Connect the Dots - Recap

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The scene opens with Ed surprising Will outside of the API building because he wants to know about the names that they pulled from the code that David left Will. He tells that Donald Bloom is on name that is bothering him because there were 6 trips that Bloom made to Houston and Ed tells him to check the white papers which means that Will needs to check at a high level of security. He tells Will to connect the dots. In the cafeteria, Kale is looking at Tanya, who is very sickly looking and wearing sunglasses when she enters. Kale meets with Will and says that there is an annual charity event that Mrs. Spangler hosts and tells that they are to donate $250 each. He tells that Tanya is acting strange too often. Later Will searches through the API archives and finds a list of “white paper” also known as the Houston Problem. It was written by David. However, when Will starts looking for it, it is nowhere to be found. He gives the empty folder to the Librarian and tells it is gone. She calls up people to track down the file.

The next morning, Will steers his team on the Yuri Popovich case and asks what is new with his criminal activity. Tanya is aggravated and tells that she doesn’t care about Yuri and is more focused on George Boeck. Will returns the aggravation and tells Tanya to draft up a report on her findings for Spangler. She tells that she is happy to do it. Meanwhile, Katherine meets with her financial advisor, Arnold, and he tells that it is best to sell MRQ Alternatives. Katherine gets a hold of James Wheeler and asks why Tom would just leave such a bad investment only 2 days before killing himself. James advises her that she just get rid of it. Ed starts getting nervous and tracks down Donald Bloom himself at the Waldorf hotel. He tells Will about it and Will shows him a picture of Bloom. They sit around with Pizza and beer and Will tells that he found papers on the Houston Problem and that David’s file was stolen. He tells that he is going to follow Bloom. Ed tells that they are still looking to connect the dots and that they need to pull it out together. Will follows Bloom into a restaurant. Kale is there and meets with Bloom and sees Will in the window. Will runs off. Kale continues his lunch meeting with Bloom and Bloom thanks Kale for connecting him with the right people and they reminisce about Kale’s time in Beirut. Kale tells that they were killing people and Bloom replies that was half the fun.

Will goes up to Maggie at the API building and asks what she knows about Kale. She tells that Kale is from Ohio. He asks her if Kale has ever said anything that was about David. She asks if something happened but he won’t tell. She begs that he tell her but he tells that he can’t. Meanwhile, Kale meets with Spangler and asks if David’s “loose ends” have been taken care of. Spangler tells that everything is taken care of and then proceeds to shred the Houston Problem document that Will was trying to find earlier. Will meets with the rest of the team in the conference room and Tanya is discussing her report on Boeck. Miles and Grant pose as the “devil’s advocate” and criticize her report to the point where she gets upset. Will goes down to Hal and tells him to search for anything on Kale and Bloom and finds a CIA case file that is screaming with the possibility that it will come back on him and he tells not to open the file. In the stairwell, Tanya complains to Will that he allowed Miles and Grant to criticize her too much. He reminds her that Spangler will not be nice either and he tells that they should focus on Boeck and she wonders why he couldn’t say that in the room. He tells that she shouldn’t be working at API if she allows her fears to control her.

Will goes to see Ed and Ed is excited and tells that all the dots are connected. He tells that he has connected all the theories together and it falls into place. He tells that it all points to Oil and tells that the crosswords are “Go Codes” for assassinations and tells that Bloom is an assassin. Will lies that the Donald Bloom that Ed found was an 18-year-old engineering student and that he was not a spy. He continues to say that the searching ends because they have went overboard. This upsets Ed and he tells that David was his best friend. Spangler’s charity event is in full swing and Katherine and Will meet and introduce themselves to each other. Will continues to walk around the event and he hears Spangler tells that they need to do it because no one will. Spangler sees will and introduces him to James Wheeler and R.C. Gilbert. When Will leaves, a man joins them. He tells that “the squalls” have been shipped off. Will bumps into Kale and he tells that Donald Bloom is a friend of his and tells that he knows that Will was following Bloom. Kale tells he needs to watch out and not to get involved in the case and to stick to the analysis part of things.

Tanya displays her report to Spangler and he likes it. He tells the team to drop Yuri and to focus on George. Tanya is relieved and goes to her desk and pulls out a bottle of vodka that is conveniently placed in her desk drawer. Meanwhile, Spangler is meeting in an abandoned building and Donald Bloom and the same stranger that has been trailing Will are there too. He plays a tape. It is Will telling Ed that the investigation is going to stop. Spangler is happy and tells him to focus on Katherine Rhumor now. They all leave separately and Kale is across the street watching Spangler, the man, and Bloom leave and knows something is going on. Katherine meets with the company and she asks what they do exactly. They inform her that they make clothing. However, looking in a filing cabinet, she finds that a press clipping containing information of a college professor named Bradley who committed suicide. Kale shows Will a photo of Boeck meeting with an Iranian intelligence officer and tells that Tanya was right and that they need to drop Yuri and focus on Boeck. Will tells Kale that he would like Tanya to get drug tested. Later that evening, Will places notes around his board and puts the name James Wheeler next to Spangler’s name. He puts another note “Go Code” next to it and hears a noise, but upon investigation, it stops.