The Outsider - Recap

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Will drinks some coffee at his apartment and leaves a voicemail to someone and tells that he is taking the train in the morning and tells that he will call when he comes into the station. Will looks out the window and sees a woman in a window in the apartment next to him. She smiles. Will walks over to the train station and meets with Spangler on a train platform to catch a train to Washington D.C. and doesn’t like the messenger bag that Will has. Will is away and Kale leads the morning meeting. He tells the team to put the Uri investigation away and focus on a possible strike on an Indonesian safe house where they have an operative named Kateb. They have 72 hours. Grant asks when Will get back. He tells that they need to make up their decision all together and not be separated.

Katherine is at home opening an evidence box that has Tom’s bathrobe in it and a cell phone. She opens the phone and it has a message from James warning Tom that something is going to happen and that Tom knows if he keeps “it” up. Miles repeats the list of Kateb’s terrorist ties and tells that Tanya tells that it is easy. Miles informs Tanya that a surgical strike is able to destroy a whole block. Grant adds his two cents and tells that Kateb is the leader of Al-Qaeda. Back with Spangler and Will, they get into the hotel in Washington. Spangler tells Will to get a briefcase so that he will be taken seriously. Miles and the rest of the team get more on Kateb and read his accuracy and specks. Tanya doesn’t think that they are real because they are so high. Miles tells Grant that Tanya doesn’t belong at API.

Back in D.C, Spangler and Will have coffee and he tells that they have a mission. API needs to stay independent and tells that the information need to be understood as useless unless told otherwise. They are interrupted by an old friend of Spangler and Will is told to leave for a moment. The next scene shows Will and Spangler meeting with the CIA. They try to convince that API is important and that they gave correct information on Malaysia and the fact of a nascent Al-Qaeda operation that they still feel is fault. Spangler suggests that they show them. At API, Tanya takes a pill in the restroom then gets back to work. Miles doesn’t think that they are motivated enough about the Kateb case. Grant tells that things are not always true because someone says they are.

Will meets a Daniel in a garage that is abandoned. He meets about the 7 names he gave him. Daniel tells that 6 out of the 8 worked for the CIA’s Middle East area in the 1980’s and two were both killed in the line of action. One died of cancer and one is still alive but is in a nursing home. The other two are C.M. Haddix and Donald Bloom. Daniel tells that he couldn’t get the name of the seventh. Will thanks him and goes back to the hotel. Spangler opens his door and sees Will. The next morning Will and Spangler meet with the CIA and a colonel asks why API doesn’t have so much checks and balances and Will jokes and says that they know how to share.

Katherine visits the townhouse again and finds a menu. It is from “China Moon”. She goes to the restaurant and sees that a food order was sent to the address and that James Wheeler paid for it less than a month ago. Back at API, Miles and the team look at pictures of the target area of the safe house. There are about 100 citizens in the area and Tanya tells that there are children in front of the safe house and then loses it and leaves. Miles complains that they decision is taking too long and Grant tells it is because David and Will were there and there was no Tanya. In the bathroom, Tanya vomits a little and Maggie enters. She asks if she needs anything and tells that she needs a blunt instrument and Maggie knows why she is feeling the way she feels. Kale comes in and tells that Kateb is going to arrive sooner then scheduled and that Miles and the team need a choice by the end of work. Miles calls Will and he tells that he trusts them and that they need to figure it out. Before hanging up, Will tells Miles to search for Donald Bloom for him.

Spangler and Will head over to the meeting with National Security Council and they tell that congressional over-site is needed for the API. Spangler tells that Will’s greatest thing is that nobody knows who he is and what he does. At API, the team decides to agree that Kateb is a bad person and tells that they can give the go ahead to kill him. At a hotel, Spangler tells that Will did a good job. Will tells that he didn’t say anything but Spangler tells that is all he needed to do. As a gift, Spangler gives Will an identical copy of the briefcase that Spangler has. In the conference room at the API, the team celebrates their decision over drinks and Grant tells that values are for politicians when Tanya questions their choice.

The next morning, will sees the woman in the window again across his apartment and waves at her. This time, however she turns away. Will goes to his office and hides the briefcase that Spangler gave him. He goes into to see Kale and says that it was an honor keeping Spangler company. Kale tells that Will has potential according to Spangler. Miles and Will bump into each other in the hall and Miles tells that Bloom is a “slippery” character. Miles gives Will a copy of Bloom’s ID and tells that he could be in New York. In the conference room, Will tells that two missiles were shot into the safe house and they have to wait to see if they got Kateb or not. Will asks for the latest news on Popovich and Boeck and Grant tells what he has, but Will is distracted and stares out the window.