Hammertime - Recap

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In the middle of the night, Evan stumbles upon a meeting between Hank and Boris. It is the first time Evan has seen Boris since he faked his death. They all talk about Milos and agree to stick to the plan of trying to lure him out with the fake clinical trial and auction.

The next morning, Hank and Evan bicker over the need for secrecy. Evan wants to tell Paige that her efforts for the auction are just for show but Hank is insistent. After Divya and Paige leave to treat one of Russell's assistants who cut himself, Evan answers a knock on the door and finds Milos has arrived.

Hank welcomes Milos and hustles Evan out of the house, telling him to inform Boris that Milos was at Shadow Pond.

Divya sees to the cut on Wade's finger, then is surprised when Paige tells her that Wade was flirting with her.

Hank does a preliminary examination of Milos while gently probing him about how long he has been in the country. Hank offers him the guest room to rest for a few hours.

Divya visits Bert and Bea Jones, new patients to HankMed. Bea is experiencing a fever and pain in her joints. She fears she may have rheumatoid arthritis, since her mother also suffered from the disease. Divya lays out a diagnostic plan and begins her examination.

Paige ushers all of Russell's assistants out of the mansion and thanks them for their hard work in preparing for the auction. A knock on the door reveals Milos, who has not gone to Hank's guest room to rest after all. When Paige learns he is Boris' cousin, she offers to give him a private tour.

Evan calls Paige and learns she is alone with Milos and panics. He is stuck in his car behind a broken down truck and calls Hank. Hank thinks he is being paranoid until he checks the guest room and finds it empty. Meanwhile Evan leaves his car and runs to the mansion, finally locating Paige and Milos and accidentally knocks both to the floor. As Hank arrives, Milos complains of pain in his knee.

Divya gets called back by Bea Jones who is having breathing problems. Divya tells Bea that the x-rays that were taken showed no signs of rheumatoid arthritis. Divya politely asks how the couple met and learns details that makes her a bit sad that she will be having a baby alone. Bea also has a rash that Divya discovers may have been caused by sexual activity with Bert, who is taking penicillin for his strep throat. Suddenly Bea's breathing problems increase and paramedics are called.

Milos' x-rays reveal no broken bones and he is very cordial with Evan and Paige. Paige invites him to dinner and to stay with them in the mansion. When Milos asks if he can buy something from the auction in advance, Paige reluctantly says no, it is against her company's policy.

Bea's condition is stabilized at the hospital, but she is kept overnight for observation, over her objections.

Evan, Paige and Milos have lunch in the garden. Paige and Milos are ebullient, while Evan is a nervous wreck. Inside the mansion's security room, Boris and Hank watch via security cameras where Hank tries to get Boris to have Milos arrested because he worries for Evan and Paige's safety. Boris demurs, wanting to discover what Milos is really after.

The day of the auction arrives and Russell is finalizing details with Paige when Milos arrives. Milos wants to bid anonymously on an item and Russell tells him how he can do so remotely, via the Internet. This pleases Milos as he doesn't want to stay longer than necessary, and he wants to conceal what item he is interested in.

Divya stops to see Bert and take him to the hospital to visit Bea when he complains of pain in his hands. Divya remembers Bert mentioning his shoes no longer fit and an examination suggests he is suffering from a post-strep infection that is affecting his kidneys.

Hank sees Milos leaving and tries to get him to stay but Milos is insistent, telling Hank that business calls and the clinical trial was a long shot anyway. Suddenly Paige arrives saying that her boss Russell has been hurt. Hank does a quick examination and thinks Russell has a concussion. Milos asks if the auction will be delayed and Russell tells him no, that Paige will take over.

The auction begins and Milos is in attendance with Paige explaining to the bidders that remote bidding is no longer an option. As Hank and Boris wait to see what Milos is interested in, they are surprised when he bids on multiple items.

During a break in the auction, Milos begins frantically searching several of the items he purchased. Paige brings him the last item and Milos accuses her of taking something from an item during her cataloging process. He is very upset and Paige backs away just as Evan enters the room and retrieves Paige to resume the auction. Left alone, Milos lets his frustration show as Hank and Boris watch via camera. Milos leaves the room and Boris and Hank enter, where Boris realizes all the items purchased by Milos are time related. Boris remembers an old Bavarian myth that Boris told Milos as children about a magic elixir that could produce immortality if stored within a clock. Hank realizes Milos is also suffering from dementia.

One last item is bid upon by Milos when Boris suddenly appears with a higher bid. Milos turns to see a strong, healthy Boris and he is furious, accusing Boris of having the cure for the family disease and keeping it to himself. Suddenly security people with guns are everywhere and they take Milos into custody.

Divya visits Bea and Bert at the hospital who are on their way to recovery. Bea gives Divya advice not to worry so much about being alone at the moment, but to live her life because you can never tell what is around the corner.

Evan thanks Boris for letting Paige know what was going on. A series of flashbacks reveals that the entire auction, the attendees, even Russell's accident were all staged as a sting to discover Milos' goal. Evan and Paige step aside where Paige expresses her disappointment that Evan was not the one to tell her what was happening.

Boris tries to reason with Milos before he is taken away but Milos does not believe there is no cure and accuses Boris of lying to him.