled by the wooden pole. Pat screams for Evan to pull out the pole which he does, and Hank gives him a scolding for it. Hank, Jeremiah and Divya attend to the wound while Evan frets about the PR disaster. Evan asks Paige if she will ask her father to speak with Evan and give him some advice.

Hank and Divya meet with Minnie, a woman complaining about abdominal pain. She markets a brand of low calorie alcoholic beverages and recently returned from Mexico, where she became sick from drinking the water. Hank suspects she is suffering from a ordinary stomach virus and tries to give her some medical advice when her overbearing boyfriend Todd shows up. He is a personal trainer and nutritionist and insists on Minnie following his regimen of unprocessed foods and supplements and thinks doctors are quacks.

Paige meets with her father, a retired four star General and now a Senator. She asks him to speak to Evan and give him a pep talk. The General is reluctant but agrees, since Evan is family now.

Divya tries to sleep but she can hear Max coughing through the thin walls of her apartment.

Hank is on the phone with Marisa where he is complementing her on the details of the fake clinical trial. Evan overhears part of the conversation and demands to know what is going on. Hank relents and tells him the whole story. Evan is stunned but quickly offers to help. Hank insists there is nothing for him to do, that he is not part of the plan.

Hank returns to see Minnie who has a rash on her legs. He prescribes a treatment but wants to investigate the cause, not just treat the symptoms. As they speak, Todd interrupts again and it comes out that Minnie didn't get sick in Mexico because of drinking the water, she got sick from drinking too much local Mexican beer.

Evan returns to the main house where he starts looking around, trying to guess what Milos was looking for when the General finds him. The General's attempts to speak to Evan seem to no longer be required as Evan is very calm about the whole incident, claiming the event seems small with distance now that he has larger concerns to worry about. The General is impressed and pleased with Evan's apparent maturity.

Hank stops to check on Pat's progress and finds the stitches in his side are in good order. Pat is complaining of backaches, however, so Hank examines him and finds what he thinks is tear in the inner wall of the aorta. Hank convinces Pat to accompany him to the hospital.

Divya asks Jeremiah to examine Max. When Max coughs, he has blood in his sputum and Jeremiah is concerned enough to order a battery of tests. Max gets on the floor to play and Jeremiah joins him, then quickly smells something that leads him to discover black mold growing under the carpet. Sandra and Max will have to find someplace else to stay, as will Divya who lives next door.

Evan shows Hank an item he found in the mansion and claims it is probably what Milos was looking for. Hank is upset and tells him to stop screwing around and stick with the plan.

Paige and her father are playing golf where Paige reveals she really wanted the General to scare Evan out of running for office. He offers to try again but she tells him no, that is her job.

At the next morning's staff meeting, Divya relates how she is now homeless. All three men offer to put her up but she insists on staying at a cheap motel. The discussion then turns to Minnie's condition. Evan jokingly suggests she is on the Mexican tapeworm diet and after some discussion, the staff thinks her boyfriend Todd may have dosed her without her knowledge.

Hank and Jeremiah go to the party Minnie is hosting to promote her beverages. Jeremiah runs into Shelby and after a few drinks, starts spilling all the personal details about Hank that led him to the Hamptons. Hank ask Minnie if she intentionally ingested a tapeworm in Mexico and she denies it. He also asks Todd who also denies it. Hank gets a thought and asks Todd to show him the picture of Minnie in the Mexican bar and while they look at it, Minnie collapse on stage.

At the hospital, x-rays reveal parasitic worms in her intestines from the shellfish she ate in Mexico. Luckily the condition was caught in time and she can be completely cured.

Evan and Paige stop by the hospital to visit Pat, who is grateful for Hank's efforts and is willing to listen to Evan's platform. When Evan states he is just trying to ensure that the council has more that just Blythe Ballard's voice. Pat thoughtfully agrees, which pleases Evan, and distresses Paige.

Paige finally snaps and tells Evan she can no longer be the silent, smiling wife standing by her man's side anymore. Evan understands and tells her she doesn't have to constantly be by his side.

Hank speaks with Shelby in the hospital who relates to him her story about ending up with Symphony. Her story sounds suspiciously similar to Hank's story about how he ended up in the Hamptons but she doesn't reveal anything about Jeremiah's indiscretion. Hank is won over and tells her he will have his attorney look over the contract offer she made HankMed.

Evan gives another rally where Sandra and Max stop by to speak with Hank and Divya. He is much improved now and Sandra tells Divya that being a single parent is tough, but rewarding. A hungover Jeremiah stops by to give Divya a set of keys for his home, as she has decided to stay with him. Paige arrives and shows the catalog she prepared for an upcoming auction. The catalog is a detailed accounting of an estate and it gives Hank and Evan an idea. When Boris faked his death, a similar catalog was prepared for his estate and Hank suggests they use it with Milos in an attempt to find out what he is after.