The First Day of School - Recap

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The scene opens up with Will on the edge of the building looking down. He is contemplating what to do. He steps down and walks into the building. Tanya walks into work and the security guards tell her to take off her sunglasses to get a visual ID. Her eyes are bloodshot. She walks into the bathroom stall and vomits. Maggie is in the bathroom and Tanya walks out. Will walks into Tanya and says hello but Tanya ignores him. In his new office, Will attempts to make himself comfortable and Maggie tells that he has an intake meeting in 5 minutes. She asks if he is nervous and tells that he doesn’t need to be because everyone is rooting for him.

Will meets with Hal in the basement of the building and gives him a crossword puzzle and tells to keep it between him. Hal tells that he can’t do that because it is breaking the rules. But Will insists. Will meets Kale and Kale tells that he is late. Will apologizes and Kale gives out positions for teams A-F to the other staff. Kale tells that “he” is waiting. Kale tells Will that he should have worn a suit and tie. Kale tells Will not to let him down and that he recommended him for the job. Spangler is upstairs smoking and Kale enters and asks how D.C. was. Spangler replies with “The usual cockfight” and asks if there is any more noise on the crossword puzzle. Kale tells that it is “Quiet as a mouse”. Kale tells that he gave the Indonesian data to team C and he will check with team E with the Iran issue. He tells that Will is waiting outside and Spangler tells that he wants Will’s team on the Yuri Popovich issue.

Will enters Spangler’s office and he tells that Will has some big shoes to fill. Spangler tells that David was a brilliant man and asks if he is up to the challenge. Will replies that he is. Spangler shows Will a photo of the Russian missile broker that is his mission. He asks Will how he has come along with the investigation so far. Will tells that his team has made minor advances and Spangler tells that Yuri is meeting with two unidentified persons. Spangler tells that he wants to know who those people are and that he has 24 hours to get the answers that are needed and asks if it seems fair to Will. He responds that everything is fine but it is clear that it is not.

Katherine Rhumor enters a law firm and they tell what Tom left for Katherine in his will. The lawyer tells that Tom left her a company and a townhouse that she has no clue about. Tanya walks in the conference room and tells Will congratulations of the job promotion. Miles comes in and he tells that Grant is at his son’s school for Career Day. Will tells that he doesn’t know how to run things that well and asks for them to bare with him. Grant enters and he chastises Tanya for not bringing the right doughnuts and insists that she go somewhere else to get them next time. Will interrupts and tells that they need to focus on Yuri Popovich and to drop everything because Spangler wants it in 24 hours. They seem upset at the requests, but follow it anyways.

Katherine enters the townhouse that was left to her and it is furnished elegantly and is amazingly spacious. She sees a bar that is full of drinks and walks in the master bedroom and finds a book and a robe which is embroidered. Back at the office, Maggie alerts Will that he has a meeting with Mark and tells that there should be no issues but it is beneficial that he meets with him. They arrive at the cafeteria and Will buys Maggie lunch. She jokes that it is as close as a lunch date she is ever going to get with Will. He sits down with his team and Miles tells that the Embassy was evacuated. Will tells that he needs to focus on Yuri and who the other men are. Tanya tells that the man on the left of Yuri is George Beck. Will asks Grant how Career Day was and he tells that his son thinks that he is unemployed because he can’t tell anything about his job. Miles tells that he tells people that he makes secret video games.

Hank goes down to the basement and finds Hal. He tells that he found a past pattern in 1983 in the international newspapers of the same thing and Will tells Hal that he needs to keep looking. Hal tells him to stop pushing the issue and tells that he can get fired if he is caught. Outside, Katherine meets with James Wheeler, Tom’s best friend, and asks about the townhouse. She wants to know if Tom was cheating and he tells that Tom wasn’t. But she doesn’t want to believe that because of the books and the bathrobe and the fact that the bar was fully stocked. Meanwhile, Will is going through David’s things and finds a picture of Will’s wife and daughter and David. There is a sheet of paper with letters typed on it that catches Will’s interest. It has letters in groups of three.

Will visits Ed Bancroft again and tells that David’s car was parked in spot 13. Ed says that is impossible and Will tells that someone else parked it or David was trying to say something. Will tells that he thinks David know that they train was going to crash. Will shows Ed the piece of paper that he found in the typewriter and Ed tells that the code is very old. The letters, Ed says, mean that they go to a page of a book, lines and letters. He tells Will that he lied to Will about the crossword and tells that he wrote on identical in 1983 as a “go code” for something. Will returns to David’s belongings and finds Kale inside. He tells that focus is important and asks how Will’s first day was. He tells that it has been good and Kale offers his help to Will if he needs it.

Will pulls out the “Guide to road food” book that David gave him and starts to circle letters to the paper. He comes up with the sentence “They hide in plain sight”. Will walks up to Maggie and she is proud that Will survived his first day as the boss and Will tells that he is going home to get some rest. Will walks by Mile’s office and hears the television. Miles is watching the Nigerian uprising and tells Will that nobody listens anymore and that it could have been avoided. Will turns off the television and tells Miles to go home and play with his kids and give his wife a Martini. But after Will leaves, Miles turns back on the television set.

Will is walking home and sees a man in a hooded sweatshirt. He walks faster and bumps into a lady which causes him to drop a rabbit’s foot that he got from David’s belongings. An out-of –control taxi cab almost his him. As he arrives at his apartment, a man is following him and hides before he is seen. Will enters his apartment and locks the door. He sits down and has 4 cards in front of him. He hears the man enter the gate and sees his shadow outside of the door. Will grabs the baseball bat that is on the mantel but the man leaves.

The next morning, Maggie walks to a hotel and meets with Kale. He tells that he smells that it is spring this morning and she tells that she didn’t notice. Kale tells that Walter called and he told that she was good. He changes subjects and asks her what she found out this week. She tells that Grant is jealous of Will and Kale tells that it is to be expected. She tells that Miles has something wrong with him and that he is acting strange and tells that Tanya has a drinking problem possibly. When he asks about Will, she tells that he is good. Kale asks if she sees if Will seems distracted from David’s death and she tells that he doesn’t.

Will runs into Hal in the hallway and asks if he found anything new. He tells that it is the last time that he is going to give information off the books. He tells that the 1983 crossword puzzles were published 2 days after a bombing in Beirut of a marine barracks and a day after supporters of the Hezbollah, a Lebanese terrorist group disappeared. Will says that the Go code initiated the revenge killings and runs off. Meanwhile Katherine is at home and she starts rummaging through Tom’s things. She finds a four-leaf clover on his desk. She repeatedly says, “Lucky”. Wheeler and R.C, as Wheeler calls him, that Spangler is overzealous and that he is getting older and R.C. tells that Spangler knows what he is doing.

Back at the office, Will tells Maggie that the Broom on David’s wall needs to be put back and asks her to make sure that nobody touches the owl on his desk. Spangler interrupts and tells that Will needs to have the paper on Yuri on his desk today. Will tells that he is going to. Will meets with the team and Miles tells that he spent time with his family like Will asked. Grant enters and tells that the British flourish and that he doesn’t. Tanya enters with the doughnuts and Grant starts eating them all. A distracted Miles tells that they are still waiting on the CIA about the 3rd man in the photo and Tanya tells that there is nothing more on George Beck. Grant is complaining that they need more time and tells that Yuri has connections to KGB but Will tells that they knew it. Will yells at them and tells them to get him some answers. Will goes back to the roof and goes to his ledge again. He looks over and looks around. A man approaches and another man tells that Will is back on the roof again. He asks why they care about him. The other man says that he doesn’t care why and to alert him when he goes home.