The Truth Will Out - Recap

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The scene opens with Will unable to fall asleep and is still thinking of his apartment being bugged. He looks at the smoke alarm and outlets. He gets up and goes to the office. He goes to the brass owl that is on the desk and finds that there is a bugging device inside of it. Meanwhile, Katherine is looking through the information she got from Atlas MacDowell and hears a noise and whispers too. She hides in the closet. After the strangers leave, the police ask if anything was taken and Katherine tells that nothing was taken. Grant arrives at the office on the phone with his wife. He complains about having to go to his daughter’s school for an event and tells that he will be there anyways. Miles goes up to Grant and asks if he has file 856 and he doesn’t. He asks Tanya and she doesn’t either. He looks through files and is searching for the 856 file that has vital information but is unable to locate it. The morning meeting is underway and Grant tells that there is an update on Tanaz Sahar, the mystery woman from George Boeck’s wedding reception. Boeck has given more than $1 Million to the Afghan Rahabilitation Foundation and is trying to keep the foundation off the radars. Miles interrupts and says that he needs to talk to Will, but FBI agents suddenly enter API and they become on lockdown. Maggie walks into the conference room and says that Spangler wants to talk to him. An agent tells that the team needs to stay in the conference room.

Spangler says that the FBI has no right to do anything. Spangler tells that the leaders are going to work as a team and for them not to make him look bad. Will sees a paperweight from Atlas MacDowell on his desk. Will meets Kale in the elevator and tells that there was a bug in his office. Kale tells him to not speak of it today. Will tells about Spangler’s paperweight. He tells that Atlas MacDowell was the one who gave Edward Roy employment and asks who they are looking for, but Kale walks off. Meanwhile, the FBI has Will’s team in the conference room and Grant asks for a phone call but they ignore him. Tanya starts to be aggravated when they bring in the lie detector. Kale takes it first and tells that he has nothing to hide from them. Grant tells Tanya that his wife is going to kill him. They start to talk about the leak in the group and Miles tells that it could be anyone. Will asks what is wrong with Miles and Maggie is called into the polygraph. They ask if his team is capable of succeeding in a covert operation. He is about to say yes, but pauses and says no. Miles is agitated and Will asks what is wrong and Grant and Tanya are called into the polygraph and Grant is asked if he has ever cheated on his wife. He pauses and then says he has never cheated. But the agent tells that he has in his mind. Tanya’s interviewed and there is an argument over her name and finally the agent asks if she has taken illegal drugs. She tells that yes she has.

Meanwhile in the conference room, Miles tells that he might be the leak and took a classified file and left a file in the cab coming to work and Will tells that they can’t talk in the conference room. Meanwhile, FBI agents scan the office and find that it is clean of surveillance bugs. Will is up to take the polygraph and the person in charge alerts that he did David’s polygraph as well. However, the agent doesn’t answer when Will tries to ask why David was being investigated. In the cafeteria, Tanya asks Grant what his polygraph was like and he tells that he needs to make a phone call. Katherine is at her mansion and finds that her home was bugged hidden under the fireplace. Leaving the house, she tosses the keys, gets in her car, and leaves. Back at the API building, the FBI gets Spangler to take his polygraph and he tells that he doesn’t take a polygraph but tells them to make it quick. Will goes to his office and sees that the bug that was in the owl on his desk is gone. He goes into the hall and bumps into Spangler. He is going to do his polygraph now and Will takes it as an opportunity to go to Spangler’s office. He arrives there and finds Spangler’s keys. He opens a drawer and pulls out the folder labeled “David Hadas” on it.

Spangler gets set up for his polygraph and Miles during his polygraph. Meanwhile, back in Spangler’s office Will opens the file and finds a photo of him and David at a baseball game, a picture of David and Ed, and a CD. Back with Miles, he confesses that it was him that lost an important folder in the cab. Back in Spangler’s office, Will finds a blank CD and swaps the two CD’s. When he starts to leave, Kale is standing there. He asks if Will knows what he said to him. Will tells that Spangler was investigating David and that the bug that was in his owl is gone. Kale tells Will to go back to the cafeteria and pretend that he is not an idiot. Will asks who they work for and Kale tells that they work for the government, but will doesn’t think that it is the truth that Kale tells him. Meanwhile, Miles gets told that he will get suspended for a week but that is not the leak the FBI is investigating. In the cafeteria, Tanya is hypnotized over Tanaz’s motivations to do things and Grant is thinking of the polygraph still. Will arrives and bumps into Maggie. He tells her that she shouldn’t worry about the polygraph to which she says, “Everyone has secrets”. Miles comes up and Tanya asks if Tanaz Sahar is the player or simply the middleman. Miles says that the unidentified person is actually a girl. He gets up and walks over to Julia and says hi. Suddenly, the FBI enters and arrests Jeff Porter on Julia’s team.

Spangler is in his office and gathers up the leaders and gives cigars. Spangler admits that the leak was using the SEC to get them rich. The travel records to Tanaz are checked by Miles and identifies the third person might be Tanaz Sahar. They finally get the 3rd person in the photograph. Meanwhile, Will sees that the bug is back in the owl. Later that night, Will puts the CD that he took in. He looks over across the way and the same woman is there from before. She is painting and glances his way every now and then. The recording plays and it tells that Spangler is running an illegal operation. David is talking to Ed and tells that they are using Ed’s crossword code. He tells that if Will goes to Ed, for him to tell Will to leave the issue alone. David tells Ed that he is being followed and suddenly David says that someone is there and the conversation ends.