Chock Full O' Nuts - Recap

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Divya is staying with Jeremiah while her apartment is being treated for mold and quickly learns he is a bit obsessive/compulsive. The flowers and cashmere blanket she left in the common living area were returned and left outside her bedroom door. She asks him to join her for some cocoa but he declines.

Hank receives a call from Milos about the clinical trial. Milos is upset that he must travel to the United States to participate but Hank is adamant. That is the whole reason for the phony trial, to get Milos on US soil.

Paige and her boss Russell, along with others of their team are busy cataloging every item in Boris' estate as bait for Milos. Boris knows Milos is after something at his mansion and has faked his death to lure him out. Paige worries they will never finish in time but Russell is an old pro and has no worries.

Hank, Evan and Divya are on a conference call with Ken Keller, who is representing them in their sale of HankMed to Symphony Health. Ken is talking business while riding a stationary bike along with a dozen other people in a health class. His constant talking annoys one of the other participants who sprays water in Ken's face. When Ken reaches for the man, he loses his balance and receives a serious gash in the back of one calf. Hank hears Ken scream in pain and jumps up to go attend him.

Hank arrives at the health club and stitches up the cut in Ken's leg. Hank also tells him he is meeting with Shelby from Symphony Health the next day and Ken insists he be there while negotiations are underway.

Divya stops by to see her friend Greer, who owns her own bakery shop. Greer called Divya when she thought she was having a panic attack. Divya checks her vital signs and concludes Greer is just stressed with the running of her burgeoning business.

Paige and Russell are talking by her car where she shows him a piece of art in her trunk that she is considering buying. The seller is marking down the price by 75% in appreciation for Paige's work but she wants to confer with Evan first. Russell convinces her to jump on the deal before the seller changes their mind.

At the health club, Hank is approached by the bicycling class leader Ben, who is having some pain in his jaw and thinks it might be TMJ. A quick examination rules that out and Hank suggests Ben is having a tooth problem.

Divya has brought her boxed belongings back to Hank's house because she doesn't want to try to store them at Jeremiah's place. Jeremiah's since of order is too painstaking to deal with. She also informs Hank that the removal of the mold in her place is a blessing in disguise as it will allow the modification of a room into a nursery and she gets to pick out the color of the paint.

At home, Evan and Paige get into a big fight when Evan learns how much the piece of art costs that Paige bought using their emergency funds.

Hank and Ken meet with Shelby about the line items in the proposed contract. Ken is confrontational about every single paragraph and the meeting quickly dissolves.

The next day Paige takes the piece of art with her to work and tells Russell she needs to sell it. He reluctantly agrees to find a buyer for her.

Hank revisits Ben who tells him his dentist found no problem. Hank suggests early onset arthritis might be possible and suggests taking a blood sample. As Ben walks over to the table, Hank notices his pained gait and Ben admits having some tingling and numbness in his feet. Hank recommends a CT scan and Ben accepts.

Divya revisits Greer who is having a stressful day and is behind on her confectioneries commitments. She is coughing from a small oven fire but Divya is concerned and recommends a chest x-ray and pulmonary test. When Greer again expresses her concern over not having an oven to finish her baking, Divya calls Jeremiah and gets permission to use his kitchen.

Jeremiah hangs up his phone and wonders why he just agreed to Divya's request. Evan tells him its obvious, because it was Divya who asked.

Divya and Greer work in Jeremiah's kitchen and are making good progress, working well together. Suddenly Greer starts choking on a sample piece of candy and Divya struggles with her to perform the Heimlich, finally succeeding not before knocking all of the finished product onto the floor. She takes Greer to the hospital and finds a problem with her esophagus and recommends a treatment.

When Divya returns to Jeremiah's place, she finds him there staring at the disaster she made of his kitchen, She promises to clean it and restore its pristine condition and Jeremiah turns and walks away without speaking a word.

Evan tries to make up with Paige but she gives him the cold shoulder. The next day, Paige decides she made a mistake asking Russell to sell the art and she really wants to keep it. Unfortunately, Russell has already sold the piece.

Hank finds Divya sleeping on his lounge chair and she tells him about the disaster she made in Jeremiah's kitchen. Hank offers to let her stay with him but she tells him she is better alone.

Hank participates in Ben's next cycling class and is joined by Ken and Shelby. The two start fighting again and Hank banishes them to a room to settle their differences. While exercising, Ben suddenly experiences a shooting pain in his neck and falls from the bike. Hank calls for paramedics. At the hospital, an MRI finds Ben's problem and Hank assures him he can return to teaching his exercise classes with the proper medication.

Divya checks on Greer who is back in business and feeling much better.

Paige returns home to discover Evan was the buyer of her art piece, and he has it proudly on display in their home.

Divya returns to Jeremiah's for the last of her things and he talks her into staying, saying she was only just nesting due to her pregnancy.

Hank visits Shelby at her hotel suite and delivers the signed contracts. He is surprised to see Ken is there, obviously having been intimate with Shelby. Shelby tells Hank that she got a call from a doctor in Hungary about a clinical trial and she told the doctor she had no knowledge about it.

Later, HankMed and Shelby celebrate the contract signing with champagne. Hank gets a call and excuses himself. Evan follows a few minutes later and Hank reveals that Boris' surveillance team has lost track of Milos and has no idea where he is, information that greatly concerns Hank regarding everyone's safety.