Look to the Ant - Recap

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The scene opens with Kale sneaking into Will’s apartment. No one is there and there are clippings of David’s death and the notes of an investigation going on. Meanwhile at the API building, Will enters with Maggie looking for something in his desk drawers and she tells that she is only cleaning up. Will tells that she looks nice. She tells that Kale has invited Will over for dinner at his place later in the evening. In a meeting, Grant is demanding seniority and Tanya tells that she won’t suck up to him. Will tells the team about Boeck and the wedding. Miles tells that he will monitor from the feed from Germany because his kids are at a friend’s house. Katherine visits Alice, Gerald Bradley’s widow and shows the article that she found in Tom’s files in the filing cabinet about the death of Gerald. Alice tells her that she has never even heard of Tom. Craig shows up and picks up Sophie for a sleepover after school. Maggie tells Craig that she’ll call the police if she is not able to reach him and tells that she will call if she is late to school as well.

Will arrives for dinner at Kale’s and we find out that Kale has a partner named Walter. He is invited in and Walter jokes and asks Will if Kale is the “scary boss”. Will plays along and says yes. Kale asks if Will has ever had White Bean Salad. After dinner, Kale informs Will of a car accident involving Donald Bloom and Edward Roy and that they were treated with minor injuries. He tells him that Roy is the person to go after and not Donald. He tells Will to find out who Roy was working for. Kale tells Will that he is not allowed to use the API to investigate the death of David. But he tells that he can’t help out directly but will push him in the right direction to help him along. Kale tells that Will’s apartment is bugged and that he needs to watch what he says and to keep the bugs where they are. He tells Will to be off the radar. Meanwhile, Miles is watching the wedding of Boeck and can’t understand anything. He searches for a translator and finds Julia Harwell and she tells that she speak Urdu. He is saved and asks her to translate to which she accepts when Miles tells that information is shared. Back at Will’s apartment, he finds the surveillance equipment in his place. Maggie is alone in her apartment and is lonely. Will is finding the surveillance equipment and is about to take the one out of his phone when Maggie calls. She asks him for a drink and Will tells that he is in the middle of something and that it is important. Will takes his notes about David and his death and grabs the gun. He goes to an internet café and searches for Edward Roy. He sees kids looking at him. Back with Miles and Julia, he talks about everything that is going on with everything and his mother calls.

John, Maggie’s classmate comes to her apartment and has a game of Scrabble and wine.. She has to explain that she works for UNICEF and he buys it. After a few moments of awkward conversation, Maggie opens the wine. Meanwhile, at the Internet café, Will sees that his gun is visible in the bag. He closed the flap of the messenger bad and gets up to get something he printed. A stranger tries to steal his bad but thinks twice when Will yells at him. Back at the API, Miles and Julia are into the reception and Julia translates that Boeck is getting thanked for his generosity about the foundation. She asks Miles if that means anything to him. Back at Maggie’s apartment, Maggie and John start practicing the Hindi language. Maggie follows John into the kitchen and kisses him. Will leaves from the internet café and begins to be followed. However, Will ambushes the stranger and points the gun at him. He asks who he works for and the stranger says that he doesn’t want to know. Will tells that he can find him on their database. He takes a picture and the follower and tells that they will have to wait until the morning. Meanwhile, Katherine reads through of the clipping and sees that Gerald was a board member and that for “Atlas MacDowell. She is interest in the award and realizes that Tom has an award from Atlas MacDowell. Back at Maggie’s apartment, John and her have just gotten down with having sex and Will knocks on the door and tells that he has to sleep on her couch. But he leaves quickly when he sees John. She is really sad and tells John to leave.

Back at the API, Miles is still with Julia but recognizes someone as an Iranian Intelligence Officer and Julia cannot hear the conversation that the Intelligence Officer doesn’t understand. She thanks Miles for the opportunity and translates what Beoek says. He tells that he loves his wife and tells that he is the happiest. Miles and Julia get a little emotional and Julia asks if Miles is married. He tells that he is and she leaves. The next morning, Will tries to apologize to Maggie and tells that it is fine. Will goes to Kale’s office. He mentions Roy and Kale stops him. They go to the rooftop and Kale allows him to continue. Will tells him that Roy was employed with an investigation firm that was a partner to Atlas MacDowell. Kale wants to know what Atlas is up to. Will asks why Kale is helping. He tells that he wants to help because he wants to protect him from all enemies and tells that they got Will bugged at API too. Katherine meets with Alice again and asks about Atlas MacDowell. She tells her that Tom was the one to succeed Gerald. Alice shows that a four leafed clover was with Gerald when he died. Katherine leaves in a hurry. Alice picks up a photograph of seven young men. It is the same James Wheeler pick up at Tom’s townhouse. Back at the API, Will is in his office looking around and his attention rests on David’s brass owl.