From writer and executive producer Jason Horwitch ("Pentagon Papers", "Medical Investigation"), Rubicon is a conspiracy thriller that follows an analyst at a New York City think-tank whose work leads him to uncover a hidden clue that points to an unfolding global conspiracy. (Source: AMC)

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Prev: 1x13 -- You Never Can Win (Oct/17/2010)

The interlocking conspiracies being investigated by Will and Katherine finally meet in the middle, as revelations are learned about the link between API and David's death, and Katherine finally finds out the truth behind Tom's suicide. Now, the real obstacle is surviving long enough to expose those responsible.

James Badge DaleJames Badge Dale
As Will Travers
Jessica Collins (2)Jessica Collins (2)
As Maggie Young
Lauren HodgesLauren Hodges
As Tanya MacGaffin
Dallas RobertsDallas Roberts
As Miles Fiedler
Christopher Evan WelchChristopher Evan Welch
As Grant Test
Arliss HowardArliss Howard
As Kale Ingram
Miranda RichardsonMiranda Richardson
As Katherine Rhumor



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So far, so very good.. This show is going to be a giant given the writing so far. Read more

Review posted on Friday, June 18th 2010 at 2:58 pm


Reviews: 3
Great ShowRating: 0 likes, 1 dislikes

I just watched this over a week's time and must say it was spectacular. This is coming from someone who is disabled and has a 5-6 hour routine everyday and watches TV for a huge majority of it. So I watch a lot of TV. Read more

Review posted on Monday, July 11th 2011 at 8:28 am

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1x13: You Never Can Win recap: The scene opens with Spangler in a meeting after the attack on the oil tanker. He is fuming with anger at the API professionals, and makes a terse comment – this has been a result of failing intelligence. He addresses everyone to be on safer guard from now, and excavate as much information as possible on the attackers. Will and Grant get down to post bombing analysis. It turns out from intelligence sources that Yuri, Kateb, George and the traveling Tanaz have an intriguing connection to one another. Surprised at this, Will comments that the evidence might have been manufactured until now. He thinks this may have been done especially to mislead them. All these people have something in common – Iran. However, Grant replies that the Iranian case is no less than ‘airtight’. The DVD Katherine has been able to find from a pile of boxes has finally found way into her tray. She starts watching, but there is an interruption. Tom comes on the screen and tells Katherine a few arresting messages. First, Spangler is exposed. Tom talks about him having tweaked API intelligence to suit his needs. Next, he tells Katherine an address where she ought to go when in danger. It is a Mott Street place. David Hadas has a message for Will as well. Katherine knows it has to reach Will as soon as possible... read more.

1x12: Wayward Sons recap: The scene opens with Joseph Purcell arriving in the United States and has hired a motel room. He sits there with prayer beads in his hand while enjoying a cartoon program on TV. Notably it is full of explosions. As he lies down on his motel bed, API already knows he is in the country. Meanwhile, Will wakes up. He has been sleeping on a chair while holding a baseball bat. He is afraid that what happened last might just happen again. In a while, he remembers the blood smear that was left to be cleaned on the drawing room mantel, and wipes it off. Spangler meets R.C. Gilbert and James Wheeler for breakfast. Spangler is sure Will can now destroy his plans. Moreover, he has had to reveal to Wheeler and Gilbert that Will is still alive and kicking. Gilbert is livid because of getting exposed. He blames Spangler for it, but he assures them that Will has got full control, and there is not much he could do.
Katherine has received Tom’s letter, which he wrote before committing suicide. She is yet to find out the compete message, when Will steps in. Katherine should be gone from this place before something happens to her. She is in danger, and Will has come to warn her. Later she finishes reading Tom’s letter, in which he wants Katherine to watch a movie they used to. It is Meet Me in St. Louis, which Will tells her to go find. An API meeting takes place with Spangler... read more.

1x11: A Good Day's Work recap: The scene opens with Will waking to find Andy staring at him. She tells Will that she has some questions to what he is doing at API. Will quickly tells that he is not going to give an answer to her questions. Meanwhile at API, Colonel Mitchell and some other men meet along with Spangler and they talk about Kateb and the fact that he has been sent on another mission. Mitchell tells that API needs to get to the bottom of Kateb’s hideout and the mission. Will walks in and asks if Kale can get Tanya and Maggie back on the team so that they will be able to find Kateb a lot quicker. Kale agrees and says that Spangler is looking closely at the investigation as well. Katherine tries to come outside to face the world again, but at the last moment, she runs back inside... read more.

1x10: In Whom We Trust recap: Kale is at his apartment and finds a bug in the base of a bedside lamp next to Walter’s side of the bed. The next morning, Will wakes up to Andy talking about him on the phone. Andy tells that it is a business call and then after she gets off the phone, she says that it was her sister. Will is a little angry but Andy tells that she only told that he was a really good neighbor and nothing else. She gives Will her key and tells that he could stay, if he wants to. Katherine is unpacking in a new loft apartment and she has her computer unpacked already and starts to research Spangler on the internet. Will rings her doorbell. Katherine opens the door and Will tells that he knows about Atlas MacDowell and the crossword code. He asks about the four-leafed clover and asks Katherine if she has any idea what it means. Katherine avoids his question and Will gives her an envelope with the instructions on how to contact him. Meanwhile, a man across the street has seen the entire exchange... read more.

1x9: No Honesty in Men recap: The scene opens with Will packing his bags and walks over to the woman’s apartment that has been watching him ever so often and tells that maybe they can have dinner. He tells that she looked pretty and she tells that he can come in. She introduces herself to him and says that her name is Andy. Talking, Andy asks if this is a date and notices that Will keeps looking toward his apartment and asks if he came over to start at his apartment. They have sandwiches and Andy tells that his cologne is what a mother would buy. They sit around and she asks if he wants some Pot and he tells that they get drug tested at work. Will tells that he can’t go home because his apartment has been bugged. She looks confused and he tells that he is a historian, but changes his story and tells that he is an analyst. Will asks to use her bathroom and takes out the files that were in his bag and puts them on a cabinet secretly and thinks about his gun too, but then puts it back in his bag wrapped in a shirt. Andy says that she could videotape his apartment for him and as they get the camera set up, she questions Will about his marital status. Will tells that his wife died and she says that she is sorry. Andy tells that she is having fun but doesn’t like to be lied to. Will tells that he can’t go home and he needs her help... read more.

Creator: Jason Horwitch
Executive Producer: Jason Horwitch, Joshua Maurer, Henry Bromell
Co-Executive Producer: Kerry Orent
Producer: Allen Coulter
Consulting Producer: Blake Masters
Associate Producer: Leslie Jacobowitz
Production Designer: Henry Dunn
Casting: Avy Kaufman
Unit Production Manager: Christopher Goode

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Recurring Guests

Michael Cristofer as Truxton Spangler (11 eps)
Annie Parisse as Andy (7 eps)
David Rasche as James Wheeler (7 eps)
Natalie Gold as Julia Harwell (7 eps)
Roger Robinson as Ed Bancroft (6 eps)
Isiah Whitlock, Jr. as Mr. Roy (6 eps)
Murphy Guyer as R.C. Gilbert (5 eps)
Mark Lotito as Warren Jones (5 eps)
Tom Kemp as Joshua Lowan (4 eps)
Michael Gaston as Donald Bloom (4 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Drama | Family | Mystery | Thriller
Status: Canceled
Network: amc ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: June 13, 2010
Ended: October 17, 2010
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