Gone in the Teeth - Recap

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The scene opens with children and a mother playing Hide and Seek. A man watches from the window. He opens the news paper to find a four-leaf clover. He has a gun and puts it to his head and pulls the trigger. Will arrives at work at the American Policy Institute and Tanya asks for another name for a 4 leafed clover. Will gives names from Gaelic to Latin names for it and says that it is Marsilea Quadrifolia. David watches as David steps over the number 13 on the street and Maggie enters Will’s office and asks if he knows what day it is. He tells that it is his birthday and she insists on taking him to lunch. Grant, Miles, Tanya, and Will enter a conference room and wait for David to come into the office. Grant asks Tanya where the doughnuts are and she tells that she forgot. Grant chastises her and says that getting the doughnuts is the most important job. David finally walks in and tells that he has several jobs for everyone. Miles gets the telemarketing conspiracy in Afghanistan and Will gets to look into the Russian missiles broker that is so interested in getting involved. He walks up to Tanya and announces that she is the new member of the group and gets the most tedious task.

Miles asks for Will’s help with a problem and he tells that there are similarities to the notes and tells several things that Miles didn’t see before. Lunch time and Maggie wants to take Will out but he tells that he has so much work to do. She tells that she is not giving up. Will sees there is something weird with the crossword and investigates and finds a pattern. He visits David and asks about the broom. He tells that he didn’t want bad luck so he bought it and did what he had to do. Will tells David that he sees the pattern in the crossword and was thinking that the references he found represent the three branches of government. But he wants to know what the fourth leaf on the clover represents. David tells that he appreciates the effort and says that it is only a joke that the editors of the crossword put it, however when Will leaves, David walks into his boss, Kale and asks if anyone else has seen this.

Tanya looks over at Spangler and wants to know why he eats corn flakes every day and then changes the subject to Will and why he seems so “mopey”. Miles tells that Will’s wife and child were killed in the 9/11 attack. He was supposed to meet them on top of the World Trade Center as a surprise to his daughter. However, Will arrived late and that he has made it his mission not to be late to anything anymore. At a street cart deli, Will grabs a sandwich and David is there. He buys the sandwich for Will and gives Will a book and Will tells that he has been wondering why he continues to do the job because he tells that he hates not being able to tell people what he does. Seeing that he is down in the dumps, David invites Will to Dinner but he insists that he spend it alone. He misses his wife and daughter and tells that he misses them too much to celebrate. David gives Will an envelope and tells him to open when he gets home. When he gets to his apartment, Will opens the envelope. There is a key with a note. It says “Drive away and don’t look back”. Will looks at a motorcycle and calls David. He tells that it is his and that he will tell Will tomorrow at a bar. He tells that he is going to take a train out of Putman’s station. The next morning, David boards a train and sits down. Another train crashes into the back of the train that David is on. In the bar, Will waits for David and sees on the news that there was a train

Kale talks to Will and tells that he wants Will to take over David’s old position and he tells that it would be best if he resigned. Kale tells him to take a couple of days. Will is in David’s office and he gets a call. The man on the other end says “Knight to King’s Bishops Three”. Will asks who it is and the man asks for David and Will tells that David is not there. The man hangs up. Will goes on David’s computer and types Chess. There is an active game in progress. He walks up to a globe and opens it. He sees a quote “From one pawn to another” it is by an E.B. Will has an idea and leaves, Kale lingers in the hallway. Will visits the house of Ed Bancroft. He tells Ed that David has been killed in a train accident. He offers him tea and Ed tells that David talked about Will and that he is the smartest. But Will tells that he is not a genius like Ed is and tells that Ed is the best at cracking codes. He shows the pattern in the crossword to Ed and he tells that he has never seen them before and can’t help. Will tells that they showed up the day before David died. Ed gets nervous and tells Will to leave because he is feeling tired.

Will walks home and he sees a man. He sees David’s car and walks up to it. He sees all the emblems and the man looking at him is there and he drives away. Will looks at David’s car again and realizes that it is parked in parking space 13. Will visits Maggie and tells that he didn’t know where else to go. He tells of David’s superstitions and tells that everything is not matching up. He tells that David was deathly afraid of the number 13 and that his car is parked at the station in parking space 13. Maggie tells that the remains were identified and that Will needs to accept that David is dead. She asks when the last time Will had a good night’s sleep and says that it is hard. A little girl enters and Will apologizes. He leaves.

The next morning, Will enters and Maggie asks if he got any rest. Will tells Maggie that he is resigning and tells that Grant is going to take over and it will be horrible. She asks where he is going and he tells that he is going away. Miles goes up to Will and tells that he can’t resign because Miles doesn’t want to work for Grant. Miles tells that David would want Will to take over. He tells Miles to leave and Miles tells him to stay for David. Will enters Kale’s office and tells that he will accept the position. Kale asks what changed his mind but tells Will that he doesn’t care. Will goes upstairs and sees a long hallway. The receptionist tells that Spangler got called away to D.C. and will meet with Will tomorrow. He has him sign paperwork and gets a hire security clearance. Spangler arrives off a ferry and enters a car. The car drives to a house and Spangler enters and meets some men. He asks if anyone check to see if Tom was dead. On man replies that Tom blew his brains out and that he saw the body. Spangler tells that it is good and that they are back on track. He closes the door.