Keep the Ends Out - Recap

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The scene opens with Will walking through the city and someone is following him. He gets to API and Joan, David’s wife, is there. She has come to get the belongings that David left behind. She is shocked to see his office and tells how he always kept her away from it all. She tells that David’s office doesn’t feel like him. Joan and Will go out onto the street and Joan tells Will that he needs to meet Evan, her son. Will really doesn’t want to but agrees. She tells that Evan is better now. As Joan leaves, Will can see the man that was following him before again. Will asks the security guard if his camera points down the street and Will tries to see the face of his stalker. Meanwhile, Maggie and Sophie, he daughter, are walking and a man calls out to Sophie and she recognizes him. It is her father. Maggie is shocked to see him.

Katherine is lying on the bed and sees a younger Tom on the beach and the phone rings. It is James Wheeler and he invites her to dinner because his wife is out of town. She reluctantly agrees. At the API, Will has a meeting and Miles tells about the Germany Intelligence Agency are not giving answers to the photo of Uri Popovich. George Boeck is a banker to what Tanya has figured out and that his mother is German and father is Syrian. Boeck changed his name to a more modern name. She tells that he is a member of a mosque in Munich, but it is low key. Miles jokes that the people in the photo are not in there area and that they only do Middle East terrorists. They still have no clue who the third person is in the photo.

Kale walks in and asks about the status of Uri, George, and the mystery man. Will tells that they are going to need more time with the photo. Kale reminds Will that he agreed on the 24-hour deadline and tells that he was only testing Will, to which he failed. Kale hints that he could push the Germans a little harder. Maggie is frustrated and Kale asks if she is alright. And they meet outside. She tells that Sophie’s father is back in her life but Kale tells her to keep away from him. She is upset and wants to know why she couldn’t. She tells that Craig is trying to be a good father and Kale walks away. Meanwhile, Will and Evan meet at the café and they talk about the treatment center for mental health in Vermont and Evan tells that he lives there. Evan tells that David never visited him. Will asks why they are meeting. Evan tells that David promised the Norton motorcycle to him and not Will. Evan tells that he is David’s son and not Will.

Tanya and Grant try to figure out why Boeck would have his first name be the way it is and Grant asks, “Why not Heinrich?” Tanya tells that maybe it was his favorite Beatles member. Miles leaves and tells that he is going to call Berlin. But in reality, he is trying to call Maureen, his wife. He gets her voice-mail only. He hangs up. Will arrives home and looks at the Norton. He gets out his tool kit and starts to disassemble it. In the manual, he finds a picture of a younger David and the bike. Will sees some duct tape on the seat. There are rows of a code on the tape and and inside the chair, there is a gun. Will is trying to decipher the code and Maggie walks in. She asks if bears need to go to the bathroom during hibernation and walks away. Miles sees some footage of Boeck with his family in the London airport and sees Boeck with his child. Will asks if he is alright. But it is clear that he is not alright. He tells that he needs his help. What could 10 digit numbers mean? He tells that it could mean a lot of things and focuses on people.

Will feels that he is being followed again as he goes home. He walks up to the man and the guy punches Will in his stomach and runs off. Will goes back to API and the team is analyzing the vacation schedule of Boeck and Miles comments on the fact that Boeck goes on Cruises and they find out that he belongs to organizations that are all charities. Grant asks Miles to name the 5 worst Presidents and Tanya was right before. Will visits with Ed Bancroft to ask for help with the numeric code that he found. They talk about Evan and what happened to him. He tells that he asked about the Norton motorcycle. He tells Ed that he got the motorcycle from David with a note telling him to ride away. They talk about even that is a code and Will asks if Ed knew if David knew he was about to die. Ed tells that he believes that David was murdered.

Katherine meets James at the restaurant and James tells that he did not know about any secret home. She asks what Tom was doing. James tells that she needs to forget about it. Later, James goes to the townhouse of Tom and takes a picture of 7 boys at the beach and leaves. Meanwhile, Evan is at Will’s apartment and he invites him up to his apartment. Miles is at the API building and is watching the footage of Boeck and his family again and tries to call Maureen again. He tells that he has scheduled a Cruise but she tells that he could take the children later and rejects his proposal. When he tells that he wants to see her, she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and tells that the son is coming down with a cold.

Back at Will’s apartment they are putting back together the motorcycle. He tells that David did not want to ride it ever and he tells that he never had a talk with David that wasn’t related to baseball. Will gets inspiration and asks how many times the Yankees won the World Series. He tells 27. Will runs over to Ed’s home. He tells that David knew that the Yankees were not his favorite team and that the code is the Yankee’s wins in the World Series. The codes remaining refer to people. He tells that the code is about a pitcher named Travers that is in the message. Ed tells that David put his name in the code so that he knew when he decoded it, that it was for him. They go through the numbers to get names.

At the office, Miles is at work going over Boeck’s finances and doesn’t see anything that is illegal. He sees that he rented a London apartment but it turned out that it was for his sister who is going through chemotherapy. Miles tells that Boeck is “a saint” and Will tells that there is no such thing. The German Intelligence keeps asking what they have. Maggie walks in and tells that he is wanted. In Kale’s office, Kale introduces an FBI agent named Ryan Farber and it is the man who has been following Will. Kale tells that it is all part of the security clearance and Kale tells that it is approved. Agent Farber tells that if Will is followed again, for him not to attack his follower. Kale laughs and says that is all.

On the street later, Will calls Daniel Burns and tells that he needs names ran on the data base. Jeffrey Garcia, Alfred Bermedez, Randy Hobbs. He is being followed again and Will goes to his apartment and loads the gun that David gave him. He walks fast always keeping his eye on his follower. Will returns to his apartment and loads the gun that David gave him. In the laundry mat, a man enters and talks to another and tells that the man has been made. He tells him that he has been “made” by Will and the man tells that the FBI are not following anymore and tells that he met with Bancroft again. The man leaves and the other man calls someone and says that Travers is still digging.